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Today on The Tattooed Book Geek I am pleased to be taking part in the Blog Tour for Iron Will (The Shifting Tides Book 4) by James Maxwell featuring a guest post courtesy of the author himself.

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Guest Post: How the historical inspires by fantasy fiction – Guest post by James Maxwell.

There is an ancient temple behind me, devoted to the Old Gods. No one truly knows the names of the deities who were once worshipped there; the symbols and faces inscribed on the stone have been worn down the passage of five thousand years.

A bell at another temple rings in the distance. This is one of a multitude of churches built in recent centuries to honor the new, jealous God, who insists that He is the one and only, and all others are false. The contrast is stark. Where the ancient temple stands alone, worshippers throng outside the church, and at another just half a mile away, and the bells at still more churches can be heard. These people, who inhabit this tiny island, are devout.

I walk down to the water’s edge and stand on the rocky coast. The sea is a brilliant shade of blue. Close to the shore it is lighter, and the water is so clear I can easily see all the way to the pale sand at the bottom. Lean fish, scaled and deadly, swim in lazy circles. I lift my head. The salty breeze presses against my face. The wind is strong enough to form whitecaps on the waves. I can see one, two, three uninhabited islets.

A small boat leans at a sharp angle as it heads toward the horizon. An olive-skinned sailor and a boy have their heads tilted back as if to soak up the rays of the bright midday sun. The boat is painted with colorful horizontal stripes, like a rainbow. An arcane eye has been painted on each side of the bow. This boat’s design hasn’t changed since it was introduced to this island by colonists, a long-vanished people called the Phoenicians.

This is Malta, in the present day. Living there, as a novelist, how could I not write about it? The island of Malta and its companion Gozo sit right in the middle of the Mediterranean, about 200 miles from Sicily. It’s an inspiring place. The constellations at night are the same that Odysseus sailed by in Homer’s tales. The Neolithic temples are claimed to be the oldest standing structures in the world. Stories of monsters in the sea’s dark depths are still told.

My four book fantasy series, The Shifting Tides, draws from the mythology surrounding the Mediterranean. City states and empires fight to control a central sea. The story is drenched in magic and steeped in gods and monsters – but also features revenge, love, and betrayal.

When I stare out from the rocky coast, I imagine dragons in the sky, descending on the walled fortresses Malta is famous for, and sea serpents rising from under the sailing boats to smash them to pieces.

If you read my books, you will see this world brought to life.

Iron Will (The Shifting Tides Book 4).

Iron Will Cover LowRes

The epic conclusion to James Maxwell’s gripping fantasy series.

The world is facing a war to end all wars, a confrontation that will destroy everything Dion and Chloe hold dear. With Palemon’s dragon army growing in number, time is running out…

Dion is doing everything in his power to prepare his kingdom, but he knows it will not be enough. Although he needs Chloe’s help, recent tragedy makes him terrified for her safety. Magic is dangerous. Only Palemon is too arrogant to see it.

As chaos engulfs the land and Palemon risks civilization itself, Dion and Chloe must unite people of all nations to have any chance of survival.

Purchase Iron Will (The Shifting Tides book 4).

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About James Maxwell.

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James Maxwell is a London-based fantasy author. Born in New Zealand, and educated in Australia, from an early age he devoured the science fiction and fantasy classics, his love for reading translating to a passion for writing.

Inspired by a strong interest in history, he decided in his twenties to see the world. He relocated to London and then to Thailand, Mexico, Austria, and Malta, developing a lifelong obsession with travel. It was while living in Thailand that he seriously took up writing again, producing his first full-length novel, Enchantress, the first of four titles in his internationally bestselling Evermen Saga.

Golden Age is the first novel in his highly anticipated new series, The Shifting Tides.

When he isn’t writing or traveling, James enjoys sailing, classical guitar, and French cooking.

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13 thoughts on “Iron Will (The Shifting Tides #4) by James Maxwell #BlogTour #GuestPost #BookBloggers #IronWill @james_maxwell @AmazonPub

  1. Gosh, first of all, now I want to go to Malta and secondly- this cover is so pretty!
    I hadn’t heard of the author but I did notice you had read something else by him and liked it… I must explore more, if even to check out all the covers for the series 😀


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