Give Me A Reason. #Blogger #Bloggers #Poem #Poetry Feelings

Give Me A Reason

Give me a reason,

I write these words to you,

Years on I still wonder,

Were your feelings ever true?

Give me a reason,

You’ve made it hard to trust,

The world around me crumbles,

Do my scars still stain the colour rust?

Give me a reason,

A chance to start anew,

Far away from the darkness,

Can I believe in you?

Give me a reason,

To carry on this life,

Somewhere beyond,

Would you help me fight?

Give me a reason,

I’m lost in the endless night,

Please guide me forwards,

Will you be my light?

Give me a reason,

Pain is all I’ve known,

Memories filled with sadness,

Am I destined to always walk alone?

Give me a reason,

Someone to tend these lands with,

I offer you my hand,

Can you show me how to live?

Give me a reason,

To want to love again,

A place for new beginnings,

Are you someone to call a friend?…….

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