A Poem: Nothing More. #Blogger #Bloggers #Poem #Poetry #Feelings

Nothing More.

I turn the key, lock the door and walk away,

There are no last words, I’ve nothing more to say,

I’m leaving you to heal, to try and save myself,

This is my goodbye, my final farewell,

I’ve never been enough, I’m nobody, nothing more,

The wounds, the scars I wear, reminders of this war,

My tears, they fall, cascading like drops of rain,

My blood flows free, a river of unending pain,

From the depths of darkness will I ever be free,

Can someone show the goodness buried deep within me…Ā 

10 thoughts on “A Poem: Nothing More. #Blogger #Bloggers #Poem #Poetry #Feelings

  1. These words of torment break my heart but they also reveal your inner beauty. We all see it, Drew. When you share your poetry with others you may just lift someone up unknowingly, perhaps even save them. Your inner beauty will reveal itself one day unexpectedly through the gift of giving…

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  2. Drew,

    You’re leaving too soon.
    You oughta try believin’ just for a day or two.
    You’re tryin’ to be wise and that’s a foolish thing to do.
    Close the door.
    You’re leaving too soon.
    You’ll never learn to fly unless you learn to fall.
    You’ll never know the answers ’till you’ve heard the call.
    You can’t turn your back until you face it all.
    Take my word.
    You’re leaving too soon.

    Best regards,




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