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Today on The Tattooed Book Geek I am pleased to be taking part in the blog tour for The Celtic Phoenix: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure: Introducing Tessa Wiggins – The Irregular Detective by Kim Krisco with a guest post courtesy of the author.

My thanks to Caroline for the tour invite, MX Publishing and Kris Krisco.

The Celtic Phoenix: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure: Introducing Tessa Wiggins – The Irregular Detective by Kim Krisco.


An enigmatic jewelry case holding human remains forces Sherlock Holmes out of retirement to chase a coldblooded murderer.

To follow the trail of the murderer taunting him,  he needs Tessa Wiggins, a former Baker Street irregular, by his side. The two find themselves battling forces arising from a time before England was a country—when the Celts were fighting for survival.

Though set in 1919, The Celtic Phoenix is steeped in the enigmatic culture of the ancient Celts who reigned over much of Europe three thousand years ago. It was a time when the bond with Nature was strong . . . when people walked in the olde ways . . . when women were the equals to men as warriors, priests, and poets.

The Celtic Phoenix is the journey of three women who rise from the ashes of their past like fearsome phoenixes to shake the rational foundations upon which Sherlock Holmes built his life and career.


The Celtic Phoenix may read like a typical Sherlock Holmes who-done-it, but the underlying mystery is: why it is taking so long for women to be treated as equals in our world? 

As with my previous two novels, The Celtic Phoenix has a strong social justice theme. In Sherlock Holmes the Golden Years, the underlying subject is eugenics in all it nasty forms. In Irregular Lives: The Untold Story of Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars, the driving theme is the widening gap between the rich and poor. The Celtic Phoenix encompasses over two thousand years of western European history, beginning with the Celtic people, where women were treated as an equal to men in many arenas such as warriors, priests, judges and poets. This might stem from the Celts respect for, and strong ties to, Nature—women being vessels of creation.

The Celtic Phoenix touches on the subtle forms of oppression that women experience, as well as the more extreme manifestations like white slavery and the sex worker trades. Through the trials and tribulations of the story’s three very different female characters, the reader gains insight into a wide range of feminist issues: role restrictions, equal pay, the right to vote, and mores related to sex, dating, and marriage. In the same vein, the novel delves into women’s rage—the mounting frustration and anger women manage and push down every day. In this tale, women’s anger is embodied in the antagonist, Maeve Murtagh, an emotionally, physically and sexually abused woman who can no longer contain her wrath. This messaging, if I can call it that, is done within the natural flow of the story – it was never my intention to make it sound like preaching. 

Besides trying to make a difference with this novel, I believe it is a great read. If you love historical novels, mysteries or action adventure stories, you’ll enjoy this book. Three thousand years ago, the Celts were feared and respected as the greatest warriors in central and western Europe. I decided to bring them to life—this time fighting for social justice.

About Kim Krisco.

Kim Krisco Author Image

His lifelong fascination for master storyteller, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and his creation Sherlock Holmes, is what inspires Kim Krisco to write his new Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

As a reader, Kim always wished he’d learn more about Holmes’ inner life. Where Doyle was not able to do that in short stories, Kim could allow for more detail and in-depth character development in his novels and novellas.

Kim endeavours to capture the authentic feel of the Sherlock Holmes novels, placing them in historical settings, oftentimes interacting with real historical characters. This is what makes Kim’s Sherlock Holmes books unique historical mysteries.

Aside from writing, Kim and his wife Sara followed their dream to experience more profoundly the beauty of nature by surrounding themselves by it. Abandoning most of their material possessions, they feel happier than ever in their cabin deep in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

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