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Monthly Wrap-up May 2019. #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Blogger #Bloggers


Welcome to my May wrap-up post. 

A good month on the blog for me, I think! I posted my 1,000th post and I was the first person in the world to review a book too, yay for me and my little blog! Only small things, nothing that matters but still cool achievements!

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Review snippet:

Twisted has multiple points of view and it is quite slow at the beginning, introducing us to the various characters and setting the scene for what’s to come. There’s plenty of plotting, planning and scheming happening and then the story reaches a point where Cavanagh takes the breaks off. Then, business really starts to pick up, the pacing quickens and the action intensifies with the twists coming at you thick and fast like an out of control runaway freight train with a crazed driver behind the wheel hurtling along the tracks.


Review snippet:

There is something comforting, something familiar about The Rage of Dragons but, at the same time, there is something new, something refreshing about it too. It is an outstanding debut from Winter, a book that includes everything that is good about modern fantasy and a book that fully deserves to be a hit. As the main character Tau is someone that you are invested in, the other characters who fill out the rest of the cast all have a role to play, the Omehi, the caste system and culture of the Omehi, the politics, the Xiddeen, the magic and the demon-infested realm of Isihogo and finally, the dragons (they are only sparingly used, they are the last resort in any battle, they are devastating, calling them in has a cost, they destroy everything, ravage the world and there is an additional cost to the Gifted too) all have a place in the story, all are used to form the whole picture and combined together all help to create what is an electrifying read. 


Review snippet:

King is a master at characterisation. Whether the characters are the main characters, those with a smaller role to play in the overall story or, simply, those who appear for a couple of paragraphs before fading away the characterisation on display in The Outsider by King is stellar and they all feel like real people. Out of those included in the story, I really liked Detective Ralph Anderson, his wife, Jeannie, Lieutenant Yune Sablo, the investigator Holly Gibney and Lovie Bolton who is only a minor character but there was just something endearing about the dear old gal. For some of the characters, they will have to open their eyes and their minds to the possibility that, start believing that there is more out there than they realise, that there are evil and malevolent things not of this world and that the things that go bump in the night, the Boogeyman might really exist. In his search for answers, the investigation into the mystery of Terry Maitland seemingly being in two places at once will take Anderson from Flint City, Oklahoma to Dayton, Ohio culminating in the dusty bowl of Marysville, a small town in Texas.


Review snippet:

The Iron Tusk wants to destroy the Cordral Extent, claim it as his own, have dominion over all the kingdoms and rule the world. Dunrun stands on the border, it is the last line of defence, the last bastion in the Iron Tusk’s way. Once of great importance, once manned by a full complement of one thousand men, now the fortress is decaying, dilapidated and rotting to ruin. It is garrisoned by only a handful, a span of recruits, the young and the old, recruits who haven’t seen nearly enough and those who have seen far too many battles, those yet to wet their blades and those whose blades have rusted through age. They are the dregs of the militia, those in need of a post but those not good enough for the elite, for the Kantor militia, those, except for a couple of diamonds in the rough mostly lacking basic competence. The gates, the walls of Dunrun need to stand, they need to hold back the onslaught and weather the storm. If Dunrun falls then that is the fate that awaits the world, the Iron Tusk will be a plague, washing, cascading, flowing like an unending river, a torrent of blood that sweeps across the land leaving death, destruction and suffering in his wake.


Review snippet:

The story told in Perfect Crime leads down some disturbing roads and includes some sensitive subject matter. The killer (I will say that I did guess who the killer was very early on and it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book at all) preys on those who are vulnerable, those who, in the past, have wanted to give their life away, who have found themselves drowning in the depths of despair, struggling to keep afloat on the turbulent tides of life and ultimately, those who pulled through, who endured, who survived…who had survived until their life was taken not by their own demons but by a pitiless killer. It is a delicate topic to broach, including mental health and particularly suicide in a story in the name of entertainment and I give Fields credit for tackling such a delicate and, sadly still taboo subject. The topic is used to help create what is an unsettling read but it isn’t over sensationalised by her and she handles it in a dignified and respectful manner.


  • Haha, yeah, right, none of that this month! 😉

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11 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-up May 2019. #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Blogger #Bloggers

    1. Yep, none of that recently, brain is a bit fried at the moment for any ideas but usually it is either filth or edgy topics that annoy people.😂

      I did, though, I’d constantly have far better months if I could just go from reading one book to the next but after finishing each book comes the rigmarole of being a mood reader and trying to decide what I feel like and want to read.😂

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      1. I feel your pain. I’ve started this new thing where instead of focusing on just a couple of books and getting them read- I’m reading like 8 books at a time. I wish that was an exaggeration. I read like 50 pages of one, 30 of another, jump on to the next…

        Unsurprisingly- it’s not working out well. Lol

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