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Today on The Tattooed Book Geek I’m privileged to be the first stop on the blog tour for Condition: The Final Correction by Alec Birri. With an excerpt from the book!


Book Excerpt from Condition: The Final Correction.

Savage stared at the television. The loss of his liberty was one thing but watching how others were taking advantage of it quite another.

‘Ms Salib, the BBC understands that despite your success in uncovering Professor Savage’s or, perhaps we should say, Doctor Mengele’s disturbing background, you’re siding with the government in challenging his extradition. Why is that?’

There was something new attached to Alex’s wheelchair, and she drew breath from the tube sticking out of it.

‘Can I start by expressing my heartfelt sympathies to those who have suffered directly because of his evil.’ She paused to draw a second breath. ‘And I’d like to reassure the Israeli people that their long-awaited day of justice will come just as soon as the Green Party has ensured the government investigates the extent of Savage’s atrocities.’

‘Atrocities? We’re talking about a man who single-handedly appears to have invented a panacea for just about every medical condition there is. Even if Mengele did manage to implant his own consciousness into the professor, it seems to have resulted in the exact opposite.’

Alex drew another breath. Savage wondered if she genuinely needed to or, with a general election just weeks away, the oxygen was merely a prop for garnering yet more public sympathy.

‘The operative words you used just now were “appears” and “seems”. The truth is, we don’t know, but what we do know is the Nazis were trying to create the horror of a master race and all of Savage’s so-called achievements fit in with that. The nightmare scenario is that there could be millions of Mengeles out there.’

Two breaths were needed after stating that nonsense. Maybe her time was closer than the professor had first thought?

Alex went on. ‘Which is why I’m pleased to announce my party’s full support of the government’s programme to ensure all of society is treated and as soon as possible.’

‘But you just implied the treatment could be a ruse to create a master race?’

‘Exactly. Which is why we need to have access to everyone’s thoughts – it’s the only way we’re going to get to the bottom of the monster’s plans. And anyway, in the interests of equality, isn’t it right that everyone should be able to benefit from the treatment’s more positive aspects?’

The news reporters looked at each other.

‘But surely, giving the state access to everyone’s thoughts is just as unsettling as what you’re accusing the professor of? And anyway, merging can’t be forced – both parties have to agree to it first.’

‘That is true, but then he who has nothing to hide…’ Alex signalled to her Aaide and the robot moved in front of her as she prepared to leave.

‘But what about the professor’s warnings on artificial intelligence? And what exactly did he agree with the terrorist organisations? And can we talk about the Green Party’s manifesto? The elec—’

Savage switched off the television.

‘Very clever, Alex.’ He looked out of the window. ‘Very clever indeed.’

Noise from a spy-hole cover being moved made him face the cell’s door. It opened.

The excerpt continues on the Condition: The Final Correction blog tour on August 23rd at Short Book and Scribes.

Condition: The Final Correction.


What if all brain disorders were treatable? No one would lament the passing of dementia or autism, but what if the twisted mind of a sex-offender or murderer could be cured too? Or how about a terrorist or maybe a political extremist? What if we could all be ‘corrected’? So, Professor Savage has been unmasked as the monster Alex Salib always knew he was. But what was their agreement and why is she still determined to see it through? The war on terror appears to be back on track but why does President Kalten seem hell bent on ramping it up. Are the Americans seriously intent on starting World War Three? And what of the treatment itself? Despite Savage’s arrest, the corrections go on but to what end?

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About the author:

Alec Birri served thirty years with the UK Armed Forces. He commanded an operational unit that specialised in new military capabilities classified at the highest level – Top Secret Strap 3.

What are your novels about?

How we unwittingly allow ourselves to redefine what we know to be right and wrong. Basically, if Orwell intended Animal farm and 1984 to be a warning, then society is ignoring the message.

What inspired you to write?

Some of my more unsettling military experiences. They have played on my mind ever since so I guess there’s a cathartic element too.

Sounds ominous! I take it what you were involved in can’t be disclosed?

I’m keen not to end my days as another Edward Snowdon or Julian Assange so sadly not. Having said that, the various governments involved will eventually relax the classification, but only because society will have accepted them by then – just as CONDITION’s protagonists do.

But given your background there must be some truth in there?

My writing is inevitably semi-autobiographical and much of the dialogue is word for word, but for the reasons mentioned, events and individuals have had to be fictionalised.

Who would enjoy your work? Who’s your audience?

Anyone that enjoys a thought-provoking dystopian thriller. Population control, eugenics, identity and ethics feature as do government cover-ups so those intrigued by conspiracy theories should also find it interesting.

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