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Monthly Wrap-up March 2019. #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Blogger #Bloggers


Welcome to my March wrap-up post. March the 5th was my blog birthday so my little blog The Tattooed Book Geek is now three years old.


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Review snippet:

With the crawling mountain outside of Londheim. Janus, a creation of Viciss, is released from his long imprisonment and set a task. Janus hasn’t slumbered, he hasn’t been awoken by the black water, he was awake through the centuries as a punishment and harbours a deep-seated hatred against the keepers and the Keeping Church. Janus travels to a nearby forest to retrieve an artefact and then, upon his return, he can torment the streets of Londheim sending a message to the keepers, the Keeping Church and the Three Sisters through his artwork, grotesque and twisted sculptures made from the bodies of the Keepers. With Janus terrorising the streets of Londheim Devin and his companions must put a stop to the killings, uncover the truth and adjust to the deadly new world.


Review snippet:

Quayle and Mors are searching for a missing woman, one believed to be in possession of an object of great importance to Quayle and his goals. As they search for her they leave a trail of blood in their wake and bodies strewn across states. You can’t outrun the devil, the pair are cold and calculating and while Quayle with his tweed and velvet is unsettling in a way that radiates disquiet. Mors, well, Mors with her dirty white hair, eyes, malodorous breath and pallid skin is creepy as fuck, tainted by evil and definitely has the devil in her.

As Quayle and Mors are searching for the missing woman and Parker is looking into the identity of the dead body. Louis, one of two hitmen (along with Angel) who work with Parker blows up a truck with Confederate flags adjourning it.

The last piece on the puzzle is, in a house near to the woods where the body is discovered five-year-old Daniel Weaver lives with his mother, Holly, his toy phone starts mysteriously ringing. Sometimes the dead leave something of themselves behind, an imprint, an impression, sometimes it will come calling.


Review snippet:

I did find the mid-eighties setting (the politics, the music and the attitudes of the time) to be well-realised by Lindqvist. I enjoyed The Other Place, the macabre tale that John writes as part of the overall story. As a writer, Lindqvist is able to evoke a strong sense of being alone, the feeling of loneliness and the lack of community that draws the group together and makes the field and what it offers so appealing to them all. But, ultimately, I failed to be gripped by I Always Find You.


Review snippet:

Throughout the trilogy, Cronin has always managed to skillfully weave his separate threads, story arcs and timelines together and in The City of Mirrors, he manages to tie up all the loose plot threads from the entire trilogy. Cronin often writes slow-paced story-telling allowing his characters time to blossom, to grow and his story time to breathe that is interspersed with fast-paced action and he is a master with words. Managing to draw you in and making even the mundane in the slower parts of his story interesting. Whether it is an action-packed frenetic fight for survival against a horde of virals or just the plodding every day colony life Cronin engrosses you in his story.


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