A Poem: My Doom

My Doom

I see the world through eyes that want it all to end,

I ask myself if I could, would I start my time over again?

I usually find the strength inside to make it through,

Destroy the darkness in my mind, rebuild and start anew,

This moment feels different, I’m completely alone, utterly broken,

I’ve nothing left, no more to give, living without hope,

The sorrow in me devours, is all consuming,

A man at the gallows, I’m awaiting my doom,

On the last page of my worthless life,

I write, carved, etched with the blade of a knife,

If these are to be my final words,

Before my voice fades, becomes unheard,

If for me, there is no tomorrow,

Then there’s something you should know…….

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24 thoughts on “A Poem: My Doom

  1. That ending! So many questions left unanswered!
    This poem makes me so sad, but that shows its brilliance – being able to evoke such powerful emotions through words alone is a gift 😀 (you should do an anthology!)
    I often ask myself the question of whether or not I would start over given the chance…and I think the answer is no. I’ve fucked up more times than I can count but I wouldn’t be me without those experiences.
    A very powerful piece! I like all your poems, but this one in particular really struck a chord with me!

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    1. Lol, I’m definitely not good enough to write an anthology! Especially not when most of my stuff is very similar!

      Yeah, that’s very true, the experiences make you who you are and if you started again then without those experiences, be they good or bad you wouldn’t be the same person. Not to mention that you could make even worse mistakes if you did start over and who’s to say if you did start over that you’d be any happier? It’s definitely a conundrum.

      Ha, you like all my poems, well, damn, look at the sprog being nice and respectful to her Elder!😂


  2. This resonates on a level… I’m not a ticking time bomb but I do so hate the world sometimes because of the system and how things could be better… eh… doom, is fucking right!

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