Already Gone.

Already Gone

I hide on the edge of the world,

Lingering alone in this life,

Never getting close,

Staying apart,

Keeping a distance from everyone,

The ones who might come to care,

Locking my heart,

Abandoning the chance of love,

Scared that if I let you in,

I’ll only ever let you down,

I close my eyes to my fate,

Swimming in oceans of pain,

I’m drowning in my own hate,

Rather than face forward,

I turn away,

No walking towards,

Only remembering back,

No hope of moving on,

My soul is already gone……

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8 thoughts on “Already Gone.

  1. This is simply beautiful. Drew, in some ways I do the same. I don’t allow love love to enter, but I have allowed the other love to enter, but 1% is still scared the friends would hurt me. But that is life.
    The heartbreak kind of love is just too scary, been there, done that… Now no more. Maybe one day
    Thank you, your words resonated in me. All I can say, don’t say no to love sometimes, you might just meet The One… But just be careful. I am really sorry someone broke your heart… I hope and pray it mends soon slowly and carefully.
    I went back to some holy books of my land, read some spiritual books just to understand. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion there is a big book of accounts kept by the universe which has to be balanced… No idea if I make sense.. But my country believes in karma and reincarnation..
    Hope everything becomes okay soon. We are not friends friends yet, but if you need a stranger to talk to, I am here.

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    1. Thank you.👍

      Yes, you make sense. I believe in karma too, or at least what goes around, comes around and try to be decent. Alas, believing in it and seeing people who aren’t good people but seem to do well when decent people get messed with does make me question it at times. Alas, if it’s meant to be, it will be, everything mends in time and poetry is actually quite cathartic. I have to admit though that I still find it strange when people actually relate to my juvenile rhyming poems.😂


      1. Hmmm maybe you are talented…. Just maybe😂
        And there are definitely too many bad people and heartbreaks…. Sighhh…. 😢
        Easier to talk to a stranger who knows nothing about you and thinks you are the bees knees… 😜😜 You might not know this phrase… Ah well!!

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  2. So incredibly sad and true. I have learned to open your heart to those who open their hearts to you. The kind ones, the quiet ones.

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