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An Open Letter: Let’s Stop The Hate

An Open Letter-Let's StopThe Hate

Book bloggers we should all be able to read what we like and enjoy without the fear of discrimination and hate, please let’s all stop the hate.

There are so many books out there for us all regardless of genre, something for everyone and a cornucopia of excellent books just waiting to be enjoyed. Obviously, readers of my blog know that I tease and make jokes about Y-A and ‘those‘ types of books (romance) but that’s all it is, banter and a laugh. I wouldn’t ever tell anyone what they should be reading and legitimately hate on them for it.

Y-A fans hate on each other, some of the things I’ve read are vicious just because some like different fandoms and others like a book that others hate or they hate the latest hyped book that everyone else loves. Chillax kids and just enjoy reading. We can all like different things and get along, you don’t need to hate on a fellow Y-A reader just because they don’t like exactly the same as you!

I’ve seen people being hated on for reading Y-A because of their age. I guess if you are being technical then yeah, I guess the genre is called ‘young adult‘ and that implies a certain age range but really, who gives a shit about technicalities and if a 40-year-old loves reading the Y-A genre then so be it, let them read it and don’t hate on them. The age of the reader is irrelevant, the fact that they love reading is what’s important and relevant!

Some genres and readers of those genres seem to garner hate simply because they are deemed to not be ‘proper‘ literature. Fantasy is often maligned as being of less importance and not a real genre to read merely because it’s fantastical and make-believe and that adult fantasy readers should be reading something more serious and realistic! Sigh! Fantasy is my favourite genre and to all those who say shit about it and that as an adult I shouldn’t be reading it, well, I’ll buy you a bag of nuts so you have some nuts to choke on like I choked on your irrelevant opinion and then……..if you’re not down with that I got 2 words for ya!

There have been recent cases of certain words causing hate. Yes, words can be weapons and they can hurt but there’s a difference between words hurting and you taking offence to a single word being used. Words form sentences and sentences like ‘I’m sorry, you have cancer‘ or ‘you need to have her put to sleep‘ or ‘I want to end it all‘ are powerful sentences made by the use of words and hold meaning, hurt and can be life changing. The use of single words in a book like ‘swarthy‘ and ‘cripple‘ don’t hurt and aren’t harmful to you. Yes, you might take offence to them being used and that’s fine but tell us simply that you don’t like the usage of the word and it offended ‘you‘ don’t proclaim the author evil incarnate just for using them and then launch a vitriolic hate filled tirade about the whole book and the author deriding the book as awful and the author as vile telling everyone not to read it simply due to your own delicate sensibilities being offended.

It’s the society that we live in, there is always going to be something that offends someone somewhere in the world, deal with it. It’s tiresome seeing all these people with opinions who give themselves labels often merely to justify what they are preaching (you are the ones who make a big deal out of your own label and tell us all that you are different, if you want to be treated the same, stop telling everyone you are different to them, simple). It’s all well and good having an opinion, everyone does and everyone is entitled to their own, it’s called freedom of speech. However, when someone disagrees with your opinion it seems that instead of having a constructive discussion/dialogue about it and seeing things from the other person’s perspective, trying to come to some accord and middle ground or even having an argument you instead hide behind the label that you have given yourself and play the victim card for the sympathy vote. You can’t use a label as a way to give and voice your hate, it’s an excuse! If you want to hate, then hate, don’t hate and then play the victim card to try and justify your words making out that you are the innocent party.

There’s bound to be someone who takes offence to this part of the post and that is fine, I respect that, it’s your choice and decision. Please then respect my point of view as it’s just as valid as yours. I also have no label to hide behind and I wouldn’t play the victim card anyway even if I did. And maybe just maybe the only labels that we need are ‘readers’ and ‘book lovers’ probably also ‘book bloggers‘ too as most who read this will be that most awesome of people, book bloggers! πŸ™‚ Though of course authors are awesome too, no hate here just my own views. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you everyone is awesome as the world is full of cunts but our book blogging community is great but there shouldn’t be hatred over the books and genres that we read.

Readers of diverse books hate on those who don’t read diverse books or diversely. You say anything remotely negative or against the movement and you are subject to hate from a number of people. Yes, they are standing up for what they believe in, that’s fine but don’t hate on others for their opinion and classify them as ‘bad‘ just because they have a different opinion to you. See, there’s that word again, hate, hate, hate!

I’ll point this out, the definition of diverse is: ‘showing a great deal of variety; very different‘.

Many readers do read diverse as they read outside of their own favoured genre. I’m a fantasy fan, it’s predominantly what I spend most of my time reading and whenever I read another genre that to me is me reading diversely and trying something different. I’m sure there will be those diverse fans amongst you who will chime off and state that that isn’t actually reading diversely and it’s simply reading another genre as you class ‘diversely‘ as purely diverse books. But you would be wrong as that isn’t the only definition of diverse which was why I included the definition of the word, firstly to validate my point and secondly, so you didn’t have to go and check. Yes, I’m that nice, thank you, Drew!

It often feels like you are vilifying authors for their lack of diverse characters, that’s a fair point I’ll give you that and yes, of course, there needs to be and there should be more diverse characters in literature and diverse books too, the world always needs more books just imagine the horror if tomorrow there was no more books! But there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it and at times it comes across as outright and abject pure rabid hatred towards the authors and readers who don’t write and read diverse, that’s just uncool and isn’t acceptable behaviour.

I choose to read what I want as should everyone else, there’s no reason for me to be hated because I don’t read diverse books, it doesn’t mean that I have any issue with them or the ‘read diverse books‘ movement’ as I don’t! Just that I don’t really want to read them and that is fine, don’t make out it isn’t or that people like me have some hidden hatred, prejudice or agenda, we don’t, you hate on us for not reading diverse, we don’t hate on you! We simply choose to spend our precious time reading what we want just like you do too.

For me, personally and I guarantee that I’m not alone in this but I don’t even have enough time to read every book/series/author that I want in my preferred and favourite genre (fantasy) without branching out and trying different genres and something new. We respect the diverse movement but we don’t need to be part of it.

I will add, as, after all, I like to be controversial! That while yes, if you read diverse books then you are reading diversely but you pull others up for not branching out from their own preferred genre. So, if all you read is diverse books are you actually reading diversely or just reading the one group of books?!? And before anyone chimes up and says that diverse books incorporate a range of genres, my own favourite genre fantasy, for example, contains a variety of subgenres. So, if I read a grimdark book followed by a traditional epic followed by a dark fantasy would that under your own label of the word not be reading diversely or at least similar to your own definition as each is from a different sub genre with different attributes?!

The hate readers receive for not reading diverse is wrong and it doesn’t make us bad people it just means we read what we want. Maybe we are stuck in our ways and don’t try different genres but that’s not an affront to nature or a hanging offence yet we get crucified like we are Hitler, Bin Laden or Trump while you hide behind your ‘diversity‘ label as an excuse to preach your hate to those who don’t read diverse books. It isn’t wrong to just read what we enjoy and want!

Let’s not forget the hate book bloggers also receive at times, we shouldn’t be hating on each other or our favoured genres when there are idiots who hate on all book bloggers! It wasn’t that long ago (a few months) when lots of people were stating that book bloggers aren’t real readers! That is hate against all of us! Granted it’s hate from other readers so at least these people read! But other than that, really, their opinion is obviously irrelevant as they have an inflated sense of self-importance to deem themselves ‘real’ readers and us less! That is hate and there is no place for that amongst readers!

At the end of the day with whatever genre we read, a book is meant to be enjoyed and that’s what we should all do. Just enjoy reading what we read.

Of course, I’m still going to extoll the virtues of fantasy as the best genre, after all, it’s my favourite just like I fully expect you all to shout about the genre/genres that you love, it’s what we do. But there’s enough hate geared towards reading as it is with the Internet, online streaming and instant access to thousands of TV shows, games and films all at the click of a button without readers hating on other readers.

Recent events have once again shown that there is enough hatred in the world already without readers hating on their fellow readers over something as trivial as the genre they prefer. We should stand together against those that hate what we love and not each other.

So please, let go of the genre hate and allow us to read what we want without fear of prejudice, attack and reprisal and let’s all just be book lovers, book bloggers and readers together!

While I’m on the subject of hate, I’ll add this, a review of a book is simply our own personal view, we are all allowed them and we can word them however we want but they aren’t the gospel. While I’m sure that there are those of you who think yourselves entitled and place your arse on a pedestal, wear a crown and think yourself better than others due to the genre you read and how you run your blog and write your reviews, I’m sorry to disappoint you, you’re not any better! We are all the same.

And finally, to all the self-entitled book bloggers out there, please get over yourselves and step down from your high horse! We are all the same! You may have more followers, more comments and have been blogging longer but that doesn’t mean you are any better, only that you are more experienced. We all blog because of our genuine love of books, no hate or jealousy needed, we are all equal.

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64 thoughts on “An Open Letter: Let’s Stop The Hate

  1. PREACH!!! All of this – yes! There is far too much hate and strong hurtful opinions in the world right now. What’s wrong with people being happy in what they enjoy and why do people feel the need to throw their opinions in others faces? It’s beyond irritating. I stay as far away from the drama and ignorance as I can!!

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  2. Great post Drew 😎 The reason I started a blog was to celebrate books, in every shape of form. I appreciate the opinions of other bloggers because we are all equals. It sucks that people are being hounded by haters. I see a lot of bloggers and youtubers who are exhausted by the agression of idiots and arseholes. Posts like this are vital so cheers dude for taking the time to set the record straight 😊.

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    1. Thank you.πŸ˜€

      Yeah, most people start blogs to celebrate books or because they are book lovers, not haters and we are all equals, regardless of genre for reading and regardless of followers, amount of time blogging etc for bloggers. I think a few bloggers need to realise that and that small bloggers are just as valid and also that these ‘big’ blogs and bloggers started out small too.

      Sadly there does seem to be a lot of hate going around at the moment and really it’s pointless and stupid.

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  3. I wholeheartedly agree! This is why you are NEEDED in the book blogger community πŸ™‚ Even if you don’t read those “other” books. I think we can jest each other about liking this or that but I do not ever think it needs to be so deep that we insult someone’s mother or wish death on someone.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha, insulting someone’s mother or wishing death is probably going a bit far but it certainly feels like it at times with the hate and just how people word things.

      Yeah, jesting is definitely fine, you have to have a laugh. I don’t read Y-A or romance, don’t like them and I joke about that and them but it’s just jesting, usually with bloggers I exchange banter with anyway, they tease me, I tease them, all good.πŸ˜€ I wouldn’t dream of hating on people for actually reading those genres tbough, I’ve always wrote people should read what they want. Sadly lots of people do seem to hate at the moment, really it’s irrelevant and stupid, read what you want and enjoy it, simple.πŸ˜€

      Lol, thank you. Definitely not sure I’m needed in the community but I do like to be vocal on issues that annoy me.πŸ˜‚


  4. My book blog stopped hating on books awhile back because we were so tired of the negativity. Now if we can’t say anything positive we just don’t review or promote the book or author. The vileness of some reviewers is just unnecessary. We can all be constructive without destroying something someone created.

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    1. That’s very true, I’ve only had to write a few negative reviews myself and while there was some elements of ranting in them over the aspects I didn’t like, I also included the positives in the book too to give an overall opinion. Lots of people now seem to just hate in reviews and rant as they think it’s the cool thing to do.

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  5. I totally get you on this, I sometimes have to come off twitter because all it seems like is people trying to shove an ideal down other peoples throats and then bitching and being super hateful when they use a terminology wrong. As you say everyone is entitled to their own opinion and unfortunately a lot of the time the people who are the worst for it don’t make their own they jump on a band wagon. It’s like being trapped in a nightmarish high school scenario πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha, yeah, high-school is a great analogy! And I totally agree about people jumping on a popular bandwagon.

      There’s nothing wrong with people’s ideals, each to their own but as you say they shove them down people’s throats and then hate on people for not agreeing with them.

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      1. Very occasionally I will comment on blog posts that discuss these kinds of things, as an example there were a few when Carve the Mark came out, and I always pointed out or asked how the reviewer came to such a decision when they admit to not finishing the book or slating it and others for reading it and they hadn’t even picked it up and attempted it. I was often met with silence πŸ™‚

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  6. SUCK IT πŸ˜€

    That’s the first time I heard book bloggers are accused of not being real readers.
    Yeah, I’m an un-real reader^^

    I’m not really concerned what other people think of my reading habits- I mostly stick to fantasy as well and if I pick another genre, that is just because I feel like it and not because anyone tries to bully me into it. No one ever tried though πŸ˜‰

    What I really feel sad about is when people start justifying what they read. No one should feel bad about what they enjoy reading, that takes away all the fun.

    Fuck the haters, read whatever the fuck you want πŸ˜€

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    1. The unreal reader bit was a while ago now, people in a few FB groups were accusing bloggers of not being real readers due to receiving copies of books and having a blog, sigh!😠😀

      I definitely agree, people shouldn’t feel the need to justify what they read but some do. Likewise some people feel the need to justify why they don’t read certain genres due to the hate people give them. Reading should be fun, read what you want and enjoy, simple.

      And, hell yeah, f#ck the Haters!

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  7. Oh what do you know about books , Drew , you are just another one of “those” who like that ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ , that’s just the most overrated book of this generation , besides there’s no diversity in it and it’s not even proper literature .

    Btw if it wasn’t clear the above is just my poor attempt at mock sarcasm

    I don’t the reason for the hate , I don’t read to make myself superior or get a literature degree or something , those who do , I applaud them . Reading is my source of entertainment , a source of escape from my real life troubles and malaise . Everyone should be entitled to have sources for that be it music , Tv , anime or books . Literature, fantasy , romance or whatever they want. Just because someone doesn’t share similar tastes doesn’t make their choices inferior or irrelevant.

    That said , another fantastic topic for your discussion post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, I disagree Dr Rash, there is lots of diversity in Game of Thrones! I had that told to me yesterday in conversation with someone, I never thought there was but they pointed all the diverse things out to me and I was like ‘oh, yeah, your right’.πŸ˜‚

      Yeah, that’s very true, different tastes doesn’t make anyone inferior or irrelevant.

      I read for escapism too.

      Are you watching Game of Thrones on the TV?

      Stupid question, did you post a review for book 4 of Malazan the other day? I got the notification for it but when I clicked through it said that the page wasn’t available? I haven’t had chance to go and check it again yet.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes watching GOT on TV , its impossible to escape GOT spoilers so I have given up on the books and watching the show .

        No i have it scheduled for tomorrow but for some reason it was posted twice in the last week and i had to re-schedule it . Still have some tweeking to do πŸ™‚

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      2. I think there’s a different kind of diversity in the series , I only talked about ‘lack of diversity’ because recently there’s been some debate on it due to John Boyega speaking out about the lack of black actors in the TV shows

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  8. Heck yeah dude. Thanks for writing this; I had professors in college that looked down on us students who wrote and read fantasy books. But I never let that stop me. We read what we love, but also expanding the genres is always great too πŸ™‚


  9. *APPLAUSE ALL ROUND* Obviously I agree in a big way!!! I love a good bit of banter for sure, but I don’t get why people genuinely judge other people’s reading habits. I mean, who cares what other people read? Or what they like? Or dislike? And no *words are not actions*- they should *never* have been equated to violence, because now people genuinely believe that seeing a bad word in a book is “harmful”. Ugh. It’s not just that it’s a dumb premise- but it’s also scientifically and psychologically inaccurate. I could literally go on about this all day- but it’s funny that a lot of the things they argue “to prevent harm” actually have the opposite effect. And to be honest I’ve read “diverse” books for years- I think it would be a bit weird if I started picking out all the diverse books from my reading- I mean ten years ago that would have been bigoted if I went out of my way to say “this book is about a GAY person- everyone stop and stare!”- I can’t keep up with it and I’m part of the darn generation that’s doing it :/ . Of course, talk about subject matter, read diversely (or widely as it used to be called) but more progress was made when people didn’t try to *force* people to see things their way- again, these people don’t understand basic psychology. And yes, the world would be a better place if people could cool it and not hate on each other for no reason!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks and yeah, banter is awesome but legit hating, nope, can’t be dealing with that sh#t.

      Ha, who cares what other people read? Like? Dislike? Erm…..opinionated arseholes!πŸ˜‚

      I know! Words can hurt but words used in a book aren’t harmful, it’s a pet hate of mine especially as the people complaining seem to be incapable of simply saying that they don’t personally like the word being used and instead go on a tirade that the world is ending over it! I mean, seriously! If we all took offence to a single word then I’d never be able to open my mouth!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  10. I agree about diverse books. I never heard the phrase before until I started my blog. I read diversely. I used not to. I used to get stuck on one author. Now I branch out to many authors. One blogger asked me why I didn’t want to read more of the Shadowhunter books. There are so more books out there besides the Shadowhunter books. Right now I’m reading a Christian fiction book series called Babylon Rising which is an adult book. And I’m also reading a vampire porn book too. Eventually, I will get around to reading YA books again.

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  11. Well said! Book policing seriously needs to stop.
    Not everyone is ready to jump out of their comfort zone/genre and there’s nothing wrong with that. Most of us have limited time to read, and it’s a hobby. Not a propaganda thing. There was a time when people were put in jail for reading certain things and anyone who thinks that is ok, or it’s ok to persecute people based on taste in books needs to do some serious thinking time alone.

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    1. Exactly! People generally listen to the music they like, play the video games they like and watch the TV/film genres that they like, reading should be no different. As you say, it’s a hobby and we have limited time, due to that we might try something different on occasion but of course we are going to read, etc what we want and know we enjoy.

      There’s no agenda but it often seems like there has to be, you can’t just not want to read something because you don’t like it, that’s not good enough and there has to be an evil agenda because you are a bad person, sigh, nope, just wanna read what I want and like, no ulterior reason or motive.

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