A Poem: Damaged by Design

Damaged by Design

I’m tired of the hurt,

Never learned to live,

I’m drowning in the river,

Light don’t seem to shine,

I’m Broken by the pain,

Damaged by design,

I’m giving up this time,

Writing my demise,

I’m saying goodbye,

Walking far away,

I’m choosing to die,

Ending my own life…..

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17 thoughts on “A Poem: Damaged by Design

      1. You had me genuinely worried with that one bud! Your poetry is always so full of feeling & so real – never change that x


    1. Most poetry I write is deep and dark, just find it easy to write which I guess is surprising when I write blog posts that are fun and sarcastic.😂

      Thank you, it doesn’t feel like I make people smile at times with all the nonsense I tend to get too but I appreciate it.😀

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  1. Had those thoughts, made that choice!
    21 stitches and 18 years later.

    I am glad it failed. How many times in those 18 years have I smiled, laughed, brought someone comfort, felt loved, wanted and accepted.

    It could all have been over, at just 16 years old. Because I just wanted to give up, I was so tired of feeling the way I did. Exhausted by the self hatred etc.
    But I never knew, things could & would change for me 💖

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