A Poem: The Other Side. #Poem #Poet #Poetry #Feelings #Blogger #Bloggers


I wanted to fly, my broken wings won’t make it to the sky,

When you took it from me, you left me dead for all the world to see,

As I choose to die, I’ll end my life on terms that I decide,

It’s not weak of me, it takes strength to know its how it has to be,

Would you even care? The one I loved but you were never there,

I was drowning in pain, all the hurt and shame wouldn’t cleanse in the rain,

I’ve made mistakes, reaching the end there’s no more I can take,

My war is done, I lay down my arms and watch the setting sun,

I reach for the open door, I don’t want to be me anymore,

With no tears to cry, my scars have bled and now the river runs dry,

This is not my goodbye, know I’ll see you on the other side in time……..

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