A poem: Cross to bear. #poem #poetry #poet #writing #feelings #blogger #bloggers #blog


I wish that I could fly,

I’m burdened by broken wings,

I’m just a damaged soul,

With time slipping through my hands,


Can you see me?

I hide from this life of mine,

I’m just a bitter man,

Who no-one can understand,


Can you free me?

From these chains that are made to bind,

I tried to face the pain,

Even god has forsaken me,


Can you know me?

I pray that you will remember me,

I bleed the same way,

Even though I have a blackened heart,


Can you save me?

I’ve never had someone who cares,

I have a cross to bear,

These are scars that I have to wear,


Can you love me?

When I don’t even love myself,

I wished that I could fly,

I was burdened by broken wings……

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20 thoughts on “A poem: Cross to bear. #poem #poetry #poet #writing #feelings #blogger #bloggers #blog

  1. Beautiful words, made me cry… Your words have described some issues what I am going through now. Thank you for writing this. My pain seems to have found a description in your words

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      1. Heartbreak made me cry… Your poem gave words to the inner feelings… So you didn’t make me cry. Your words kind of defroze a sliver of my heart and I could cry my pain. Then the heart froze back. I am kind of numb..
        So worry not, my dear friend, this is life and I am so happy what I couldn’t say in words, your poem did. Thank you

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