A Poem: The Darkest Night


Sometimes our hearts they break,

Fractured from all of our mistakes,

I never wanted your sympathy,

I only needed you to believe,

I wished that you could see,

The strength that lives in me,

I’ll weather this storm alone,

I can make it back on my own,

Set sail towards the guiding light,

Find my way through the darkest night,

I don’t need your helping hand,

I’m tattered but I can still stand,

There’s one thing you should know,

I’m still here, not letting go,

This time I won’t run,

I will overcome,

Until my last breath, I will fight,

(I won’t give in)

I won’t give up on my life.

Inspired in part by the daily prompts Sympathy and Overcome

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30 thoughts on “A Poem: The Darkest Night

  1. I love the defiant streak running through your words! It shows that no matter how beaten and broken you are, there’s still hope. There’s still a chance that you can rise and triumph!

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  2. Double/triple YES! to this poem Drew! Love what this poem delivers because sometimes, a lot of the times, we really need to just weather the storm on our own and by gods we shall do it! 😉

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