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FINAL Angenga Blog Tour Poster

Today on The Tattooed Book Geek I am pleased to be taking part in the blog tour for Angenga by John Broughton with a guest post courtesy of the author himself.

My thanks to Anne cater for the tour invite and to John Broughton too.


  • Paperback: 244 pages
  • Publisher: Independently published (9 May 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1097542610
  • ISBN-13: 978-1097542611
  • Amazon UK

Angenga Cover

When Rick Hughes receives a reliquary pendant as a gift from an old friend, he has no idea what’s coming next.

Drawn to an old excavation site, Rick stumbles upon a portal that takes him back to the 8th century, and in the middle of a Viking invasion.

After discovering a shocking link to the present, Rick is determined to intervene and save the inhabitants of the village from devastation – and to find a scientific explanation for what is happening.

With the perils of 8th century England surrounding him, can Rick save his new friends and live to tell the tale?

Guest Post: Ten things about myself?

Well, first I’m a man of few words – spoken words rather than written ones – where instead I abound. Surprisingly, in spite of this, I believe I’m quite popular and sociable with a dry sense of humour. I don’t usually sell myself like this but I’m keen to do a bit of analysis because strange as it may seem, I based my main character in my most recent novel on myself – only I didn’t realise till it was finished. Since I decided to continue with this character in my work in progress, I’m now consciously drawing on my own personality for that of Jake Conley.

So, second thing about me is that I have experienced extrasensory perception from time to time in my life. For example, I’ve seen a ghost, experienced precognition and even sensed the darkness of a murder I didn’t know had happened on the spot 150 years before. I have not shared all the experiences that afflict Jake, but feel entitled to write about them, having some slight understanding of the paranormal.

Thirdly, I love history, always have done. So on holiday I make a beeline for anything medieval or earlier. Like Jake, I prefer to stumble across remote country churches in rural England or in Italy, where I live. I’m also working my way slowly through the list of English cathedrals to visit. I haven’t visited them all yet but must be at least 75% of the way to having done so.

Fourthly, I am an admirer of strong women. My wife is petite and pretty but whilst I wouldn’t back her in a fist fight, I do believe her moral courage is second to none. I base my strongest female characters on her. As far as a successful marriage is concerned, I feel deeply that to attain one, a relationship must be based on mutual respect, which is why I’m a feminist sympathiser. Maria and I have been married for almost thirty years.

Next, I should say I love Italy. I went to school near Genoa when I was nine. I stayed for a year and when my parents had to go back for my dad’s work, I didn’t want to leave my Italian family – mother was originally from near Parma. They dragged me home to Dover in November to grey skies and grim unsmiling faces. Still, I’m grateful for my English Grammar School education. I came back to Italy in 1986 and now live in Calabria and have had the pleasure of teaching English for 25 years in the University of Calabria.

Sixthly…can English people themselves pronounce sixthly correctly? …I love the English language. It’s so rich in vocabulary with endless synonyms and subtle shades of meaning. I’d like to write a novel of purple prose but it’s not allowed and it would be worse to read than James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake!

In seventh place – I doubt there are ten interesting things about me, but here goes, I love the sea but live inland. I was born in Cleethorpes on the east coast and have lived on the island of St Agnes in Scilly. I had my own boat to go shopping on the main island of St Mary’s. One of the most marvellous memories in my life is of the sunny day when six dolphins soared along behind my boat on the way to St Mary’s. I also loved the seabirds, especially graceful terns and funny puffins.

Eight, I love the social media for enabling me to make friends with other writers, a calligrapher and to restore to me some childhood friends I would otherwise have lost. Also, I’ve been able to join similar interest groups, full of fascinating and stimulating material. Sometimes an article will trigger off an idea for a novel. So thanks to Facebook and the lovely people who contribute there. The social media is just like the wider world in terms of goodness and badness.

In ninth place I’d put my stomach. I’m not a big eater but I enjoy occasionally going to gourmet restaurants with Maria and our closest friends. I’d rather pay for one brilliant creative meal than the equivalent money for four indifferent meals. Maybe I’m spoilt because Maria is a gifted cook in her own right. If you pay for a meal, you hope it will be better than what you eat at home. I like quality wines but can’t really afford to meet the prices my palate would recommend! The same is true of single malt whisky. My favourite Scotch is Lagavulin but again, I have to settle for those that are not the rarest most sought after vintages. I have to wait for the blindfolded goddess to kiss me first.

I’ve made it to ten! I wouldn’t have believed it possible – is it an ego trip? Please forgive me if it comes over that way. I’ve deliberately left in last place the fact that I adore reading good books. As a school kid I always had my nose in a classic novel. My tastes are eclectic but the writing has to be good. I’ve been exploring writers from far away places lately. Of these, my favourite is Murakami. His blend of reality and fantasy knocks me out. Italian writers have a special place, especially now I can read them in their own language. Italo Calvino is my hero, for his sheer brilliance. His ideas are so wonderfully original. How can I not finish here without a mention of historical fiction? Well, who better to finish with than Umberto Eco and his marvellous Name of the Rose. I studied that period for my history degree and can say that Signor Eco was quite perfect. I try to emulate him in my small way. Bless you if you managed to read as far this.

About John Broughton.

Worked at the University of Calabria.

Teach English, translate.

Married to Maria. Son Adam.

Wrote ‘The Purple Thread’ and eight other Anglo-Saxon period novels.

Find John Broughton:

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FINAL Angenga Blog Tour Poster


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