A Poem: On the breeze. #Poem #Poetry #Blogger #Bloggers


I watch time slipping away from me,

All I could have been, all that I could see,

A lonely life I never knew how to live,

Memories that haunt, a past I can’t forgive,

I sit forever, forgotten, gathering dust,

Blood from my scars, dried, the colour of rust,

I’m far older inside than my years,

Afraid to move on, poisoned by my fears,

A reject that never found his place,

Demons in me, a darkness I can’t erase,

If death is the choice that I make,

If letting go is the option I take,

Remember, this course was my own,

Tired of the pain, peace I’ve never known,

When the storm starts to come in,

Listen for me on the wind,

Whispering on the breeze,

I’m sorry, I’m set free…

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