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Do you trust bloggers who don’t post negative reviews? #bookblogger #bookbloggers #blogger #bloggers

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While trawling through SM I sometimes see that people (some) have an issue with those in the community who choose not to post negative reviews. For whatever reason, it’s the type of issue that seems to appear every now and again.

So, I thought that I’d reveal (not like flasher gremlin) my thoughts on the subject.


Or, if you prefer, like Eminem:

Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
‘Cause we need a little controversy
‘Cause it feels so empty without me
I said, this looks like a job for me“.

And because I ramble so much: “here’s my ten cents, my two cents is free“.

I’d like to think that the title of this post is controversial. After all, according to Eric Bischoff, controversy creates cash (it’s the title of his autobiography) and I’m hoping that controversy will create views for this post.👍📚

I’ll start by saying that personally, I have no issue whatsoever with those who don’t post negative book reviews. It is their choice, on their blog and they can do and post whatever they want. Honestly, I’m not even sure that it should be an issue. A blog is the personal domain of that blogger and they alone decide what to post.

I’m a firm (mind out of the gutter) believer in the ‘my blog, my rules‘ mantra. Those who read this post and that follow me know that I, on occasion write posts that are filled with euphemisms, innuendos, wholesome innocent filth, sarcasm and swearing. Frankly, they are posts that would make many of you blush and you wouldn’t dream of writing them, I do. You know why? Because it is ‘my blog‘ and ‘my rules‘ and if you don’t like that then you can unfollow me because the issue is with you and not me and what I choose to post.

The same applies to those who chose not to write negative reviews. It is ‘their blog‘ and ‘their rules‘ and the issue is with you and not with them. Surely, even if you think that bloggers should post negative reviews then you can at least acknowledge and respect that it is their blog and so, it is their choice not too?

Or, are you saying that a blogger should blog in a specific way? Because you can’t say that! You have no rule to state that a blogger should blog and post in a certain way to conform to what you believe a blog should be. Yes, you have an opinion (they are like arseholes, we all have them) and that is fine. But, you aren’t from the mythical blogging government with a law to be enforced by the also mythical blogging police that says how a blog should be run. It is not your choice to make. As I said, a blog is that blogger’s own space. It. Is. Not. Yours.

You do you and let others do themselves! Oh my, that sounds rather kinky, doesn’t it?🤔😂 Ooh, Matron!

If someone told me how or what to post I’d tell them to get the ‘f‘ out. No, actually, I’d probably write an eloquently worded letter to the mythical blogging government venting my displeasure and I’d fill in a form too. Cos ya know, there’s always a form.😂😜

OK folks, let’s have a minute’s silence for all the followers I’ve lost so far.🔇🔕😢 We might need to have another one by the end of the post too.😂😜

Those bloggers who don’t post negative reviews aren’t saying that they love ALL of the books that they read. Those of you who say that are twisting their choice around to your way of thinking. They are simply choosing not to review the books they didn’t like.

All book bloggers start a blog because they are book lovers. Not haters, lovers. We love reading and we choose to blog as an extension of that love. To share the love of the books that we read and to shout about them. No-one starts a book blog because they hate books and reading. So, it is understandable that lots of bloggers choose only to review and shout about the books that they have enjoyed.

Blogging can be hard (again, mind out of the gutter) and it takes time. Even if you don’t find it hard (it happens when you get older) it is still a time-consuming endeavour. We read books, we (might) take notes while reading, we have to write the review, draft the actual review post up, share it on SM and then cross-post the review to other sites (Goodreads, Amazon, etc). All of this takes time and effort and blogging time (the clock is ever ticking) takes away from our reading time. Factor in time spent on life, work and adulting too and it’s understandable why many bloggers don’t want to bother writing reviews for the books that they didn’t enjoy. They have the mindset that if they don’t like it, they don’t dwell on it and they move on as there are many other books and authors out there ready and waiting to be read. In my opinion, they can’t be faulted for that decision.

As I said near the start (I repeat myself, sorry, I’m a blogger, not a writer, I don’t have an editor and I also like to run my mouth) I have no issue whatsoever with any bloggers who choose not to post negative reviews. I do, however, believe that negative reviews have their place in the blogging community and in the reviewing world.

I write them myself when required. I don’t have many granted as I am fairly good at picking what books I like to read and, mostly, that works out well. But, on the rare occasion since I started blogging when I’ve sadly not liked (cos we can’t like them all) a book then I have written a negative review. I’m saying this so that you can see that I hold no bias towards only posting positive reviews because I don’t do that.

Now, I don’t mean the ‘this is shit‘ hate-filled diatribes that some people spew forth and label as a ‘review‘. But, constructive reviews that explain what issues the blogger had with the book, why it didn’t work for them and if there was any, then highlighting the positives of the book too. Reading is subjective and what one person dislikes another might well like. If the negative review has been constructively written, showing what the blogger didn’t like then another blogger could read that review and those same issues could be what, they, themselves like in a book. Due to this, a constructive negative review could well result in someone buying the book based on it.

For me, negative reviews add balance and give a full spectrum of views on a book but a blogger isn’t required to write them.

I’ve seen the validity of blogs that only post positive reviews called into question, yawn! I understand that it is a personal opinion to think this but I ask you why you feel that way? Why would you question the validity of the reviews on a blog that only posts positive reviews? What nefarious things do you think are going on with the blogger? Let me guess! I didn’t even have to shine my crystal ball for this one! Free books! I bet you think that bloggers only post positive reviews to help them get free books. Sigh!

Some bloggers get ARC’s, some don’t, some don’t want ARC’s, others want all the ARC’s but to say that a blogger only posts positive reviews to get free books. No, I don’t believe that is the case at all. Maybe, just maybe a blogger gets ARC’s because they put the time and effort into their blog and the publicists and publishers like their reviews and take note of that blogger. Wow, the mind was blown!

Ya know, even I get some ARC’s with my shonky blogging and reviewing skills – haters gonna hate so I added that purely so that you can hate on me.😂

If you are that bothered with bloggers getting ARC’s that you have to come up with BS that they only post positive reviews to get those ARC’s then consider this. Instead of badmouthing how others blog and what types of reviews they choose to post why don’t you put more effort into your own blog? You never know, that effort could then be rewarded and you might get that precious ARC you so desperately want.

ARC’s are perhaps, irrelevant. Many of those who only post positive reviews don’t even get ARC’s (if they do, who cares) and instead, they buy their own books. If they loved the book then they review the book and if not, they don’t. No issue at all until someone makes it an issue.

By questioning the validity of those blogs who only post positive reviews you are questioning the integrity of the blogger behind that blog and calling their views on the books that they have reviewed lies.

The thing is, as bloggers we don’t just post reviews on our blogs. We cross post to other sites too. For all you know a blog that only has positive reviews on it could well still post a negative review on those other sites. Then, they simply choose not to post it on their own blog. Add in that the blogger in question will probably have emailed the publicist and told them that they had issues with the book and those that need to know, know.

Reading is subjective. What one person likes another might dislike (yes, repeating again, I tell ya, I need a blog editor) and vice versa. Not everyone is going to agree and love all of the same books, it is life, it is how it is and there is nothing untoward to it. You might disagree with a positive review that has been posted on a positive review only blog as you disliked the book. The blog that positive review appears on though is irrelevant as it could appear on any other blog (yes, including blogs that post both positive and negative reviews, shocker, eh) as it is that bloggers own personal opinion on the book just like you had your own opinion on the book too. Would that positive review even though you disagree with it be OK if it did appear on a blog that posts both types of reviews? If you answer yes, it would be OK then I ask you why then isn’t it OK that it appears on a positive review only blog? The outcome is the same, the other blogger liked the book, you didn’t and both of those views are valid because reading is a personal experience and it is (once again, it’s a trio of repeats folks) subjective! Yet you only take issue if you disagree with a review that appears on a positive review only blog.

Not all of the reviews on positive only review blogs are fawning and gushing 5* reviews which seems to be a misconception held by many. Lots don’t use star ratings anymore and that’s not just the positive only review bloggers but everyone.

These positive only review blogs post reviews for anything from 3* up to 5* books. Depending on who you ask 3* and 3.5* are negative (they aren’t) but many (not just positive review only) bloggers think that they are. So, if you think that all positive review only blogs are only for 5* books then you are wrong, they aren’t.

Do you have any proof that the reviews of bloggers who only post positive reviews are anything less than genuine? If you do then please share it. 🙂

Perhaps there does need to be a distinction between book blogs/bloggers and book recommendation blogs/bloggers but why? At the end of the day, we are all book bloggers whatever we choose to post and however we choose to review. Why start adding different labels to bloggers who choose to blog in a certain way? Labels lead to division and there is no need for that.

To me, it has never been a consideration that I don’t trust positive review only blogs. I’m not blind and I can see from the reviews that they write that they truly love the books that they review. 

I never see any bloggers (though I presume it does happen) who run blogs that post only positive reviews and share the book love hating on those who post negative reviews and telling them not too. It is always the other way around as though those who choose to post negative reviews are offended by those who don’t. As though it is an affront to blogging! Even when the topic comes up the positive only review bloggers generally ignore it and let it go. They don’t retaliate and quite honestly, they would be in their right too. I’m saying nothing but, perhaps, the fact that the positive review only bloggers rise above it (like John Cena they rise above hate) means that old adage ‘what you say about others says a lot about you‘ is rather apt for those who feel the need to hate on and badmouth them. 

I would say, if you have an issue with those who only post positive reviews and don’t trust them then don’t follow them and don’t read their blogs, it is that simple. I’m sure that they won’t lose any sleep over it (they probably won’t even notice) and honestly, they could probably do without the hassle of how they blog and their honesty getting called into question anyway.

Neither you, I or anyone else has a right to tell another blogger how to blog. You can have your views, yes. I have my own views on certain bloggers (ex-bloggers) too but it is NOT my place or YOURS to dictate to anyone how they should blog and what they should post.

A mantra and a simple blogging motto for you to adhere to:

‘You be you and blog how you want and let others be themselves and blog how they want.’

I don’t know, there seems to be too much pissing and moaning by some with nothing better to do. Maybe some bloggers are better off just tagging authors in their own negative reviews and telling other bloggers how to post as it is the cool and edgy thing to do and we all know that haters gotta hate.👍😎😂

To end, I will say this, I actually thought of asking those bloggers who only post positive reviews to contribute to this post (if I had asked I am sure that they would, they have nothing to hide) and give their own reasons why they only share the book love. But… the end, I didn’t and you know why? I didn’t ask them why because they do not need to explain or justify their decision to only post positive reviews to anyone. 

I follow lots of blogs, some post both positive and negative reviews, some don’t and they only post positive reviews. Either way, it doesn’t bother me. It is their choice, I respect it and you should too.

Now, the discussion bit of the post! So, I ask, do you trust bloggers who don’t post negative reviews? If not, then why don’t you trust them? Do you even care? Or, do you think that bloggers should post both positive and negative reviews? If you only post positive reviews then, please, feel free to share why in the comments.

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198 thoughts on “Do you trust bloggers who don’t post negative reviews? #bookblogger #bookbloggers #blogger #bloggers

  1. I don’t post negative reviews because like you, I generally choose books I know I am going to like. I’ve recently started blog tours and ended up with a couple of books that didn’t hit the mark for me but I tended to mostly focus on the positives (because being on a blog tour, I didn’t feel I could criticise). I’ve only been doing this a year so I’m hoping I’ll find the right balance. If a blogger loves every book and gives every one a 5 star review then I’d be a bit suspicious!

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    1. This is another thing, the ‘do you give stars on a blog’? On Goodreads, 4 stars means you really liked it but it means different on Amazon etc. A 4 * review to me means I loved it, 5 means extraordinary but still some people take issue with 4*.
      I absolutely loathed a celeb biog and said why a few years ago on Amazon god did the fans come after me and shred every single review I ever wrote. Really harsh lesson but how do you straddle honesty, balance and integrity? It’s a tricky one! I guess we all find our own way in the end(I hope)

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      1. I started off with star ratings but have dropped them as some see a 3 star review (I liked it) as a negative thing. I even had an author contact me saying sorry my book wasn’t for me! I stay away from the stars now…it’s easier

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      1. Exactly ! They are the ones that they choose to review on their blog because they love them and hope to reach a wider audience

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  2. Fantastic post! Someone had to write one concerning this subject and I’m so glad it was you! I personally don’t post negative reviews on my blog, but that being said I have posted neutral type of post where I personally haven’t enjoyed a book because of the genre but it’s had some great writing points etc. So I’ve written in a way that may appeal to the people who enjoy that genre. If that makes sense *shrug*. As you know, I’m relatively new to the blogging world so I’m still learning but if I DNF a book I won’t mention it in my blog posts at all unless it’s was part of a monthly haul in which I just put the blurb? I do however post my negative reviews on Goodreads, I’ve also put out a negative review on Instagram and was thanked by a reader for being truthful; that book everyone has raved about so I’m always conscious what I may not enjoy someone else would love. I have also stopped star rating books because although a 3 star (to me) is still good, others think it’s not so I don’t really use the staring system anymore.
    Anyway, there’s my thoughts! Again, bloody good post!

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    1. Thanks.👍

      Ha, 3 star or 3.5 star is good. My opinion anyway as it’s 6 or 7 out of 10 and that’s decent. People, cough, authors take issue with them because they only want 4 or 5 star ratings.

      Yeah, you make perfect sense.👍

      I’ve not had to do a DNF review yet. I’m not sure how I’d go about it. The one book I did DNF last year I’ve just ignored and not mentioned.😂😂😂

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      1. But they any expect everyone to think their book is a 4/5 star, personal taste people!!
        I’ve done the same, but they’ve not been review books but my own choices? I don’t think I’ve Dnf’d a review read yet! I think…..

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  3. Great post mate! I don’t post negative reviews on my blog because as you said, we’re book lovers, not haters. If I don’t get on with a book, I’ll say so on goodreads, or Netgalley but I won’t criticize the author or their writing when doing so. Because reading is subjective, what didn’t work for me may be what does suit someone else’s taste. I’m not going to hate on an author or book because they worked hard to write it. What took me a couple of days to read may have taken them YEARS to write, and that deserves recognition. Writing is hard. And I tip my hat to every author out there because not everyone can do what they do. I’ll stick to sharing positive reviews, because it’s all about the book love.

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    1. Thanks.👍

      Ha, I know! I struggle with blog posts so can only give authors regardless of the genre they write respect for being able to write a book as it is something that I could never do. I try not to criticise writing, I often praise it but I might have done once or twice but never in a hate filled way and I agree, I don’t criticise authors either. Now, yeah, the nonsense blog contact I get.😂 But not an author in a review. Can’t stand that, it’s pointless. The book is crap, the authors a twat, nope, definitely not.🙄

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  4. Great post, Drew.
    I choose not to share negative reviews on my blog (although I do obviously point out any negative aspects, just within a positive review – if that makes sense!) because I want to share the book love – be enthusiastic about books I’ve enjoyed. I do include ‘so so’ reviews occasionally – where the book has been just OK – but not often. I also don’t use a star rating on the blog.
    But I do post negative (constructive) reviews on Amazon and Goodreads when appropriate. I just choose not to share them.
    Anyway, fab post! x

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  5. I really needed to read this article today. I participate in blog tours, receive some ARC’s, asked(begged!) for others, but have always reviewed books I bought prior to starting blogging last April.
    When I receive an ARC, there is never, in my experience, a hard push. Blog tour organisers are humans with other commitments and I think as long as you let them know how and why you need to pull out of a blog tour/Netgalley review then that is fair. And constructive reviewing can be useful.
    Yesterday, after days of doubt, I had to pull out of a blog tour. There were elements in a book I was reading that were making me feel uncomfortable, I clarified these with the author (they confirmed what I had believed was true), got unbiased opinion on the themes and had to say ‘Nope, sorry’.
    This was an indie author, self published with only one review on SM(from her editor.)
    Tour organiser was fab, author was very unhappy, claimed they had been misquoted and was very upset. Ended up stopping the conversation and blocking. Not a good experience AT ALL. The book represented on the author blog and what I read were ENTIRELY different (book blurb and blog being written by the author).
    This is a debut book. I felt like ten kinds of shit in a bag and like I was kicking a puppy. But what to do with the review?
    In the end, I wrote what I thought was a fair constructive review of the book and put it on Goodreads, quietly, not sharing it anywhere.
    As a blogger I want to promote books I love but as reader, I look for the negative reviews to balance my book decisions. If 20 people 5* a book and 1* review is ‘I hated it’ that is no help. Add in sock puppets across SM ‘taking down’ authors they target and reviews become a bit of a minefield.
    As a reader I look at all the reviews to make an informed decision. But as a blogger, the same applies imho, write good reviews saying why you loved it,but bad reviews are a contentious issue that seem set to rumble on. I’m with you, in the ;You Do You camp. I love your sweary innuendo laden posts btw 🙂

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      1. It’s something I’ve read about, and personally I don’t get how people have the time to create fake Amazon/Goodreads profiles to down star a big author that they personally feel has gotten too big/sold out /whichever but it’s a thing 😦
        Or reviewers…sometimes the net is a bloody scary place!

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  6. Like yourself and others have said. I write mostly positive reviews, because I know I am going to like the book. I haven’t read a book that I completely hated either and I don’t want to be the reason someone doesn’t want to read a book. I’m honest, if I don’t like something, I’ll say, but I’ll remind people it’s my own personal view.

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  7. Fantastic post! Just like you mentioned above I want to share the book love, not the book hate! Who has the time or the energy to rant about hating a book, it really doesn’t make sense to me. I’d much rather write about a book I’ve enjoyed and then share that with whoever wants to read it. 😀

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    1. Thanks.👍 Exactly! It all takes time and why bother. I do post negative reviews, on the rare occasion but I’d let them slip under the radar and not promote them. They’d also be constructive but ya know, I haven’t disliked a book in ages and I don’t honestly know now if I’d write a negative review or not because writing a review takes time and that time could be spent reading.👍📚

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  8. I definitely do not love all the books I read and feel that posting honest reviews of how I felt, be it bad or good, helps other readers. In fact, authors say they trust honest reviews over the gushing positive ones. How is an author to know of their terrible writing if someone doesn’t tell them?

    I would never tell someone what to say or how to say something online. I just have this thought process: what you post online EVERYONE can see, even old Pumpkin Head in the White House. Now, there are people I don’t care what they say about my words, and well, people I just don’t want to know what I say.

    I love your blog because it smacks of realism and honesty. Your blog isn’t cookie cutter. I try to be different also. I read what I like, I read some recommendations, but hardly to the point where I am forgetting what drove me to read in the first place. Also, I write what I want when I want. I refuse to be a zealot and make this into a ”business” because then I will have lost my soul (if I still have it).

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    1. Ah, lots of my reviews are gushing praise.😂 They are still honest though.👍 I get what you mean though.👍

      Thanks, I’m definitely not cookie-cutter and yeah, I agree with you about losing your soul. No way will I ever conform to perceived notions of how or what I should blog by others, no chance in hell.😂

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  9. Great controversy post! I agree that everyone does what they want and I don’t judge the choices everyone makes but I do love to read negative reviews on other blogs actually and it kind of helps me to get to know the blogger better in a way too, their taste and if it matches mine. I know a few blogs that only review one brilliant book after another but I don’t love every novel on the same level so I guess I am a bit wary and in the end I think I appreciate the more nuanced blogs a bit more. For myself I don’t review books I DNF because I can’t really give an opinion on something I haven’t really read but otherwise I will honestly say I didn’t like a novel and I normally know quite well why it didn’t work for me. It’s not as if that happens every day or week either so why not and lots of people do appreciate it.

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    1. Very true and I agree with you. Especially about the DNF bit. I’m really not sure where I sit with the DNF reviews. Everyone can post what they want but I struggle to get a whole review of a book if you’ve only read 10% of it.🙄🤔

      Yeah, that’s true about the negative reviews as you get to see what works for the blogger and what doesn’t.👍

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  10. I totally agree with you. Personally I post negative reviews but it doesn’t bother me if other bloggers don’t – it’s their blog, they can do what they want. I don’t really see why it’s an issue, to be honest.

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  11. You have made some really great points, and your honesty speaks volumes. I post negative reviews on here and on good reads but I won’t go out of my way to promote it such as twitter, facebook, … I don’t like giving negative reviews, I always tell what I liked and what I disliked so that the reader can get a scope of what I disliked. I have written one 1 star review and I can say without a doubt it is my favorite author on this planet Stephen King, but the novel was just not good storytelling and he let me down so much. So I do think it’s important to be honest I think at least of the reviewers that I follow I want to see how you handle a bad review, if you give a bad review of something I loved tell me why it didn’t click for you. Positive reviewers don’t bother me, but I don’t know if I would personally follow, someone who always reviews 5 stars to everything. One thing that does bother me on goodreads and Amazon is people rating a book right when it gets announced, there’s need to be a anticipation stars to actual stars for the material.

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    1. Thanks and I totally agree with you about including what you liked and disliked and not promoting the review either.

      Oh, yeah, that annoys the hell out of me too!😂 No cover, possibly no blurb, no release date but ratings! Both positive and negative ratings too, baffling.😂😂😂

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  12. I post my exact opinions on a book, good or bad regardless of if I paid for it or got it as an ARC. One of my lowest scores was for a book I got from an author. I choose to post negative reviews purely because, as an author, I want to hear every opinion I can on my work. Its the only way to improve and constantly make it better. Always of the opinion that if you can’t take a negative review, then just self-publish and only let loved ones read it.

    That being said, I don’t really mind if people choose to only post positive reviews. Some people only read books they know they will enjoy. Others don’t like to upset authors or just want their blog to be a happy, conflict-free zone.

    Their blog, their choice.

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    1. Exactly, my blog, my rules, their blog, their rules and that’s the real issue here. Some people seem to think that a blog should be run in a certain way which is obviously the way they run theirs and everyone else is wrong and should follow them.🙄


  13. I don’t ‘hate’ books, and I don’t post ‘negative’ reviews. I do post what I liked about a story, and what didn’t work for me, and I always encourage readers to give a book a go and make their own opinions on it!

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  14. I am so glad you posted this! I am currently reading a book that is interresting but I just dont like it. I don’t like the voice for some reason, does that make sense? I’ve been fretting about writing a review, not worried mind you. Thanks for your words!

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  15. Fantastic post as always, Drew!

    I personally choose not to post negative reviews because I am an ARC whore who will prostitute myself for free books, of course! Doesn’t everyone?

    No, seriously, I don’t post them because I am Pollyanna and I love everything in the entirety of my happy, sunshine-y world so I don’t understand the word ‘negative.’

    Ha, ha, – I can hear all my friends dying laughing as we speak. Actually, I don’t post negative reviews for two good (to me anyway) reasons. Firstly, I blog for fun and to make myself happy, and what is fun about posting nasty reviews about books? Not much. Anything below three stars that I’m struggling to find more positives than negatives to talk about I’m just not interested in spending my time writing about in what should be my relaxing down time.

    Secondly, I’m writing a book which I hope one day to have published so I’m coming from a place of empathy with the authors I read. Regardless of whether the book is one I enjoyed or not (and as you say, it is totally subjective. One of the most popular and lauded books of last year I found hugely disappointing), it represents probably years of someone’s life, and chunks of their heart and soul too. I’m not going to rip it to shreds on my blog or anywhere else. It’s akin to publicly telling someone that their child is ugly. (Maybe negative bloggers think that is okay too and that’s fine, we all make different decisions about the kind of person we choose to be and I’m not here to judge).

    Like you said, everyone should just do what they want and let others be. And maybe pick up and read a copy of Charles Kingsley’s ‘The Water Babies’ as well. You know, because we are readers and books can, like, teach us stuff?

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    1. Lol at the beginning!😂😂😂

      Honestly, good to you reasons are the only reasons you need as it is your blog and any reason you have is completely valid.👍

      I can’t fault your reasons at all and I’m glad you agree. Everyone should do what they want and let others be. Sadly, some need to realise that.

      I have to admit that I’ve never heard of that Kingsley book!😂

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  16. If someone sent me a review copy and I didn’t dig it, I’d politely tell them publisher/ author that sent it, and say that I’d rather not post a review, because other people will likely love it and it’s just not my cup of tea. I get offered books from genres I know I don’t like, and I say no before the arc is sent to avoid any wastage. I know what I like, end of.

    I don’t publish negative reviews on my blog. I make this clear, and explain why on one of my pages. My blog is a place for things I like and appreciate, not things I think are mediocre. I want to talk about things I’ve enjoyed. If that’s not the idea of a traditional book reviewer/blog service, tough shit. It’s my blog. I wouldn’t dream of telling someone to amend their work because they don’t like it.

    I always go by – shout the positive from the rooftops and keep the constructive behind closed doors. At the end of the day, publishers send us books out of kindness – we do a service yes, but I ain’t going to slam an authors work on my pages. Leave that to the broadsheets.

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  17. I agree with you. ‘My blog, my rules’ – that’s how I see it as well. No one should condemn people who don’t write negative reviews or people who rant about why they hate a novel.

    I agree that you just shouldn’t follow people who don’t appeal to you.

    There’s tons of blogs around. You can’t like every single one. And not every single one will like you.

    I prefer reading honest reviews. Positive & negative. If I notice someone’s not doing that, I unfollow. And if someone hates on people writing negative reviews, I unfollow as well.

    Basically, have your preferences. Have your opinions. Write only fluffy & happy posts. Write rants. Swear. Be rude. Go wild on your blog. But don’t tell anyone else what to do on theirs. Accept that it’s not for you & move on 😀

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  18. You know my feelings about this subject and I agree so much with what you’ve said,

    I actually don’t give a rat’s arse if a blogger wants to write only negative reviews. What I do object to, VERY MUCH, is being told that my positivity is bad for the blogging community.

    And, excuse me, but being told that by a 21 year old blogger who mentions HufflePuff in their bio makes me want to spit

    A x

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    1. Thanks and exactly.👍 That’s the issue, there’s so many of you who shout the book love and only post positive reviews and you all never slate those who post negative reviews. You just let it be and let everyone get on with doing what they want on their blog yet people take offence to that positivity and kick-off over it when they shouldn’t. It is not bad for the blogging community, far from it.👍 If anything is bad for the community it is the worst books of the year lists and things like that.👍

      Oh, I’m leaving that well alone! A 21 Yr old who is a HufflePuff is more than likely a YA reader and they can be vicious with how they think blogs should be run.


  19. A post worth posting! I was told it’s important to only post positive reviews out of respect for the work that goes into every story. At the same time, however, there are some stories that so drive me up a tree that I MUST say something to turn that story into a cautionary tale for others.

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  20. You have several good points in this post. I’m one of those who actually post (somewhat) negative reviews on my blog, but I try making it as diplomatic as possible. It’s more in the line of “I liked X, but didn’t like Y because of Z”, even though I occasionally slip if I get too frustrated over a book.

    The good thig about book bloggers is that we’re all different and do blogging our own way. Just think how boring it would be if all book bloggers were the same. 😛 So if someone wants to only publish positive reviews, feel free, but then they shouldn’t police the rest of us who want to do it differently.

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    1. Thanks.👍

      Very true, we are all different and it would be boring if we were all the same.

      That’s the thing, those who only post positive reviews don’t police others. They just let them be. It’s others who feel the need to police and moan about the bloggers who only post positive reviews.

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  21. I personally choose not to share negative reviews on my Blog, because I want my blog to be about sharing a love of reading, and for it to remain a positive space.

    I also don’t do “Critical” reviews, but I will do constructive ones on goodreads and amazon. But I don’t share those on my Blog.

    I don’t really see why anybody would WANT to write critical reviews, but i assume they have their own reasons and logic behind it.

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  22. This is such a great post Drew. I don’t write negative reviews because quite frankly, I can’t be arsed. If I dislike a book that much I will rarely finish it because there is no way I am spending my spare time reading a book I am not enjoying, then writing about it and then sharing it on social media. No siree, not happening.

    I do try and be honest in reviews though and if something didn’t sit well with me I will say, but if its on my blog I have read it, really liked it/loved it and feel compelled to write a few hundred words about it. It is as simple as that.

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    1. Everyone is honest in reviews and many positive reviews contain some negativity and mention issues that the blogger had. It’s just the review is positive and people don’t see the whole of what is written in it.

      Exactly, it all takes time and many choose not to bother due to that, I can’t fault them for it.👍


  23. I’m in the business (well, “business”) of giving readers information on books. Why would I keep information from them? No, I don’t have as much trust for bloggers who don’t post negative reviews.

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    1. And that’s a valid way of thinking, I don’t agree as I think everyone should be able to post what they want and if that means not posting negative reviews then that’s their choice but, no hate here. It’s a discussion post and I respect all opinions.👍

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      1. Yes…to a point. I’m not going to give bloggers too much grief over skipping a negative review. But not all choices a blogger makes are good. What if they take money for reviews? Lie in reviews? Their choice, and my choice to criticize it.

        I wouldn’t feel so strongly about this if there weren’t so many authors trying to pressure us into not writing negative reviews. My choice is to tell them to F off–I don’t write for them.

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      2. Money for reviews is an absolute no. I have my view on that and I totally disagree with bloggers charging for reviews.

        I get the author thing too and I’d be with you, I’d tell them to f-off too as I can’t stand being told what to do. They’d be in the wrong anyway as they shouldn’t pressure us. Then again, they try and pressure us into reviewing their work too.

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  24. I very rarely do a negative review becasue, these days, I very rarely finish a book I’m not enjoying. Life is too short. If I do finish a book out of sheer determination (or in the case of an upcoming negative – I want to know what happens) and I don’t like it, I don’t tag authors or publishers in the review. Simples.

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  25. Interesting post (as usual!)

    I tend to post more positive reviews for reasons that most people have already gone into – shouting about the books that we love, giving a boost to authors and so on.

    I have posted a couple of less-than-positive reviews – these were either for books by authors that I’d loved their previous work but was disappointed by this one, or another one which was hyped up as ‘the next big thing by [author]’ and I just felt that it wasn’t very good. Or the killer mermaid one which was entertaining but very silly in places!

    In each case I’ve gone for the ‘this didn’t work for me because…’ with constructive criticism. It’s rare that I read a book that I actively dislike – the ARCs I get are usually great, mainly because publishers know the sort of things I like, and I’m pretty good at picking books that I think sound interesting!

    I’ve only written one review for a book I didn’t (couldn’t) finish – again this was a mega-successful author whose enormous sales will be in no way impacted by me not liking his book.

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    1. Thanks.👍

      Constructive criticism is fine, no issue whatsoever with that. I’ve written reviews like it before too. Like you, most of the ARC’s I receive, at least, the one’s I get around to reading I like/love because the publishers know what we like and yeah, we pick books we think we’ll like and that sound interesting too. We shouldn’t be faulted for that but seem to be.


  26. I’m all for be and let be! I have written negative reviews in the past. I only do it when I have constructive things to say. Respect is a given, at least for me! I don’t think that only posting good reviews means you can’t trust reviewers as much as those who write both kinds, but for me, I find it easier if my readers know what works or doesn’t work for me. They can appreciate my ratings better if they know a few books that made me go ‘no no no no!’

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    1. Exactly, be and let be.👍 I agree with you about appreciating the ratings better if they know a few books that you disliked and why. Yeah, respect should be a given and I’m for constructive negative reviews but it’s the bloggers choice.

      You know as well as I who many of the bloggers are who only post positive reviews and having the validity of blogs who only post positive reviews called into question. No, not right, you can see they love the books and the community and they should be allowed to post what they want.👍📚

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  27. I’m quite new to blogging but I only post positive reviews. That’s mostly because if I don’t enjoy a book I don’t see the point in wasting any more time on it by writing a review when I could be reading a different book. I’m also a huge procrastinator so I take forever to even write reviews for books I love, if I tried to make myself review books I don’t like as well I’d probably never get any reviews done 😂 Generally though I like 98% of books I read. If I can give it at least 3 stars then I will review it. If I disliked it enough to give 2 stars or even 1 star then chances are I didn’t even finish reading it anyway so how can I write a review for a book I didn’t finish? Also, I personally don’t think I’m that good at giving constructive criticism and I definitely don’t want to post negative reviews that aren’t constructive because that’s pointless.

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    1. High fives for being a huge procrastinator. I know that bane myself and I too can take ages to write reviews for the boos I love. I haven’t disliked a book in ages but I’m not sure I’d bother with a review now if I did as I could be reading something else rather than reviewing something I didn’t enjoy. 🙂

      Ah, DNF reviews, that’s a tough one. I’m not sure what to think of them. If the blogger states where they got to in the book and simply says what issues they had and why they stopped reading then OK but some seem to forget to say where they got to (it could only be 10%) and then go on to review and hate on the whole book. 😦

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  28. I don’t put star ratings on my blog – I do on those sites that seem to require it, like Netgalley or Goodreads – but if I did I’d use the ethos that Q Magazine seemed to have for music reviews. 5 stars – I loved it, I think most people could give it a try. 4 stars – enjoyed it, would recommend generally. 3 stars – if this is your genre you’ll probably want to give it a look but if it isn’t it may not quite ring your bells. 2 stars – read it if you really have to read everything in this genre/by this author. 1 star – read it if you must but it would also make a great firelighter…

    I’m a bookseller so if I’m sent an ARC/e-galley by a publisher I do try to read it (although I’m greedy and ask for too many for this to be compatible with having any kind of life/sleep/a house where you can see the floor). If I don’t like it then I will tend to just respond to the publisher. I recommend books all day at work – as with the blog I tend not to mention the ones I really don’t like but if I realise it is going to be exactly what the customer is looking for. Vive la difference!

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    1. Many don’t use star ratings anymore on their blogs. At times I think it is better as it means the person reading has to pay more attention to what is written in the review than the actual rating.

      The Q rating system is a good one. 🙂

      Ha, we are all too greedy at times with ARC’s but hey ho, it is what it is. it is their fault really always publishing more new books that we want to read. 😉


  29. What people choose to post about in their blogs is their business. On mine I go by honesty is the best policy so if I don’t like a book then I am going to say exactly why. Some people want a negativity free space and that’s fine but there has to be a balance because if everyone only posted positive things you’d never be able to get a rounded opinion on something.

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    1. Very true and I agree with the balance. As I say in the post I’m for negative reviews and find them beneficial but at the end of the day it is the bloggers choice whether they want to post them or not. Ya know, it shouldn’t really be an issue like other things is is just down to some people and how they think blogs should be ran and then complaining about those who are different to them.

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      1. I just don’t understand why people get so het up about things that don’t actually matter. There are bigger things in the world to complain about than how someone runs their blog.

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  30. Another awesome discussion. Very cool, Drew! I agree with many of your points. Especially, You be you.
    I just try to stick to most of the unwritten rules: not tagging authors in negative reviews, etc. And most of all, I just try to stay balanced in my reviews.
    Again, super post!!

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  31. Great post! I find it so odd that people are complaining or find issue with this. I generally like everything I read. If I dnf something, I’ll write something small on goodreads, but I don’t post it to my blog. Luckily, this rarely happens. I tend to pick books I know I’ll love. I blog about what I like more than anything else. I try to be positive, even in my negative reviews on goodreads. I don’t feel the need to bash or be super negative. If that makes people not trust me, that’s fine. But I don’t read reviews to see if I should trust a blogger. I make up my own mind on things. Sometimes I love a book a friend hates. It happens. I would never judge a blogger and distrust them because they write about the things they like.

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    1. Thanks.

      Yeah, it is rather odd. It shouldn’t be an issue but it is and I don’t know why. Many of us pick books that we know we’ll love. It seems alien to some though that we do that even though reading is a hobby, we do it because we enjoy it and so, we want to read books we will enjoy.👍

      Making up your own mind on things is definitely the way to go.👍📚

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  32. Good subject and one that keep cropping up. I’ve talked about this so often that I’ll just answer your question instead of going on yet again about this subject.

    Drew, you asked ‘Do you trust bloggers who don’t post negative reviews? ‘
    Yes, of course. I can’t understand where the lack of trust issue comes into it. I’ve seen it mentioned before though with reference to book bloggers. Usually from bloggers who are giving feedback on their friends’ posts and it’s usually after one of them has posted a negative review the ‘trust’ thing is rolled out as some sort of validation.

    Fine, they can do what they like on their own blogs as long as they leave me alone.

    I read a lot of books and just can’t waste time reviewing books I don’t like. If I can’t get into a book for say a blog tour, I’ll email the blog tour organisers and tell them. All are understanding and ask if I’ll post content instead which is fine

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  33. I’ve tried writing negative reviews in the past and I just wasn’t happy with the results. I guess as I stick to positive posts that that makes me more of a book recommender than a reviewer. I’m not a writer so any sort of critical or technical analysis I could attempt would be foolish. For me reading is an emotive experience and I try to capture how I books make me feel. I choose to waffle about the books I enjoy.
    I do firmly believe there is an audience out there for just about every book, I’ve come to appreciate that sometimes that audience is not me. My blogging time is pretty limited, what with day job and family, so I dont have time writing about books I didnt enjoy.
    The “your blog, your rules” mantra is the best way to be. If you want right only positive reviews do that. If negative reviews are your thing do that. Want to do a mix of both? Go for it. At the end of the days its all good. Each to their own.

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  34. Great post Drew – you’ve presented a really nuanced and balanced overview of the debate, something that is occasionally lacking in some of the SM debates on this topic that I’ve read!

    Personally, I generally post positive reviews on my blog – simply because if I don’t enjoy a book I won’t finish it and, if I don’t finish it I don’t feel that I am qualified to review it. That isn’t to say I rave about every book I review because not everything will be a 5* read for me. So if I read, finished and enjoyed a book but had a few niggles about aspects of the plot or characterisation, I’ll mention that in my review in a constructive way, whilst concentrating predominantly on what I did enjoy about the book.

    That said, I’ve got nothing against people who do post negative reviews – if they can explain in a constructive manner why the book didn’t work for them personally and can see how it might work for another reader, then that’s fine. There’s plenty of nuanced ‘negative’ reviews written by professional reviewers that are published every week in newspaper book sections after all.

    What I don’t like is when someone hates on a book simply for the sake of it, or if they haven’t even had the courtesy to finish it. I pretty much ignore reviews on Goodreads that start “I didn’t finish this book but it’s awful because…”. In my mind, if you didn’t finish the book, how can you provide an opinion on it? It’s like reviewing a film based only on the trailer.

    My other pet hate is people who ‘review’ books that aren’t even available as proofs yet, simply because they liked/disliked the author’s last book – I really wish Goodreads had some way of preventing reviews being posted until publication, although I guess maybe authors and publicists would say that prevents them from building buzz about a title?

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    1. Nuanced and balanced? Do you have the right blog post and blogger?😂😂😂

      Oh yes, totally, none of that on SM, twitter especially seems to be a place just for hate and no debate.🙄

      Exactly! Just because a review is positive it doesn’t mean that the review doesn’t mention negative aspects and any issues encountered with the book.👍

      Oh yes, I ignore those reviews too. No time for them and you are the second to mention the Goodreads ratings for yet to be released books. I agree and it baffles me that it happens.

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  35. Great post! I’ve seen some opinions on this topic and can’t understand why it’s such a big deal to people how others choose to blog. I don’t often post negative reviews but that’s more because I’ve gotten better over the years at choosing books I like. When I do, I try to make the review constructive in some way. I appreciate reading other constructive negative reviews as well, as it helps me decide if a book will be for me or not!

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    1. Thanks.

      Yeah, I’m not really sure either! I guess people just have opinions and then think people should blog in a certain way. Sadly, that’s not the case and the only way a blogger should blog is how they choose to as it is their own blog.👍

      Many of us are the same. We have got better at picking books we like which, of course means more positive and less negative reviews on our blog.👍

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  36. Go Drew! I’ve always been one to be honest whether I like a book or not. If it’s for a blog tour and I don’t like it, I’ll try to post my review after the tour for courtesy. I think like you said, posting a constructive negative is still respectful and issues are important for people to know about. I personally don’t think everyone likes everything, so I like seeing people their spectrum of opinions. Awesome post

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  37. Oh, good discussion Drew! I’m one of those readers that I really don’t tend to read books outside of ones that I’m almost positive I’ll like, as I’m a mood reader and won’t pick up a book unless I’m really interested in it. However, I don’t really notice if a blogger doesn’t post negative reviews as I only read reviews on books that I’m interested in. But I definitely try to read reviews on that book that are both positive and negative to get a complete view of what to expect.

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    1. Thanks.👍

      High fives for mood reading. That’s me too.😂 As you say, you pick books you’ll most likely like, many others do too.

      Totally agree, I read both types too. As the post says, I think negative reviews have a place in the world of reviewing but I can’t fault those who choose not to post them.

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  38. I just started putting reviews on my blog, just to have more content, and the review that will be up next week is, in fact, a DNF review. For me, I think if the time comes when I do have a negative review, I will definitely be putting it on my blog. I like seeing a mix of both positive and negative reviews, I like to know what did and didn’t work for the reader, why they didn’t like the book, especially if the reviewer is someone that I trust. I can see how people who feel that bloggers who only post positive reviews aren’t trustworthy, but if you want to see the blogger’s negative reviews just go to their Goodreads page.

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  39. Well put, I don’t post negative reviews because, like you, I generally choose books (or in my case its TV, film, or comics, I don’t review books very often).that I have an idea I’ll enjoy. I have written on other sites and sometimes reviews stuff I’ve not been that fond off, like say Tom King’s Batman or Heroes in Crisis comics, or the movie Alien Covenant is another example I can think of, and I have written more critical reviews for them. But I always try and be constructive and not snarky. When it comes to blogging its up to that individual to post what they want, and if anyone tried to tell me what to post and how to write it I’d say exactly the same thing you recommend LOL! Blogging makes you feel very independent as a writer, from the start we are learning as we go. I often think when writers come from a blogging background, like so many of us here on WordPress, others – either bloggers or larger media based websites – can resent our independence. Stick your guns, write what you want, how, and whatever way you choose on your blog 🙂

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      1. For sure, and I certainly hope other people do the same as well. A blog is your own space to post articles / reviews as the blogger sees fit, or about what they enjoy most. That’s what were all here for after all. 🙂

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  40. I agree: to each their own! I’ll post negative reviews every once in a while, but it’s not often that I do. And if people want to post only positive, that’s cool too. I’m a newbie when it comes to blogging, but if someone doesn’t like what I write, it’s not a big deal to me. Great rant!

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  41. I really don’t understand why people get all uppity about what types of reviews others are posting. Like you said, a blogger can choose to put (or not put) whatever the hell they want on THEIR blog. If someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to read it. I don’t stray away from negative reviews. If I don’t like a book or find some flaws with it, I am happy to share my opinion. (Personally, if I’m reading reviews and see that everyone is making the same negative comments about a book, I might be more hesitant to read it, because why read something you know you’re not going to enjoy?) Even though I don’t shy away from writing negative reviews, I still try to be respectful though. I don’t think it’s necessary to rip up an author just because you don’t like their writing. That’s just immature and not really the kind of blog content I want to put out there.

    …and now I’m rambling. 😛

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    1. Nothing wrong with rambling. Did you not see the length of the post!😂😂😂

      Exactly! I don’t get it either. If you don’t agree, don’t read the blog. It is simple yet that concept seems alien and is replaced with if I think you should be doing this and your not. I’m going on SM to complain.😂😂😂

      Yeah, respect is a common trend and it seems to be lacking in some reviews.

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  42. Saw the link for this post earlier on Fb today and honest to God couldn´t wait to read this. First of all- That flasher gremlin nearly killed me * still can´t breathe right from laughing so hard * I agree with you to some degree on the topic “Can book bloggers who post positive reviews be trusted”. You´re right when you say that no one is forced to read or follow `positive only` blogs. Also high five on the `live and let live´ mind set. I don´t really mind if there are book bloggers who only post positive reviews. I just don´t approve when I know that these book bloggers have an agenda. Especially in the romance genre ( which I mainly blog about. Can´t really speak for other genres )

    Back in the day ( this is making me seem old AF ) it was a matter of connections ( probably still is if I cared to check ). If you wanted ARCs you had to work for them, build a name, get cozy with authors, etc. Then you landed on golden lists and received ARCs without question. This sounds like we´re dealing with corrupt mafia gangs… and, well… it WAS like that. And this is what I never liked and what pushed me to unfollow certain blogs: Said author published 12 books and said book bloggers read & rated all 12 books with 5 stars. Now, I´m one who hardly gives to shits about what others do but when you want to buy a book and you spot these “reviewers” and their 5 star reviews, knowing full well that these bloggers are on the authors A-list then that doesn´t give off a reliable signal for me. So, I unfollow and go about my merry way ( or completely ignore those bloggers and don´t ever promote them as this has nothing to do with sharing an opinion. This has all to do with blowing rainbow dust up someone´s ass ) After spending a few years watching this happen I´m not so keen on giving these bloggers the time of my day.

    With that being said ( oh fuck, this is turning out to be a blog post, damn it. My apologies ) I do like to read 5 star reviews. I like them because some of them are truly passionate ( because showing passion for something you love is something beautiful to see ) I also love to read 3 star reviews because it´s always great to see what others liked and what didn´t work for them. Because, as you´ve mentioned- What worked for others might not work for me, and the other way around.

    I, personally, have no problems writing negative reviews. I double check like a crack whore to see if it´s a respectful review instead of a full on hate parade before hitting the publish button. But sometimes a book pisses me off so bad that I have troubles staying diplomatic. * shoulder shrug * We´re all just human.

    All this depends on what type of person the reviewer is and what their personal perspective is. If you´re a happy go lucky type who can´t stomach to write anything negative then… Go for it. You have my blessings ( fist bump and all that shibaz ). If you´re the type who knows that there´s a natural balance called good and bad and can cooperate that in your virtual life- You get just as many blessings from me.

    As long as the reviews don´t scream “I know the author because she´s my buddy and she´s also a flippin´genius and can´t do wrong ” then I don´t really mind anything.

    I think I´ve taken up too much of your time. Again, sorry. This is a topic I can get very passionate about. Lol. See? You´re not the only one who can be mouthy and write lengthy. 🙂 Great post.

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    1. What can I say, I like to please and everyone seems to love flasher Gremlin when he appears! 🙂

      I have no clue about the romance genre, it’s not for me but yeah, I’m not going to argue with some bloggers having agendas, in every genre there is those. Not just positive only review blogs but any type of blog can have an agenda. I like the community but I’m not going to say that all bloggers are amazing with no hidden agenda because they aren’t. I’ve come across a few twats (or other more explicit term) in my time blogging.

      Of course, live and let live is the way to go. I’m not sure why others don’t get it. I might have an issue with how certain bloggers but I still respect that it is their blog and they can do what they want on it. Others should too, heaven forbid the day when someone tells me how to blog! 🙂

      Yeah, I get that about connections. I’m not a big or popular blogger so I can’t really comment on it but from my experience the publicists are happy with a negative review. Well, not happy but they get that you can’t love all the books and understand when it doesn’t work out with a book and I still get ARC’s even after negative reviews for the publisher.

      Yeah, I get your point about authors and bloggers and blowing rainbows, not going to fault you on that or disagree as I know it happens.

      Oh my, no worries about it turning into a blog post and snigger that you started with AF and ended up writing fuck, high fives for swearing! 🙂

      Oh, I agree with you. I’ve spent 2,000 words trying to give positives for a book I couldn’t recommend as regardless of the book on a whole something in it didn’t sit right with me and I couldn’t forget it but I tried to be constructive and offer the positive points as in other reviews no-one cared, well, no-one mentioned my issue so it must just have been me that took issue with it.

      I get what you mean about staying diplomatic, if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen and one of my reviews spouts sarcasm and rips the book to pieces because it was that bad.

      Lol, no happy go lucky type here! I’m happy to be negative in posts. I generally review positively though as I am good at picking books I like but if there is issues I will include them in the review and be constructive. Now, other posts, they often include much negativity along with sarcasm, swearing, innuendos, euphemsims and all the other good stuff. No fluffy unicorn rainbows here which is why I state the live and let live motto well, the my blog, my rules motto so much cos many of my posts others wouldn’t dare write! Hell, some can’t even swear in posts!

      No worries, I enjoyed reading your comment, all valid points and there’s nothing wrong at all with lengthy and mouthy. 🙂

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      1. You know what? It´s so much fun discussing this topic with you because you don´t come across as an irrational “twat”.
        Oh definitely. For some reason though, the romance genre has those “special” types of King Fucks who demand the blog community stays squeaky clean ( language wise, etc )

        Ha. You´d be surprised about how Stepford the romance genre can be. If it weren´t so entertaining I´d be laying in the corner in the fetus position mumbling.

        This book blogger business is mostly driven by people who do this as a hobby. To think that blogging or even publishing certain posts can bother people… It´s mad.

        You can be all colorful as you like. I think if you add sarcasm, innuendos, euphanisms and even swearing then that just shows you´re human. You´re yourself. That´s the beauty of blogging 🙂

        HA! the AF…. I´m a lazy shit sometimes and can´t be bothered. I´m the last person who sugar coats my language. I´m positive many don´t appreciate the “thank fuck” meme I publish Fridays but you know what? I´m too tired to deal with these people.

        About the picking books you like: Consider yourself lucky. LMAO. The romance genre is a conniving bitch who tricks you with its beautiful covers then sometimes fucks you over with the story. Meeh. Or, Maybe I´m just too picky. Or perhaps I have no talent with picking my next reads. HAHAHAHA.

        Never say you´re not a big or popular blogger. As long as you publish great content and publicists you work with are happy then numbers don´t matter. Keep the fun up 😉

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      2. Oh well, thanks.😂 I’m glad I don’t come across as an irrational twat.😂 Sarcastic ass, yeah, irrational twat, nope.😜

        But, yeah, I get what you mean and there are definitely some irrational twats around. Unfortunately, I have ran into some before so know all about them.

        Eurgh, clean language. The horror! What amuses me about language is when someone chooses to swear and then asterisks out a letter so it’s not swearing in a post.🙄 I mean, if you’re going to write the book was fucking awesome that’s what you write. Not, the book was f#cking awesome. If you’re gonna do that then don’t use the swear word and use another.😂 Bloggers.😂

        Ha! I agree! Most do do this as a hobby but some try and make money and then others class it as a job. So the whole it’s a hobby comment is enough to annoy some bloggers.😂

        It is but everyone has an opinion and they like to voice it. Not sure why posting certain things or not is an issue but it is. Sad thing is or the funny thing that I bet if you told those how to blog they’d kick off even though they do the same thing.😂🙄

        It is! Some people don’t seem to realise that. I’m not going to throw shade on anyone but there are many blogs that all look the same and many posts that all sound the same and it’s hard to figure out who posted what. Adding things like sarcasm, swearing, etc makes it easy to identify the blogger who has written the post.

        Not really sure I’d ever class a romance cover as beautiful. If I’m being honest the abs on the covers usually start my eyes bleeding.😂

        Oh definitely, keep the fun up is definitely the way to go. After all, it’s a hobby, it should be fun. Or, if it amuses me it gets posted.😂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Wait wait wait!!!! Hooooooold it. The abs on covers is a WHOLE world of it´s own and is actually down right tacky. HAHAHAHA. I even made a whole post on book covers in the romance genre because I became so frustrated ( I admit I had fun with making a little fun of all the tasteless images ). Damn, that post took up so much of my time but it was worth it.

        Pfft. We never throw shade publicly. HAHAHA. We do it with dignity and style but we still do it. * wink * Which is okay. If someone is allowed to knock on my door to tell me I´m a shame to mankind for publishing a 3 star review then I´m certainly allowed to throw shade.

        Making money from book blogging? I´ll tell you a little secret: It took me 3 years of everyday hard work to earn money from blogging. And once I earned money I lost interest in reading. What´s the point in book blogging when you don´t read. I lost as I gained. You can say I´m a burnt child and learned my lesson the hard way. Now I´m allowed to not give a rats ass because I don´t have publishers breathing down my neck anymore.

        HAHAHAHAHA. I don´t even think you´re a sarcastic ass. HAHAHAHA. I think you´re really nice 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Making fun out of things is worthwhile even if it takes time.😂 I shall have to go digging for the post and have a look.👍 Some book covers just deserve the fun taking out of them, I have a series of blog posts about fun and inappropriate book covers which was really just my excuse to post covers and take the piss.😂

        Oh, I throw shade publicly. I guess I vague tweet and blog as I keep the name to myself but shade definitely gets thrown. If you do it with dignity and style then high fives.✋ I take the far more base approach towards it.😂

        Eurgh, nice! Nice she says, the absolute horror of that word!😂 I’d say I’m a sarcastic ass, I’d also say I’m nice, I’m just me and my posts are me in blogging form (if that makes sense). Too many people try to copy each other or be one of the popular bloggers and fit in by changing who they are.🙄 Or, I think they do anyway obviously most of the community is fluffy clouds, rainbows and unicorns so I shouldn’t really say anything bad about it.😂


      5. Bah. No need to dig up my older posts. I’ll probably do a recap soon and just add the links. Lol. You are absolutely right!😂 Some book covers deserve taking a piss out of. I mean- how am I supposed to NOT question a vampire romance that’s tacky and has an Aztec pyramid in the background along with roses and what not? There’s also one I claim to be THE worst book cover image of all time: a headless buffed, well oiled, tribal tattooed body holding a tux on a hanger ( A HANGER!!!) and in the background you see the Eiffel tower. 🤦‍♀️ you see? Us lot from the romance corner suffer terribly. Lol.

        I think I take the basic route of shade giving as well. Lol. All I do is sell it in a nice package by giving it nice name. 😂😂

        Yes! I said nice. Nice nice nice nice. It’s a legit word to describe you for now. 😉 Just think of what compliments I’ll throw at you in 2 years! * faint *. Better get those big boy sweats ready for that one. 😂😉

        Yes. Totally understandable. I get what you’re saying. It wouldn’t make much sense for you to blog and be someone else, or try to be. People who do bend and impersonate another blog is not necessary, yet many do it anyways. You know, sometimes I like to distance myself from the blog community because of all the useless drama it creates. I’m assuming the genre you blog about has more male candidates than the romance genre has and can’t really imagine there being too much drama ( correct me if I’m wrong, though). It’s when far too many women occupy the same field that makes blogging a pain in the ass. Because most are alike. Copycats, if you will. I don’t have time, the money, love or the patience to immitate other blogs. I don’t even follow blogs who look remotely like the big shots.

        You do you * snickers * because at the end of the day that’s all you can be. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Yeah, fantasy has quite a few male bloggers. Thrillers too. Though male thriller bloggers are far outnumbered by the female and there’s an awful lot of female fantasy bloggers too. I guess the worst thing that I can say about them is that they are very cliquey, they all seem to like and share each others stuff and ignore others. Yeah, I get ignored mainly, give a fuck.😂 The big bloggers generally ignore the smaller ones too unless they are in their clique. I generally just do myself though and stay on the outside of the community and either, if something offends me like the negative reviews thing and people having issues with what people post on their own blog then I’ll be community minded as it goes along with my beliefs. Other times I’ll just take the piss out of and throw shade at people.

        Ha, drama. I have unfortunately been on the receiving end of drama from female bloggers, YA female bloggers no less, they are a viscous group them.😂

        To be honest I think there’s drama in all genres of book blogging. There’s always drama when people are involved and there are many King’s and Queen’s who love to start drama around in blogging.🙄😂

        Well, those covers sound absolutely delightful, masterpieces.👍📚😂 Oh, yes, suffer terribly, damn authors and their crazy ideas!😂 I know all to well about quality covers. Me being a bit dumb and firmly of the ‘if it amuses me it’s all good’ mindset did monster porn, dino porn, chuck tingle and Christmas erotica book cover posts so I have seen some absolutely terrible covers, the horrors and the titles!😂 Random background, random landmark or building, random person in a provocative pose and hey presto, a self made book cover that oozes just buy me appeal.😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Meeh. Cliques are honky dory until someone tries to get in or out or makes an unwanted statement. Never understood cliques. Lol.

        I agree and I totally feel you. I, too, have been on the receiving end of dramatic YA female bloggers. I learned fast that it´s easier to nail yoghurt on the wall than it is having a civilized discussion with dramatic turds.

        Dino porn?! Tell me more! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Lol! Yoghurt on the wall and dramatic turds! 😂 Ah, but at least you are female so female bloggers don’t bring up the fact that you are a male into it!🙄 I like to think I’m pretty good at arguing, well, getting my point across and even if I disagree with others I try and respect its their view and opinion but damn, no chance with them, a war that cannot be won!😂

        Ah well, from my limited knowledge you take a background landscape, add a dinosaur, add a provocative human near to the dinosaur, come up with a name that has the dinosaur name in the title and have an author pseudonym too.😂 Then, I guess, it’s fiction or nonfiction.😂

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Naaw. Nope. No one’s ever mentioned gender in my blog wars. I don’t think you can respect these people and their views when they attack for no greater reason. And it’s mostly them who get rude, crude and down right nasty first when they have nothing left to argue. 🤦‍♀️And when you decide to shoot back then you get accused for being * cough cough * “disgrace to mankind” ( I loved that insult). How does one argue with that? Either take it to a level where they’ll avoid the internet for the rest of their lives or ignore it. In the early days I chose to give em a taste of their own medicine. ” I guess the HANGING SAUSAGES ON YOUR EARS SO EVEN THE DOG WILL GIVE YOU ATTENTION tactic didn’t work as you were a child so now you have to attack me. Flattered. Now find a new victim. I have to paint my fingernails or shit.” After that I was told to kill myself. This is coming from a 19 year old who never leaves the house ( although I do hope she managed to get a life in the meantime) 😂🤦‍♀️

        😂😂😂😂 Ever thought of going into the book cover designer business? That’s interesting dino porn! Would match the Neanderthal erotica I read a while back.

        The adventures of book blogging. Sounds like a new idea for a post!🤜🤛

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Oh, totally. That was the case with me. They got rude and nasty and then, in the end they pulled up the male card, decided to quote a tweet of mine and state I’m male, the devil and badmouth me to all.🙄

        Hhmm, take it to a level where they avoid the Internet. That might have been me at one point, hell, I’m good at escalating things with my sarcasm skills and could rip most a new one but really, can’t be arsed nowadays. Luckily, I’ve never been called a disgrace to mankind though.😂 In hindsight, probably should have said you aren’t a man so it’s not mankind, it’s womenkind.😂😂😂

        Ah, how do you know she doesn’t leave the house?🤔🙄😂🏡

        Oh yes, attention seeking, many do that, many obviously do it too.

        I’m guessing in neanderthal erotica the neanderthal swings his mighty club around.😂😂😂

        Funny that you should mention that!😂 I did dabble with creating my own book covers for a post once just purely for the shits and giggles at how bad some covers are. The link is: be warned, the post isn’t exactly in good taste.😂

        That could be a good post idea.👍


  43. A great article Drew and I’m glad it’s got so much attention and many thanks for taking the time to represent the opposite view before you got to the point where you mentioned that if necessary you post negative reviews – I’ve read a couple and they are always well reasoned and entertaining. My point is – I don’t post negative reviews because while I mostly (like you) choose books I like, if I do pick up something I’m not enjoying, I won’t finish it. I don’t feel comfortable reviewing a DNF’d read, so therefore there aren’t any negative reviews on my blog. However, if there’s an issue with the writing or the book, I will point it out. Just because I enjoyed it doesn’t mean I’m uncritical.


  44. I didn’t even know this was an issue haha, but I agree with you. Its their blog they can write whatever they want! And if they don’t want to waste their time with Negative reviews then that is there prerogative!

    Liked by 1 person

  45. I’m more likely to post a negative review on goodreads rather than my blog. And even then it’ll be a couple of sentences or maybe only clicking the stars… if I’ve not enjoyed the book then I’m not going to waste my time and bring down myself, any readers I might have and potentially the author by posting and publicising a negative review on my blog.
    Of course I trust, respect and understand why some bloggers just don’t post negative reviews – it’s no fun. I read far book books than I post reviews for on my blog. Life’s too short – spread the love!
    Fantastic post! X

    Liked by 1 person

  46. I feel like the whole point is to post what you enjoy writing. If people don’t enjoy writing negative reviews, then so be it. This is just a hobby.

    It would bore me if someone only focused on what they loved about each book and never had any criticism, just to keep up appearances, but I would just unfollow them. There’s a lot of blogs out there, so no harm there.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Great post Drew, I mostly only post positive book reviews, because if I don’t enjoy a book that’s my problem not the authors, i don’t then post a negative review because 1. I haven’t got the time and 2 why would I go out of my way to upset someone who may have spent years writing a book? just because I didn’t enjoy it others may do. I mostly read books I know I’m going to love so I guess I more of a book recommender than a blogger 😂 but it’s my blog so be it if people don’t feel I’m being honest in my reviews then skip on by. I think you are right about bloggers who write negative reviews can be quick to knock the positive reviewers down, me personally I don’t give a rats ass how someone writes a review I read the ones I want and skip past the ones i don’t. I have no need to criticise, after all we’re free to choose how we review books on our blogs (sorry for the essay😂)


    1. Thanks.

      Hey, if you want to be a book recommender then that’s cool, it’s your choice. that’s the thing though, if someone wants to be called that and refer to themselves by it then great, their choice but those who moan about positive only blogs shouldn’t be telling them not to call themselves book bloggers and instead, book recommenders.

      Many of us read books that we know (hope) we are going to love. I’m not sure why that seems so strange to some but it does when of course we gravitate towards books we like and then of course, it’s going to be a positive review. if we can figure it out I don’t see why others can’t! lol

      Exactly, you don’t care how others write a review and others shouldn’t either which to me is why it is an issue. Everyone should be able to blog how they want on their own blog. 🙂

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