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Welcome to my February wrap-up post.

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Review snippet:

The Taking of Annie Thorne is chilling and compulsive in equal measure with something that prickles away, niggling at the back of your neck throughout its length. A sense of unease, a feeling of gathering dread, lurking in the background, creeping around, hiding in the shadows, a serpent ready to strike and the epilogue, well, the epilogue is fucking chilling. Like with the rest of the book, the horror is (mostly) understated but it is a nightmare’s nightmare and leaves you with a lingering sense of disquiet that ends The Taking of Annie Throne on an unsettling and unforgettable note.


Review snippet:

As the investigation in The Puppet Show unfolds it deals with some disturbing themes. Leading down some dark avenues and unsettling roads as secrets are revealed and the sins of the past come back to haunt those involved. There are plenty of twists and unexpected turns in The Puppet Show, the story radiates tension throughout and I was kept guessing about the identity of the Immolation Man until it was revealed.


Review snippet:

Sometimes, to find answers in the present you have to look to the past and in The Court of Owls, this is very true. The dual timelines are used to great effect by Cox, I enjoyed both and found them equally gripping to read. When I was in the present with Batman I couldn’t wait to get back to the past and see what happened next. Likewise, when I was in 1918 I couldn’t wait to get back to the present and see what happened next. That’s the sign of a good story, you keep turning the pages and you always want to come back for more! I will say that there’s far more action in the present but in the past, the story of Percy Wright is absolutely fascinating to read about and discover.


Review snippet:

A Boy and his Dog at the End of the World starts on a small island of the coast of Scotland that is home to Griz and his family. Himself, his Mother, his Father, his Brother, Ferg, his sister, Bar and his two dogs, Jip and Jess. Then, a traveller comes, looking to trade, full of easy smiles and stories to tell. But, the traveller is also a thief and after gaining the families trust he steals Jess, one of Griz’s beloved dogs. This is the beginning, this is how the story starts, this is Griz’s journey to get his dog back, Griz’s journey that turns into something so much more. It is a simple premise but beneath that veneer of simplicity, hidden away and awaiting discovery by the reader the story is thought-provoking, layered, deep and will make you run a gamut of emotions.

one word kill hi res

Review snippet:

At just over 200 pages One Word Kill is only a small book but it is a remarkable book that is full of feeling packing an emotional punch and a hell of a lot into its short length. Lawrence is a master of description, whether it is the fantasy settings of the D&D table, the parks and tower blocks of London or something as simple as him describing the cold night and frost starting to appear on parked cars. The 1980’s setting is well described with references to Back to the Future, The Terminator, the Commodore 64 computer and my personal favourite for nostalgia, one of the characters uses a saying from The A-team! Lawrence’s writing is emotive, full of meaning and poetic with the occasional glimpse of humour thrown in for good measure, a little light in the darkness and it all makes for an effortless read. There’s plenty of room for both characterisation and storytelling and the pace moves along throughout with the momentum building as you near the finale of the book.


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13 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-up February 2019. #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Blogger #Bloggers

      1. Ugh … anything with animals and I’m just gone, especially dogs and otters. Alright … waiting for summer ha-ha! With the never ending snow and dark days where I’m at, I typically can’t read heavy content during this time of year.

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      2. Yeah, I get you with dogs.👍🐶😭 I’d like to think I’m a tough guy and not much bothers me in books. I often read grimdark and it’s as dark as it gets but when there’s a dog, well, tough guy goes out of the window.😂😭🐶🌍


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