A Poem: December. #Poem #Poetry #Feelings #Blogger #Bloggers


As the year starts drawing to an end,

I find myself alone, I’m numb again,

I’ll soon be another year older,

Tired of fighting, I’m not a soldier,

Is this how it’s meant to be?

Will there ever be anyone who loves me?

I try to be the best that I can,

I make mistakes, I’m just a man,

I still miss those that time took, those who are gone,

They were my melody, the heart of my song,

Their passing left me empty, left me broken,

I’ve moved on, will forever remain unspoken,

Once, I had so much to give,

Now, I have no reason to live,

As I sit, I watch the snow begin to fall,

These words, they form my final call,

A note left unread, the last farewell,

I’ve been trapped too long, dying in my own hell,

On this cold December day,

I say goodbye, I give my life away…….

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