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Do you trust bloggers who don’t post negative reviews? #bookblogger #bookbloggers #blogger #bloggers

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While trawling through SM I sometimes see that people (some) have an issue with those in the community who choose not to post negative reviews. For whatever reason, it’s the type of issue that seems to appear every now and again.

So, I thought that I’d reveal (not like flasher gremlin) my thoughts on the subject.


Or, if you prefer, like Eminem:

Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
‘Cause we need a little controversy
‘Cause it feels so empty without me
I said, this looks like a job for me“.

And because I ramble so much: “here’s my ten cents, my two cents is free“.

I’d like to think that the title of this post is controversial. After all, according to Eric Bischoff, controversy creates cash (it’s the title of his autobiography) and I’m hoping that controversy will create views for this post.πŸ‘πŸ“š

I’ll start by saying that personally, I have no issue whatsoever with those who don’t post negative book reviews. It is their choice, on their blog and they can do and post whatever they want. Honestly, I’m not even sure that it should be an issue. A blog is the personal domain of that blogger and they alone decide what to post.

I’m a firm (mind out of the gutter) believer in the ‘my blog, my rules‘ mantra. Those who read this post and that follow me know that I, on occasion write posts that are filled with euphemisms, innuendos, wholesome innocent filth, sarcasm and swearing. Frankly, they are posts that would make many of you blush and you wouldn’t dream of writing them, I do. You know why? Because it is ‘my blog‘ and ‘my rules‘ and if you don’t like that then you can unfollow me because the issue is with you and not me and what I choose to post.

The same applies to those who chose not to write negative reviews. It is ‘their blog‘ and ‘their rules‘ and the issue is with you and not with them. Surely, even if you think that bloggers should post negative reviews then you can at least acknowledge and respect that it is their blog and so, it is their choice not too?

Or, are you saying that a blogger should blog in a specific way? Because you can’t say that! You have no rule to state that a blogger should blog and post in a certain way to conform to what you believe a blog should be. Yes, you have an opinion (they are like arseholes, we all have them) and that is fine. But, you aren’t from the mythical blogging government with a law to be enforced by the also mythical blogging police that says how a blog should be run. It is not your choice to make. As I said, a blog is that blogger’s own space. It. Is. Not. Yours.

You do you and let others do themselves! Oh my, that sounds rather kinky, doesn’t it?πŸ€”πŸ˜‚ Ooh, Matron!

If someone told me how or what to post I’d tell them to get the ‘f‘ out. No, actually, I’d probably write an eloquently worded letter to the mythical blogging government venting my displeasure and I’d fill in a form too. Cos ya know, there’s always a form.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ

OK folks, let’s have a minute’s silence for all the followers I’ve lost so far.πŸ”‡πŸ”•πŸ˜’ We might need to have another one by the end of the post too.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ

Those bloggers who don’t post negative reviews aren’t saying that they love ALL of the books that they read. Those of you who say that are twisting their choice around to your way of thinking. They are simply choosing not to review the books they didn’t like.

All book bloggers start a blog because they are book lovers. Not haters, lovers. We love reading and we choose to blog as an extension of that love. To share the love of the books that we read and to shout about them. No-one starts a book blog because they hate books and reading. So, it is understandable that lots of bloggers choose only to review and shout about the books that they have enjoyed.

Blogging can be hard (again, mind out of the gutter) and it takes time. Even if you don’t find it hard (it happens when you get older) it is still a time-consuming endeavour. We read books, we (might) take notes while reading, we have to write the review, draft the actual review post up, share it on SM and then cross-post the review to other sites (Goodreads, Amazon, etc). All of this takes time and effort and blogging time (the clock is ever ticking) takes away from our reading time. Factor in time spent on life, work and adulting too and it’s understandable why many bloggers don’t want to bother writing reviews for the books that they didn’t enjoy. They have the mindset that if they don’t like it, they don’t dwell on it and they move on as there are many other books and authors out there ready and waiting to be read. In my opinion, they can’t be faulted for that decision.

As I said near the start (I repeat myself, sorry, I’m a blogger, not a writer, I don’t have an editor and I also like to run my mouth) I have no issue whatsoever with any bloggers who choose not to post negative reviews. I do, however, believe that negative reviews have their place in the blogging community and in the reviewing world.

I write them myself when required. I don’t have many granted as I am fairly good at picking what books I like to read and, mostly, that works out well. But, on the rare occasion since I started blogging when I’ve sadly not liked (cos we can’t like them all) a book then I have written a negative review. I’m saying this so that you can see that I hold no bias towards only posting positive reviews because I don’t do that.

Now, I don’t mean the ‘this is shit‘ hate-filled diatribes that some people spew forth and label as a ‘review‘. But, constructive reviews that explain what issues the blogger had with the book, why it didn’t work for them and if there was any, then highlighting the positives of the book too. Reading is subjective and what one person dislikes another might well like. If the negative review has been constructively written, showing what the blogger didn’t like then another blogger could read that review and those same issues could be what, they, themselves like in a book. Due to this, a constructive negative review could well result in someone buying the book based on it.

For me, negative reviews add balance and give a full spectrum of views on a book but a blogger isn’t required to write them.

I’ve seen the validity of blogs that only post positive reviews called into question, yawn! I understand that it is a personal opinion to think this but I ask you why you feel that way? Why would you question the validity of the reviews on a blog that only posts positive reviews? What nefarious things do you think are going on with the blogger? Let me guess! I didn’t even have to shine my crystal ball for this one! Free books! I bet you think that bloggers only post positive reviews to help them get free books. Sigh!

Some bloggers get ARC’s, some don’t, some don’t want ARC’s, others want all the ARC’s but to say that a blogger only posts positive reviews to get free books. No, I don’t believe that is the case at all. Maybe, just maybe a blogger gets ARC’s because they put the time and effort into their blog and the publicists and publishers like their reviews and take note of that blogger. Wow, the mind was blown!

Ya know, even I get some ARC’s with my shonky blogging and reviewing skills – haters gonna hate so I added that purely so that you can hate on me.πŸ˜‚

If you are that bothered with bloggers getting ARC’s that you have to come up with BS that they only post positive reviews to get those ARC’s then consider this. Instead of badmouthing how others blog and what types of reviews they choose to post why don’t you put more effort into your own blog? You never know, that effort could then be rewarded and you might get that precious ARC you so desperately want.

ARC’s are perhaps, irrelevant. Many of those who only post positive reviews don’t even get ARC’s (if they do, who cares) and instead, they buy their own books. If they loved the book then they review the book and if not, they don’t. No issue at all until someone makes it an issue.

By questioning the validity of those blogs who only post positive reviews you are questioning the integrity of the blogger behind that blog and calling their views on the books that they have reviewed lies.

The thing is, as bloggers we don’t just post reviews on our blogs. We cross post to other sites too. For all you know a blog that only has positive reviews on it could well still post a negative review on those other sites. Then, they simply choose not to post it on their own blog. Add in that the blogger in question will probably have emailed the publicist and told them that they had issues with the book and those that need to know, know.

Reading is subjective. What one person likes another might dislike (yes, repeating again, I tell ya, I need a blog editor) and vice versa. Not everyone is going to agree and love all of the same books, it is life, it is how it is and there is nothing untoward to it. You might disagree with a positive review that has been posted on a positive review only blog as you disliked the book. The blog that positive review appears on though is irrelevant as it could appear on any other blog (yes, including blogs that post both positive and negative reviews, shocker, eh) as it is that bloggers own personal opinion on the book just like you had your own opinion on the book too. Would that positive review even though you disagree with it be OK if it did appear on a blog that posts both types of reviews? If you answer yes, it would be OK then I ask you why then isn’t it OK that it appears on a positive review only blog? The outcome is the same, the other blogger liked the book, you didn’t and both of those views are valid because reading is a personal experience and it is (once again, it’s a trio of repeats folks) subjective! Yet you only take issue if you disagree with a review that appears on a positive review only blog.

Not all of the reviews on positive only review blogs are fawning and gushing 5* reviews which seems to be a misconception held by many. Lots don’t use star ratings anymore and that’s not just the positive only review bloggers but everyone.

These positive only review blogs post reviews for anything from 3* up to 5* books. Depending on who you ask 3* and 3.5* are negative (they aren’t) but many (not just positive review only) bloggers think that they are. So, if you think that all positive review only blogs are only for 5* books then you are wrong, they aren’t.

Do you have any proof that the reviews of bloggers who only post positive reviews are anything less than genuine? If you do then please share it. πŸ™‚

Perhaps there does need to be a distinction between book blogs/bloggers and book recommendation blogs/bloggers but why? At the end of the day, we are all book bloggers whatever we choose to post and however we choose to review. Why start adding different labels to bloggers who choose to blog in a certain way? Labels lead to division and there is no need for that.

To me, it has never been a consideration that I don’t trust positive review only blogs. I’m not blind and I can see from the reviews that they write that they truly love the books that they review.Β 

I never see any bloggers (though I presume it does happen) who run blogs that post only positive reviews and share the book love hating on those who post negative reviews and telling them not too. It is always the other way around as though those who choose to post negative reviews are offended by those who don’t. As though it is an affront to blogging! Even when the topic comes up the positive only review bloggers generally ignore it and let it go. They don’t retaliate and quite honestly, they would be in their right too.Β I’m saying nothing but, perhaps, the fact that the positive review only bloggers rise above it (like John Cena they rise above hate) means that old adage ‘what you say about others says a lot about you‘ is rather apt for those who feel the need to hate on and badmouth them.Β 

I would say, if you have an issue with those who only post positive reviews and don’t trust them then don’t follow them and don’t read their blogs, it is that simple. I’m sure that they won’t lose any sleep over it (they probably won’t even notice) and honestly, they could probably do without the hassle of how they blog and their honesty getting called into question anyway.

Neither you, I or anyone else has a right to tell another blogger how to blog. You can have your views, yes. I have my own views on certain bloggers (ex-bloggers) too but it is NOT my place or YOURS to dictate to anyone how they should blog and what they should post.

A mantra and a simple blogging motto for you to adhere to:

‘You be you and blog how you want and let others be themselves and blog how they want.’

I don’t know, there seems to be too much pissing and moaning by some with nothing better to do. Maybe some bloggers are better off just tagging authors in their own negative reviews and telling other bloggers how to post as it is the cool and edgy thing to do and we all know that haters gotta hate.πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

To end, I will say this, I actually thought of asking those bloggers who only post positive reviews to contribute to this post (if I had asked I am sure that they would, they have nothing to hide) and give their own reasons why they only share the book love. But… the end, I didn’t and you know why? I didn’t ask them why because they do not need to explain or justify their decision to only post positive reviews to anyone.Β 

I follow lots of blogs, some post both positive and negative reviews, some don’t and they only post positive reviews. Either way, it doesn’t bother me. It is their choice, I respect it and you should too.

Now, the discussion bit of the post! So, I ask, do you trust bloggers who don’t post negative reviews? If not, then why don’t you trust them? Do you even care? Or, do you think that bloggers should post both positive and negative reviews? If you only post positive reviews then, please, feel free to share why in the comments.

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198 thoughts on “Do you trust bloggers who don’t post negative reviews? #bookblogger #bookbloggers #blogger #bloggers

  1. Interesting post and I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment the only point I disagree with is your statement that bloggers who only post positive reviews don’t β€˜hate on’ those who post negative reviews- I’m afraid there have been many occasions where I have seen this happen both personally and as a wider β€˜ issue’ as those bloggers imply those who do post negative reviews are not β€˜book lovers’ which is patent nonsense if you look wider than a single review. I say do away with the secret blog police and parliament and everyone follow the blogs they want to and ignore the others. There is room for everyone.
    On a final note you make a pertinent point when you explain we are not all chasing the same β€˜prize’ and so looking at the issue from the bloggers own viewpoint/goals I’d likely to lead to the wrong conclusion when applied to another blogger; we are all individuals linked by our love of books.

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    1. Yeah, you are right. I haven’t seen it but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen and I should have stated that my view was only from what I had seen, that’s my bad.

      Yep, totally agree, room for everyone and follow who you want. that’s what should happen really but for some reason there’s always one issue or another that crops up. 😦

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  2. Great post!
    I personally post negative reviews and also like to read them, as long as bloggers clearly explain the reasons why they didn’t like a book. I always try to do that in my negative reviews. We all like different books, and what bothered me may not be a problem for other people. In fact, I always try to mention both the positives and the negatives in a book even when I liked it overall, unless it’s a 5-star read. In that case the book was perfect, so there were no negative points for me!
    I don’t have a problem with people not writing negative reviews, though. Every blogger should do whatever feels right for them!

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    1. Thanks.

      Exactly! Every blogger should do whatever feels right to them. πŸ™‚

      That’s how I try and write my negative reviews too and the same with positive ones too. Offer both the positive and negative aspects of the book, it’s the best way and as you say,what bothers you may not be a problem for others.

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  3. Great post Drew. Personally I rarely write a negative review, purely because I rarely read a bad book. After 40+ years of adult reading (or rather reading as an adult) not surprisingly I’ve got rather good at knowing what I’ll like and choose accordingly. On the rare occasion I pick up a ‘bad’ book I don’t finish it, so why would I waste valuable time writing about a book I didn’t finish? Plus just because I didn’t like it, doesn’t mean others will feel the same. Though what is a good/bad book. When I was using stars on my blog, I happily posted 3 star reviews as I don’t think that’s bad. On the other hand I rarely gave 5 stars as that had to be an exceptional read for me, otherwise for me, I felt it lost it’s value. But that was my criteria. Others review/grade differently and that’s their prerogative. I’ve since dropped the stars and just write a review, purely because it’s too easy just to judge a book based on it’s rating rather than reading the actual review which is more nuanced. I’m not averse to making a critical point in a review if I feel it’s merited, but that to me does not make it a negative review. I’ll also acknowledge it’s easier for me as I don’t sign up for blog tours, and I go under most publishers radar so I rarely find reading something I don’t always know much about. I rarely receive unsolicited ARC’s and those ARC’s I do receive are mainly one’s I’ve chosen to request (usually via Netgalley) based on blurb, author etc (eg the normal way I’d select any book I wanted to read). If someone wants to believe that I’ve only written a positive review to ensure ‘free’ books they are very much mistaken. I buy between 30-40 books every month (just read my book haul posts) I don’t need to blog/review for free books, I’ve already got more than I’ll live to read. I review to share something I’ve enjoyed. That’s my choice and as you say ‘my blog, my rules’. If someone chooses to do things differently that is also their choice. So do I trust bloggers who don’t post negative reviews, yes I do. Just as I would hope that people read mine and accept them as my honest opinion.

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  4. I only write positive reviews 3 stars and above. I read and share many other reviews from other bloggers, and some of those are negative. I share if I think they are fair in their criticism and have actually bought books based on a negative review. I trust bloggers who are honest, and yes that honesty does come across in their reviews. I don’t post books that I didnt like or finish, it takes away reading time from the mountain of books I already have. I try to be a positive person in my daily life and part of my daily life involves my blog to a certain extent. So I make time and put effort into being positive and not negative. That is how I work and everyone is different and I appreciate that there maybe some others may not agree with this and I am fine with that. Its all a matter of perspective and respect.

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    1. Yep, respect. Something that is sadly lacking at times. 😦

      That’s the thing, you post 3* and above, as do many others. Others class 3* as negative and there seems to be a misconception that positive only review blogs are all 5* reads when they aren’t and can range from 3* up to 5*. πŸ™‚

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      1. I see 3 stars as a book that I have liked, I finished it and though it may not have hit all the expectations that 4&5 star reviews do, it was still a good read. I really don’t understand how a 3 can be a negative as it sits smack bang in the middle. If anything it is a neutral rating.

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  5. I absolutely love your writing style! I wouldn’t say that I distrust a book blogger that doesn’t leave a “bad” review. I find myself extremely lucky that “good” books fall into my lap. Occasionally I have not enjoyed a book, and I let that be known in my blog post. However. I have posted reasons why other readers WOULD like it. I still give the non-liked book a low star rating and promptly place it in the corner telling it to think about what it’s done. I find it hard to believe that every book a blogger receives is a 4 or 5 star review without a lower grade rating SOMEWHERE on their blog. Makes you go hmmm . . .

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    1. Lol, thanks. πŸ™‚ You mean my blunt ans sarcastic rambling. πŸ™‚

      I think that’s the thing though, it’s not every book they receive and read only the ones they like and review positively. The others they just don’t review. I’m a slow reader, I wish I had that luxury!

      The main thing is, it’s their blog, they should be free to do what they want without it being an issue alas, some make it an issue when it isn’t.

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  6. Great post and lots of good discussion. I completely agree with the sentiment that bloggers are free to do what they want with their blogs and if that means no negative reviews, that’s okay. Personally, I do write negative reviews if I finish the book. If I DNF it, then no. Negative reviews are HARD to write. I always try to say some positive points before diving into the negative. As a reader, I appreciate seeing negative reviews because they sometimes save me time by not reading a book I was on the fence with. I often get comments from people who appreciate seeing a different opinion on a book. In the end it’s up to the blogger.

    What about bloggers who post a new review every day. Sometimes I wonder about those. Are they actually reading that many book?

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    1. Thanks. All valid points.πŸ‘

      Ah, yeah, that’s a tricky one! I know some bloggers who I trust and due to illness, etc spend most of the day reading so they get through lots of books. I’d say, yes, for most they do read the books then there’ll be those who skim read and others only read certain bits of the book, I remember reading that one person only reads the story and not the dialogue in a book or it might have been the other way around as it was a while ago.

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  7. I post both positive and negative reviews on my blog but I know a couple of bloggers that stopped posting negative reviews on their blogs and that’s because the authors came and blasted them for their review. People are smart these days and screen shot things like that so even if the offender has a change of heart and deletes their response, oops too bad, it still exists and gets shared in private groups. I’ve also seen authors send their street teams to bash reviewers on Goodreads and on blogs. There’s just no reason to do something like that. So yes, I do trust bloggers who don’t post negative reviews because some bloggers are scared too because they’ve seen the back lash it can cause.

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  8. I only post positive reviews nowadays because tbh I’ve reached a point where I can’t be bothered to read a book I’m not enjoying. It’s that simple.
    At times though I’ll join a discussion on social media about a book I didn’t like, and I really dislike being told it was ‘probably the wrong time’ for me to read it, or some such other patronising comment. It’s better I suppose that some of the hate I’ve seen others get for not liking a book, but at the end of the day we all have preferences in reading, and I think they should be respected.

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    1. Very true. Respect is a word that has been mentioned in a lot of comments and it is something that some seem to lack when telling others how to blog. 😦

      Many others do too, I have seen them, SM, twitter, FB, etc saying that they didn’t like a book, etc and that’s fine. It just seems that people think that positive review only blogs love all the books and they don’t. They just choose not to review those they dislike and they can’t be/shouldn’t be faulted for that.


  9. Hi Drew, great post. Just an interesting question and one I know there’s been a lot of controversy over which makes me roll my eyes if I’m honest. Live and let live. If you want to post only positive reviews – great, good for you, go ahead. If you want to be a bit more critical – again, great! Personally, I’m not afraid to say if I don’t particularly like things about a novel but I’ll always try and find something constructive and positive to say about it and ALWAYS mention it’s just my personal opinion. What might not work for me might work for someone else etc etc. Obviously when people get TOO negative, I don’t agree with that either, what’s the point in getting personal and nasty? Not necessary! I’ve had some bloggers mention they appreciate my honesty in reviewing as they always know the books I give 4-5 stars are books I genuinely want to shout about. However, I also respect bloggers that don’t want to criticise in their reviews. I’m just going to carry on doing “me,” and appreciate everyone else who does “them.” Can’t be arsed with the drama of it all!! πŸ˜‚

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    1. Thanks.πŸ‘πŸ“š

      Live and let live exactly. Something that should happen but often doesn’t and yeah, definitely a topic to make you roll your eyes. It shouldn’t even be an issue what people post on their own blog but for some reason it is.πŸ™„

      Yeah, personal and nasty isn’t right, I don’t agree with it.

      That’s the best way, you do you and let others do them.πŸ‘

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  10. I prefer to post reviews of books I like. But I must admit I tend to be suspicious of blogs that only post glowing 5 star reviews for everything. Nobody loves every book they read. But I agree that constructive lower rated reviews can be helpful as long as they are not mean for mean sake. I’ve had a few three star reviews for my fantasy novel as well as 4 and 5 stars. Some of the 3 star reviews have been well written, and thoughtful. And in a weird kind of way I kind of appreciate that. But of course I get crazy excited about my 4/5 stars!

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  11. Lol. I’m totally with you on ‘my blog, my rules’. For me, it’s not exactly a question about negative or positive, more like honest reviews without spoilers? I usually stick to giving reviews for books that hit 3 to 5 stars, mostly because for books that I ended up not liking, I don’t bother reviewing. I feel like I don’t wanna spend that much time writing a review for a book I didn’t even like. Plus, just because I didn’t like a book doesn’t mean it won’t hit a chord with someone else. Reader opinions are personal and vary based on their tastes and genre preference. That said, if I made a commitment to give a review for a book (say on Netgalley), I will write a review even if it’s negative.

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  12. Oh, i do love the sentiment!
    Interesting that i never hear people complain about others who just have negative opinions about everything πŸ˜€ Admittedly, i haven’t come across a blog like that, but it could be a theme for sure!

    I often DNF the books i don’t like and don’t post a full review (cuz how could i, maybe the ending was amaaaahzinggg), so majority of my reviews are positive. And maybe i’m just a totally positive person who chooses to like everything.

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    1. Oh, yeah, there’s probably some out there. I’ve not seen any either but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

      I think they make comments, not complain and that’s the difference. So many complaints about the whole positive review thing and making out that it’s destroying blogging, etc. Nah, BS really and let people be.πŸ‘

      Yeah, that’s definitely an issue with books that you DNF. I’m not sure where I sit with DNF reviews. I guess, if it’s stated where the blogger got to in the book and the reasons they stopped reading but many DNF reviews hate on the whole book and as you say the ending could be great.

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  13. Word!
    I never understood the pissing and moaning.. but I have become very good at ignoring all of these types of social media wars. bleh… having said that, I care not if it is a negative review or a positive review… if it is justified through well articulated example I will read it and allow the readre/blogger to have their opinion… for some reason, alternate views about certain books don’t seem to be allowed by some people… mind boggling πŸ™‚

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    1. Ah, ya see, I’m not very good at ignoring the pissing and moaning.πŸ˜‚ Some things, yeah, other things, no and things like this topic or others where people are telling others how to blog, no, that sort of thing doesn’t sit well with me cos it shouldn’t be an issue what people write or don’t write on their own blog.πŸ‘πŸ“š

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  14. Very interesting topic Drew!

    Do you trust bloggers who don’t post negative reviews?
    I do believe that everyone should be free to do as they please on their own blogs, however I am on the fence with this issue. There are two types of bloggers that only post positive reviews. 1) Those that only want positivity on their blog, therefore only write reviews for the books they enjoy and 2) Those bloggers that accept review copies and give only positive reviews in fear they will stop receiving those ARCs. Those that chose to only write reviews for the books they enjoy are a-okay in my book. That is their decision, and I’m totally fine with that. I do have an issue with those that accept ARCs & give them all positive reviews so they will keep receiving free books… BUT how do you distinguish between the two types? No idea… I do tend to trust those bloggers that post both positive and negative reviews MORE than those that just post positive…

    Do you think that bloggers should post both positive and negative reviews?
    YES! It is so important to post both types of reviews. If a book is just plain bad or even problematic & harmful, the consumers deserve to know! Without negative reviews, I really think the book market would not be as strong. People would be very weary to buy any books for fear they won’t enjoy them.

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    1. Thanks.

      Yeah, can’t disagree with your points and you are right, how do you distinguish between the two types? Really you can’t.

      I totally agree with you, I believe that negative reviews are important and have a place in the book world too.


  15. Brilliant post! I’m one of those who didn’t post negative reviews for a long time. I’m very sensitive to criticism, constructive or no. People tend not to inflict things upon others that they themselves don’t like. As I’ve grown, and learned to handle beneficial criticism, I’ve started posting lower star ratings. I haven’t had it on my blog yet, though I have with one of the places I review for- SF Book Review. An author complained to the coordinator that I clearly hadn’t read the book and didn’t know what I was talking about. I’d gone out of my way to make sure I wasn’t nasty in the review, and I stressed it was all my opinion. It was three stars too… Not a one or two. :/ Being told I can’t do something, or I don’t know something I do, is a big trigger for me.

    Anyhoo… Ramble over. 🀣

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    1. Thanks.πŸ‘πŸ“š

      Ah, 3 stars the dreaded review that is only the equivalent of an OK rating and the one that author’s hate.πŸ™„ I think the fact that the author took offence over the review and said that you hadn’t read the book says more about them. Some can’t handle honest reviews and expect 5 star all the time and anything lower is a travesty.πŸ™„

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  16. I admit to questioning how genuine a blogger who only posts positive reviews is in the past. This was before I was regularly reviewing things myself and I think being on the other side made me more understanding. I lean on the brutal honestly side of reviewing which means I post every review – positive or negative. I have experienced pushback from an author who was upset about getting a negative review and an indie arc organization telling me that I shouldn’t bother reviewing a book if I did not like it. So, I understand why someone would not want that kind of stuff interrupting their flow as it can really drag you down and make you question your ability as a blogger/reviewer.

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    1. I think it’s OK to question how genuine they are, my main issue is that they should be allowed to post what they want. If they don’t want to post negative reviews then it’s their choice and if people don’t trust a positive review only blog then, I guess, OK. It’s when those people start saying that the bloggers should post negative reviews that’s my issue because you should be able to do what you want on your own blog.πŸ‘ If someone doesn’t trust a positive blog, don’t read it, it’s simple but don’t tell them how to blog, that’s just wrong and many don’t seem to get that even if they don’t trust them they should still respect their choice to post what they want.πŸ‘πŸ“š

      Ah, authors, that’s a whole other thing, sadly, they take issue with less than positive reviews and often take it out on the blogger.😒 There isn’t a book released that hasn’t received a negative review and yet they expect theirs to be different. I get they put effort and time in but if they can’t handle negative reviews then they shouldn’t publish a book.πŸ™„

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  17. Great topic. I don’t post under 2 star full reviews on my blog. And its for a number of reasons,
    a) if I am not liking a book I DNF it, and it is not fair on the creator for me to review a work I have not fully completed. I am not scared to DNF ARCs and report directly in the feedback to the publisher that I was not enjoying it enough to finish. I mark books as DNF on Goodreads. If I am DNF-ing for a particular reason other than I just wasn’t in the mood for it I will explain why.

    b) Writing a full in-depth review is time consuming. I write on my commute into work, but that is also where I get most of my reading done. If I find it problematic I will post my rating and a quick dash of my thoughts on Goodreads but I don’t tend to give up the time to format a full blog post. If I have no strong feelings to share I don’t see the point in writing a blog post that just goes “meh this book was a book that I read and I don’t feel much for”, a quick line or two on Goodreads is all I do. This is a hobby, I am not the most eloquent and articulate reviewer. Its a bit of fun for me, it is for my own enjoyment and I don’t enjoy being overly negative.

    c) I always try to give positive and negative aspects even in my 5 star reviews. I talk about what works and what doesn’t work for me, I have a “reviewing system” that breaks down my thought process that gives the star rating so those that read my blog know exactly why it was a 3 start and not a 4 star etc.

    Finally) To be honest the majority of the books I read score over 3/3.5. I have only read 2/56 books this year with under a 3 star rating. It goes back to the points a) and b) I just don’t have time to read bad books so if it is not the right time for me to read a book I will put it down and walk away for a bit. I know my reading tastes so I very rarely pick books I will not enjoy.

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  18. I post ALL my (always honest) reviews to Goodreads and I leave honest reviews for all my ARCs on netgalley, but I’m SELECTIVE when it comes to my blog. My purpose on my blog is to sift through all my reads and offer my followers my best Recommendations and draw their attention to great reads. My greatest fear is that because the visual image is so strong, followers will remember an image of a book cover the next time they’re in a book store and not my words…..they might think β€œoh I saw that on her blog” and assume I’ve recommended it and be disappointed and then not trust my recommendations. That’s my reasoning for not including all my reviews on my blog……I’m offering my followers a service when I’m selective.

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    1. I think many do the same too. They leave reviews on Goodreads, even Amazon and for their Netgalley books on Netgalley too regardless of whether they are positive or not. Then, they just post positive reviews on their blog. They aren’t saying that they love all books or even that they don’t write negative reviews which people don’t get. Only that they want their blog to share the book love.

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  19. Whatever the blogger wants to do. We post negative reviews, although we tend to post a lot more positives. We post a review for every book we read. We want our readers to know what we like and what wasn’t for us.


  20. When I read someone’s review, I just want to know their opinions on the book, be it postive or negative. For me, books over 3 stars and above are good and I hardly pick a book which I rate below 3. As you said, it’s the blogger’s choice whether to post a negative review with positive reviews or only positive reviews on their blog.

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  21. This is a fantastic post Drew and a great way to voice both of the sides of the argument. I tend to be quite good at what I pick and very rarely don’t enjoy a book but if I’m rating it less than 3*s I’ll only put my review on Goodreads and leave it off my blog. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head where negative reviews aren’t bad as long as they are constructive and that’s what I try to be in all my reviews. Honesty, without being brutal is the best policy and even though our reviews are there to help guide readers they are there for the author too. Us reviewers need to remember that someones hard work has gone into that and deserves to be critiqued fairly.

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