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Book Spotlight: The Scale of Things: Mind-Blowing Proportions, Remarkable Ratios, Extraordinary Facts by Mike Fairbrass and David Tanguy


Today on The Tattooed Book Geek I am pleased to be bringing to you all a spotlight for the book: The Scale of Things: Mind-Blowing Proportions, Remarkable Ratios, Extraordinary Facts by Mike Fairbrass and David Tanguy.


If the Sun is the size of a Grapefruit, the Earth is a grain of sand, then the distance between the two is a London bus. Scale is intriguing. Scale is everywhere. Scale is our experience of the world, from our perception of time to physical distance to weights and measures. The human scale is 1:1, the point of reference. Everything is designed around it. Wealth is an example of scale, so is a sculpture, a building, a planet or a molecule. Scale is a universal and timeless subject. It’s a BIG subject. The Scale of Things brings together facts and figures in a visual way, embracing popular science, space, economics, politics, geography, nature, technology and architecture in an accessible and entertaining way. Fun and informative, it will change the way you look at the world around you.

The Scale of Things ant


Mike Fairbrass & David Tanguy

Amazing facts morphed by Scale

Publisher: Quadrille  

Words: Mike Fairbrass

Design & Art Direction: Praline

(David Tanguy & Giovanni Pamio)

Foreword: Lord Richard Rogers



1. Plates protecting the skin of fish and reptiles.

2. An instrument for weighing.

3. The relative size or extent of something.

Last in the dictionary but by far the most interesting….

The sun’s average distance from earth is around 93,000,000 miles, but who can conceive of that distance? Using scale the sun becomes a grapefruit, the earth a grain of sand and the distance between the two a London bus.

Suddenly it fits in your head.

We discovered a shared fascination with scale when working on a touring exhibition for architect Richard Rogers (Mike responsible for the scale models and David in charge of the graphics). We realized you can use scale as a tool, not only to compare, but to influence our perception and ‘feel’ new concepts – to render the unimaginable imaginable so that we may further understand and appreciate our world and its universe.

Our ambition for this book is to entertain, inform and engage you with amazing facts morphed by scale and graphically illustrated. From the deepest ocean trench to all the stars in our galaxy via T Rex’s shoesize, we will take you beyond distance to explore height and depth, molecular and atomic size, the scale of wealth, the speed of thought, plate tectonics, the power of bombs or dictators and the weight of the internet.

The Scale of Things is a book for those who want to go further than just information. We want to reach into your mind and make bits of it boggle as you picture and percolate the joys of science and understanding conveyed in a new way.

The human scale is 1:1, our point of reference. Let’s go beyond …!

Mike Fairbrass & David Tanguy

_MG_8588bigsmallscale_210 m and d big and small_MG_8604Scale chip_MG_8602bigsmallscale_273-huge-both-readingThe Scale of Things skyline

The Scale of Things: Mind-Blowing Proportions, Remarkable Ratios, Extraordinary Facts was published in the UK on the 5th of October 2017 and is available NOW!!!

Amazon UK  /  Amazon US (released 15th of May 2018)  /  Book Depository

About the authors:

bigsmallscale_263 peeping side


Mike Fairbrass is a writer and creative consultant. The former Head of Modelmaking and Photography at Richard Rogers’ practice, he has exhibited at The Royal Academy, The Pompidou Centre, Paris, MOMA, New York, The Beijing Capital Museum and in The Architectural Biennale, Venice. He has written for The Architect’s Journal, taught at The Royal College of Art and run educational workshops at The Design Museum, The V&A and The Royal Academy of Arts in London. “Mystic” Mike is also the Virgin Radio UK official (satirical) astrologer. Mike lives and works in London.


David Tanguy is Creative Director of the London design studio Praline, which he founded in 2000. He has created numerous successful projects worldwide, encompassing graphic design to branding, exhibitions and art direction. David has worked with clients including Tate, the Royal Academy of Arts, Barbican, Harvard GSD, V&A and many others. He has designed numerous books for international publishers and art galleries, and his work has been recognised with several international awards. He is the co-author of the books Unforgotten New York (Prestel, 2015) and Pop City – New York (Editions du Chene, 2016). David lives and work in London.

@mikefairbrass  /  @davidtanguy  /  @quadrillebooks  /  #TheScalofThings

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