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Waiting on Wednesday: The Name of All Things (Chorus of Dragons #2) by Jenn Lyons. #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Books #TheNameofAllThings #JennLyons #Fantasy

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Waiting On Wednesday was a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the SpineEach Wednesday you got to highlight a book that you were really looking forward to. Unfortunately, the original creator is no longer able to host the meme and it has now linked up with Can’t Wait Wednesday over at Wishful Endings.

This week I’ve chosen.

The Name of All Things (Chorus of Dragons #2) by Jenn Lyons.


You can have everything you want if you sacrifice everything you believe.

Kihrin D’Mon is a wanted man.

Since he destroyed the Stone of Shackles and set demons free across Quur, he has been on the run from the wrath of an entire empire. His attempt to escape brings him into the path of Janel Theranon, a mysterious Joratese woman who claims to know Kihrin.

Janel’s plea for help pits Kihrin against all manner of dangers: a secret rebellion, a dragon capable of destroying an entire city, and Kihrin’s old enemy, the wizard Relos Var.

Janel believes that Relos Var possesses one of the most powerful artifacts in the world–the Cornerstone called the Name of All Things. And if Janel is right, then there may be nothing in the world that can stop Relos Var from getting what he wants.

And what he wants is Kihrin D’Mon.

I really enjoyed the first book in the Chorus of Dragons, The Ruin of Kings – you can find my review !!HERE!! and can’t wait to continue the series with this next instalment!

The Name of All Things (Chorus of Dragons #2) is published by Tor and released on October, 29th 2019.

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16 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday: The Name of All Things (Chorus of Dragons #2) by Jenn Lyons. #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Books #TheNameofAllThings #JennLyons #Fantasy

  1. I don’t think I’ve seen many positive reviews for book one. A lot of readers said it was pointlessly complex and convoluted.

    But I also often fall into the unpopular opinion group so who knows.. maybe I’d love it! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are definitely lots of negative or at least, middling reviews out there for the book to go with the positive but I liked it, I really liked it. I’m not sure it is convoluted, complex, yeah but no more so than many other fantasy series out there and a lot less complex than others e.g Malazan.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I haven’t read Malazan either. Maybe I’ll read them together so I can end the month extra irritated. 😂 I kid… sort of. I’m not as smart as I like to think I am.

        Liked by 1 person

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