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That’s a Wrap – weekly wrap-up post Jan 20th 2018.

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A pretty cool week on TTBG and if you missed any then here are my posts from the week:


On Monday I had the privilege and honour to be part of the blog tour for A Time of Dread (Of Blood and Bone #1) by John Gwynne.

Gwynne’s previous series, The Faithful and the Fallen is my all-time favourite fantasy series and having him appear on my little blog was an awesome moment and worthy of fanboying over!

My stop on the blog tour featured a guest post from John where he wrote about the ups and downs of writing a series and also offered some thoughts on starting a new series too.


You can find the post:

I also posted a Music Monday featuring a duo of Godsmack songs, Greed and Awake two classic tunes from their 2000 album Awake.


You can find the post:


On Tuesday something rather weird happened and I reached over 100,000 page views for my little blog! A small and insignificant number to many of you but for me, more (far more) than I ever imagined I would receive EVER!


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On Wednesday I decided to leave my sarcastic and foul-mouthed behaviour for once and went for a meaningful and emotive poem. Cos, ya know, this boy can do emotion just as well as sarcasm and swearing! πŸ˜‰

Brand New Start

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On Thursday I featured Lawrence Davis the debut fantasy author of the book, Blunt Force Magic (The Monsters and Men trilogy #1) with a guest post and small excerpt from the book.

Before he was a writer Lawrence was in the US Army and the guest post looks at PTSD and how writing helped him cope with that. It’s a very powerful read.


You can find the post:


On Friday I posted my latest book haul with all the swag that I have received, the book I received that I have been quoted in, my book purchase and my signed twitter book win! πŸ™‚


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On Saturday, well, earlier today (if you are reading this on Saturday) I took part in the blog tour for The Feed by Nick Clark Windo with a review of the book. The book is a post-apocalyptic tale and is an utterly fantastic read that I highly recommend! πŸ™‚

Blog Tour poster 1

A review snippet:

The Feed doesn’t feature a vast ensemble cast of characters and the main focus is on Tom, Kate and later on, Sylene too. There are a few secondary characters added to the mix too who all, no matter how briefly they appear have a role to play, are well developed and more importantly they add something to the overall story.

When you have a book that is about surviving whatever life throws at you and enduring hardship, you need to feel something for the characters involved. You also need to factor in that Tom and Kate are parents searching for their abducted child and if you feel nothing for them then you won’t care about the outcome, you won’t care if one of them is taken, you won’t care if they find Bea and you won’t care if one or both of them dies. Luckily, Windo makes you care about Tom and Kate and they aren’t just names on a page, their grief is believable, you want them to overcome the obstacles and predicaments that they find themselves in on the search and more than anything you will find yourself willing them along on their journey as you want them to find Bea.

I really thought that the ending of The Feed was outstanding. Sometimes books just seem to fizzle out as though the author doesn’t know how to end their work. There’s no such issue like that with The Feed and while it’s only my personal opinion, I found the ending to be everything I could have asked for and more. It’s the type of conclusion where you turn the final page, put the book down and think to yourself ‘damn, I wasn’t expecting that but damn, that was good‘.

The Feed is a top draw and addictive read that deserves to be a hit. It’s a harrowing tale, at times moving, at times thoughtful and at times harsh. It will keep you coming back for more with characters that feel real and whose fate you care about, a vivid landscape and stellar thought-provoking story it is a compelling page-turner.

The Feed is a welcome and worthy addition to the genre and anyone that enjoys post-apocalyptic fiction will find a lot to like in Windo’s accomplished debut work.

Simply put, I loved this book.

You can find the post:

How has your blogging week been??

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19 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap – weekly wrap-up post Jan 20th 2018.

  1. Congrats on such an awesome, crazy full on week. Godsmack have been my gym music choice a lot this week, I swear, I strut around when they come on hahaha. Yes i’m the weird person at the gym.


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