The Man with No Name. #poem #poetry #feelings #poet #blogger #blogpost #bloggers


I’m broken,

I want to be someone else,

This truth I know,

The whispers I tell myself,

I’m broken,

Wishing for a way out,

Hoping the end will come,

I never knew what life was about,

I’m broken,

Words carved on my grave,

Did you ever really know me?

The man with no name,

I’m broken,

Damaged by thoughts in my head,

Slowly coming undone,

Hanging on by a thread,

I’m broken,

Wrecked by the tides of the storm,

Splinters cut me deep,

I can’t take this anymore,

I’m broken,

Carried on a sea of my scars,

There’s no way back,

I’ve fallen so fucking far,

I’m broken,

I open up a vein,

Drain away my sins,

How I deal with the pain,

I’m broken,

My blood the colour of rust,

Please allow me to die,

Let my bones turn to dust,

I’m broken……..

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