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Do you tag authors in your reviews?? #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Blogger #Bloggers


Tagging authors in reviews was recently (a couple of weeks ago but I am lazy and this post has been in the works since then) in the spotlight after Angie Thomas (The Hate U Give and On the Come Up) tweeted – you can find the Guardian article link!!HERE!! and her twitter thread about it!!HERE!! She initially said not to tag authors in ALL reviews (which garnered her a lot of hate) and later clarified/changed her stance to tagging authors in negative reviews. I’m not getting involved in all that but I will say that if she doesn’t want to be tagged in any reviews then that is her choice and should be respected. It is not, however, up to her to tell people not to tag ALL authors in reviews. I’ve read parts of the thread and it was just a poor choice of wording on her part and a limited character count that meant the meaning was lost. She did apologise and she did rectify what she meant but, of course, the Internet and the haters had already jumped all over her. Another example of how toxic the Internet and social media can be for those who dare to express their opinion.

As I said, this post has been in the works since the incident but I’m lazy and reading and procrastination win out over blog post writing! However, Dave at EspressoCoco posted about this subject on Friday, I read his post, commented and decided that I’d kick my ass into gear and finish my own post. His post is well worth checking out and you can find a link to the post – !!HERE!!

Like flasher gremlin revealing himself, I will now reveal my own thoughts on the subject! 


I don’t tag authors or publishers in negative reviews. I honestly don’t see the point. I’m lucky in that most of the books I read, I love. I’m good at picking what I like and more often than not, I do like it. If I didn’t enjoy the book then I would write a middling or even a negative review (many don’t and that is OK too) but I wouldn’t then tag the author in the tweet and rub it in their face that I thought their book was a pile of garbage and a piece of shit. No, I would post it on my blog (Amazon and Goodreads too), ignore it and let it fade away. That puts the review out there for any who choose to read it and allows me to get on with reading something that I will hopefully enjoy, something that I can then shout about and something that I can help spread the love for. Cos, really, I ain’t got time for that shit! There’s enough crap going on in the world that I don’t want to waste my time wallowing in books that I didn’t like. Also, I mean, it’s rude, it’s cruel and if you visited someone’s house would you really shit on the floor?! No?! Well, don’t tag authors in negative reviews then! If the author wants to look at negative reviews then they can easily find them on sites like Amazon and Goodreads and blogs too (if they choose to read blogs) without you tagging them in the review.

I would also say that it is attention-seeking on the part of the person who tagged the author (especially on some counts) as they know full well that they will get a reaction from the tagging and the review. Before anyone says that the author is quite capable of ignoring the review and not giving the review a reaction. Yes, they are and they should! But, many of those people who tag authors in negative reviews then go on to complain when said author ignores the tweet and doesn’t reply to them. So, sadly, the author can’t win. You are shouting “look at me, I hated your book” simply for the response. What do you expect from the author in return?? A gracious thanks after you have just called their book a pile of shit?? Seriously, that is not going to happen! Let’s be honest too, lots of negative reviews tend towards the personal too and veer away from simply disliking the book to bashing on and hating the author too which isn’t something that they need to read!

Now, I will say to authors please don’t interact with a negative review! Reading is subjective and a reader is well within their rights to have found issues with or to even have outrightly disliked your book. You, interacting with them and replying to the review telling them that their opinion is wrong isn’t on…Not. At. All. As I said, reading is subjective, if someone loves a book chances are that somewhere in the world there will be someone else who dislikes it. Authors, you need to deal with that. Yes, you are putting your work out there, a part of your heart, your soul and it may well anger you and hurt you (I feel for you, truly, I do. I have had negative feedback on blog posts and, no, I’m not comparing a blog post from an unknown blogger like myself to an author and their book. Only saying that it sucks when you read something negative and it fucking hurts) when someone dislikes your work but go about it in a mature manner, pull up your boxers, briefs, thongs and granny pants, ignore it, let it go and move on. Don’t retaliate, don’t tell the reviewer that they are wrong (you may not like it but they aren’t), don’t make it into a witch hunt against the reviewer and don’t advocate your fans hating on the person for disliking your work either.

I will say, you often see authors, publicists and even other bloggers too asking you to remember to post your reviews, telling you to leave a review and “feed an author”. Now, that works both ways. You have to take the good with the bad and if you WANT reviews then that means that you must accept ALL the reviews. Be they good, bad or indifferent! In that case, ignore the bad and celebrate the good!

So, no, I don’t tag authors in negative reviews. I haven’t had to write one for a long time and fingers crossed I won’t have to either. I read to escape, obviously, that means that I want to spend my time reading books that I love and, subsequently shouting about them too!

I don’t tag authors in middling (3/3.5 star) review tweets either. Let’s face it, many authors are cool with that rating and see it as the reviewer enjoyed the book but also had some issues with it. Hell, I’ve seen plenty of authors share that type of rating review on their social media and be happy that the reader liked the book even though they had some problems with it. However, some still see that as a negative review (cos anything less than a glowing 5-star review is bad to them) and that could lead to unwanted hassle for the reviewer. I’m not saying that to protect the author from the travesty of a 3.5-star review and to wrap them in cotton wool. I’m saying that to protect the reviewer because, personally, I wouldn’t want hassle from an author for a middling review. You know “I liked it, I didn’t love it but I liked it and, yeah, I had some issues, some problems but I enjoyed it” and sadly, the author won’t see that, will dislike the rating, not accept the issues (that are valid as reading is subjective) and could well get their briefs/bloomers in a bunch and cause hassle over being tagged in the review. For me, I can be quite blunt and if I was called out on it it wouldn’t end well and, so, it is best that I don’t bother!

However, I do tag authors in positive reviews! All. The. Time! Some people don’t and that is their choice, I do.

If I have seen an author specifically ask not to be tagged in ANY reviews then I will accept that it is what they want and that should be respected. Many avoid all reviews, but, there are lots of authors out there who are big on interactions with their fans, sharing reviews of their own work and conversing with their readership too. For me, if I haven’t seen anything like the author asking not to be tagged then as far as I’m concerned it is fair game to tag them (the publisher too) in a review. It doesn’t matter if it is someone like Stephen King down to a relatively unknown Indie author. I will tag them and then it is up to them if they choose to interact with the review or not. 

Sure, an unknown indie author is more likely to care and to interact with the tweet and share the review than Mr King who will probably choose to completely ignore the tweet and the review and will never even see it on their feed anyway. Again, that is their choice (not gonna lie, if someone of the calibre and popularity of Mr King did actually like or retweet a review it would be absolutely fantastic for the reviewer). However, regardless of who it is, their reputation and how well known they are by tagging them in the review I am giving them the opportunity to see the review, to know that it is there.

The tweet is simply me saying “Hi there Sir/Madam. Should you choose to read it this is my review, thank you for the wonderful few hours I spent lost in your book, I absolutely loved it”.

As a blogger, I don’t expect anything from the author and that’s not why I tag them in my reviews. It is their choice if they like the tweet, retweet/quote the tweet and share it on their own social media. Same for the publicists and the publishers too. It is NOT expected but it is always APPRECIATED. It is a little acknowledgement that the review (which, for most of us we put time and effort into writing) matters and that it has been seen (even if it hasn’t been read). I will say that it is noticeable when authors and publishers don’t share reviews of their books but, what can you do?? Such is life, some do, some don’t! It is also noticeable when you see that authors only share reviews for certain established blogs and websites and ignore the small blogs, the inconsequential nobodies (yep, that’s me) as it makes you wonder if your review and your voice even matter! 😦 The answer to that is, yes, they do! We don’t review for authors, reviews are for readers and our voice, our view and our opinion matter!

Side note: Authors, take note, small blogs, those that fly under the radar are just as worthy and their opinion just as valid as the established websites when it comes to reviews! So, if you are an author who does interact with their reviews and who shares them on their social media accounts then please share the little blogs, the little guys and girls who review too! We might not be Kirkus, Publisher’s Weekly, other large genre websites/blogs or a revered and respected literary critic but, like them, we are readers, we shout about the books we love, we matter and (most of us) are fucking awesome. When we tag you in reviews we don’t expect anything but that retweet, that little slice of acknowledgement can really brighten a bloggers day and it can really make them feel like the effort of the review was worthwhile. If not, either way, that’s cool and no worries we are simply tagging you to let you know in our own little way that we enjoyed/liked/loved your book and we are thanking you for writing it.

To conclude, yes, I tag authors (and the publishers) in my positive review. We buy a book, we read the book but we don’t owe the author a review. Likewise, an author doesn’t owe us a like, a retweet or a share of our review. Chances are that most don’t care anyway and why should my opinion matter to them?? It doesn’t! However, if I loved a book then I want people to know, other bloggers, other readers (ya know, those couple of people who read my blog) and the author too. So, I tag authors in positive reviews because maybe I care that they, at least have the opportunity to know that I have written a review and that I loved their book.

So, my fellow bloggers, do you tag authors in your reviews?? If no, why not?? if yes, why??

Authors, do you want to be tagged in review tweets?? If yes, why?? If no, why not??

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111 thoughts on “Do you tag authors in your reviews?? #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Blogger #Bloggers

  1. I do pretty much the same as you. Definitely tag the author in 4/5 reviews. Sometimes 3 also depending on the review but not always. Anything less doesn’t go on my blog so definitely don’t tag and wouldn’t feel comfortable in doing so anyway.

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      1. Oh, I’m not disputing that it’s honest or not and I have no issue with negative reviews, etc. I just don’t get the tagging author in a tweet of a negative review and some bloggers, particularly those who read a certain age range (pretty sure you know the group I mean) can be very vitriolic in their views and opinions.

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  2. Agreed with your stance , also agree that if she wants people not to tag her , people need to respect her wishes , but she can’t tell people to not tag all authors

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  3. Agreed across the board 😊 I don’t usually write reviews for books I didn’t enjoy (except when it’s NetGalley and I have to), as I feel I lost valuable time reading something I didn’t really like so I can’t be bothered to write a whole essay about everything I disliked. On the rare occasion that I do, I don’t tag the author, I don’t even tag them in reviews that are mostly positive but with a little criticism.

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  4. Well… I don’t do a whole bit “about the author” on any of my reviews (I don’t really get that. I want my review to concentrate on what I liked or didn’t like). But… if I follow them on twitter, I will add the tag to them for the (automatic WP) tweet. Then again, if I don’t like a book, I probably won’t finish it anyway and I won’t write a review on my blog for it.

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  5. I tag the ones I can and I’m a bit selective towards the arcs I read.
    Not everyone is my “friend” to tag
    I do try to promote even though I didn’t specially liked the book, but others might

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  6. I don’t tag the author. If they want to read it, they would see it on GoodReads and everywhere like Amazon. But, if the author told you to tell them you wrote a review for their books, then better do it via email and send the link to them.

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  7. I do short, one-sentence reviews on my blog and full reviews on Amazon. Authors wouldn’t be interested in a one-sentence review, I don’t think. So no need to tag them. I figure if authors are in the mood to read the latest full review of their book, they can go to Amazon.

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  8. I’ve tagged a couple of authors on positive Instagram posts and received positive comments from them. I’ve had three other untagged authors see my Instagram posts (also positive reviews) and they, too, responded positively. I’ve never specifically tagged an author on a negative review. I don’t see how that would do them any good, since reviews are for readers, not authors, and the authors have enough on their plates without my tapping them on the shoulder to say, “Yeah, I thought your book sucked”.

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  9. I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately (I was actually going to pose this question on Twitter to authors “Do you like being tagged in reviews?”) but I just haven’t done it yet. I am tagging authors less and less because it seems to be such a sensitive topic these days. Even my 4 star reviews often have something negative in them (otherwise they would be 5 stars!) so I’m scared to even tag authors in those reviews. I find I only get about a 50% interaction when I do tag authors, many just ignore my tweets.🤣

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  10. I almost always tag the author in a positive review. Not expecting them to read the review. Just because quite a few like to retweet positive reviews to reach their audience which is always bigger than mine. I would not tag them in a negative review. I don’t understand people who do that. Great post!

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  11. I don’t tweet about reading, if much at all. I have tagged authors on Instagram every now and then, but I don’t tend to post reviews on there. I am not THAT active on social media. I just don’t have the time (or energy)

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  12. Hmm… I think it’s up to the person whether or not they want to tag an author to the review, but I don’t think authors should be tagged to negative reviews. That’s just mean and could be seeing as bullying (a bit). I think I’ve only ever tagged an author to my review, via Twitter, only once. It was to a positive review, but since then I’ve avoided doing so. I include the book title and author name in the Tweet, so if the author does a search of their name, they have the option of checking my tweet and the review. But reviews aren’t for authors, so I avoid tagging them and don’t think they should be tagged.

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    1. No, they aren’t but if the author bothers to share the review then it reaches more readers and there’s no harm in that. Totally agree that it is mean to tag them in negative reviews and you don’t think that they should be tagged at all, no hate from me on that.😀📚


  13. Interesting post/issue. I’ll have to look at the tweets because I’m surprised the internet jumped all over the author for this. To me it seems like a “duh” moment. Why would an author want to read a negative review?

    I usually only tag authors on a 5 star review, and usually it’s because I’ve had some kind of positive interaction with them prior. I’ve had a couple different authors find my reviews independently and retweet them, at which point I assume it’s safe to tag them on their other books (again, assuming it’s positive).

    I have once tagged an author on a middling review, because it was for an indie author, and the review itself was mostly positive, and respectful, knowing the author was going to read that review (and had already said he would retweet). But he was very gracious throughout the process and never acted entitled or anything.

    Sorry for the super long comment!

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    1. They don’t. She didn’t write negative to begin with though and wrote all reviews and then, yeah, she clarified it but the hate had started by then and she clarified it but didn’t back track and own the mistake in her wording which, perhaps she should have done. I mean, though, people threatened to burn her books over it, melodrama much.😂😂😂

      No worries, comments are always welcome.😀

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  14. I share many of your thoughts. It was such a disservice to authors when Angie appeared to be speaking for all of them. Ingratitude is very unbecoming. I will respect her wishes and not review, tag, or read her future work. I definitely tag authors in 4 & 5 Star reviews. I receive many likes/comments from authors on insta and Twitter…’s such a great feeling to even get a like! I put all reviews on Goodreads but save my blog for 4/5 star reviews. Occasionally I will put a 3 star on instagram….but I don’t tag the author. Even in my negative reviews I try to be kind and sensitive.

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    1. I think that it got blown out of proportion with her. She meant negative reviews and didn’t say that. Then she clarified but didn’t really back track over it. If she doesn’t want tagging in any review, cool. As I said in the post and you say, people will respect that but she has no right to say that about all authors.

      It is a great thing to get a like, a comment, a retweet, etc really makes a bloggers day.

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  15. I never tag authors in reviews. I’ve seen enough interviews where people talk about avoiding any reviews, good or bad, that it just seems rude to force it on them. If I’m tweeting a single sentence about loving a book, or being excited to read a book, then I could see tagging someone.

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  16. I’m similar in that I do tend to tag authors in reviews if they’re positive. If nothing else, it points my followers directly to them. If an author outright says not to though, then I can respect that without hassle.
    As to my own books…I like being tagged in reviews. Even the ones that aren’t as positive as I’d like don’t bother me. I’ll normally retweet reviews if they’re three stars or above, but not so much if anything goes below that. Either way though, readers can tag away without worry. 🙂

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    1. Oh, definitely, if an author has said that they don’t want tagging then you have to respect that and I’d hope that people would.👍

      Lots of authors are similar to you with the 3 star reviews but some aren’t and I guess, until you’ve tagged them you don’t know and often people don’t want hassle over it if offence is inadvertently caused by the tagging.

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  17. I usually don’t tag authors in any of my reviews whether that are positive or negative or meh. I think it’s because I’m not really confident with my review skills. I know my reviews are crap compared to others so I will just let the authors come across them on their own if they go looking.

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  18. Completely agree, Drew. I’d never tag an author in a review of a novel that I didn’t enjoy, or even one that I thought “it was ok, but…” just – why would anyone do that?!
    If I loved a book, I will usually tag the author and / or publisher, and it’s lovely when your review is acknowledged in some way, although I’ve no expectation of a response or acknowledgement. This is only for books that I rated 4 or 5 stars, even though I don’t actually put ratings in my reviews any more.
    P.S. I have a strange urge to watch Gremlins 2 now…

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    1. I don’t know why anyone would do that! I’d be interested to know and interested to know what response they expect from the tagging too!🤔

      It is lovely when the review is acknowledged, not expected but definitely a cool thing to happen.

      Probably best to just watch the first one, it’s a classic.👌 The second one is a bit weird even with flasher gremlin.😂

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      1. Absolutely not! I didn’t like the first one anywhere near as much as the second! Not often that happens, but this is always one of my examples when asked for a sequel that was better than the first film! :p

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  19. Great post! Personally I don’t tag authors- though I actually think it’s nice to tag author for positive reviews (who doesn’t like receiving a compliment?) I’m just much too shy and anxious to do it myself. But when it comes to negative reviews, I think it’s mean-spirited to @ people. I agree that, in turn, authors should interact with negative reviews.

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  20. I don’t tag the author unless I’m reviewing as part of a blog tour. I figure if the author wants to read reviews they’ll find them. I’d rather not take the risk of tagging an author who doesn’t want to be tagged and I figure reviews are for readers anyway.

    I could understand Thomas’s point that feedback from random strangers on the Internet could be harmful to them even if it’s positive. Most have professionals or friends they trust to give them feedback and while it’s got to be a confidence boost having people say they loved your book I’m not sure reading all of their thoughts would be helpful.

    If I really want to let an author know I loved their book I will just tweet them a quick loved your book.

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      1. That is true but I feel with a blog tour they’ve signed up to it. I’d actually prefer not to tag authors at all as I’d rather they didn’t read my ramblings. I actually find it more difficult to write a review if I think the author may read it. It’s why I rarely do blog tours, or at least review posts on them.

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  21. I personally don’t tag authors in negative reviews (like 3 stars or less) because I know I wouldn’t want to wake up to notifications that were negative towards a work I put my heart and soul into.

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  22. I don’t tag on positive reviews, and the reason is basically that I tend to always include at least a sentence or short paragraph of critique. Usually something like, “Even though I loved the book, ______ could have been better.” Just because I know that not everyone likes the same things as I do, and I know that it might bother some people. And I don’t want to tag an author in a critique. I WILL tag an author in an appreciation post, or something like that. If it’s just me being like “OMG I LOVE YOU!!!!”

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  23. Agree with you on all the points, Drew. I too don’t tag authors in negative reviews, but do tag them in positive reviews. I have a fairly good knack in choosing books that (I think) I will enjoy, and most of them, I do. Hence, there are very few negative reviews on my blog.
    As far as the authors’ interaction with little bloggers (like me) is concerned, yes, that one retweet is really appreciated.

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  24. I tag authors in positive reviews. As an author myself, I know how seeing someone loving what you’re doing can be a real ‘pick me up’.

    I don’t for negative reviews as it just feels a bit cruel. I have had authors interact with negative reviews but, my negativity is always in a constructive way, so the interactions have only ever been positive.

    Much like yourself; I’m lucky in the fact that I love most of what I read or listen to.

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  25. *Wow*, I didn’t even realize that it was a thing to tag authors in your reviews. (I guess I’m still fairly new to the Review game). I do agree with you, I don’t think I would ever want to tag someone in a negative review, because it is never my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings!

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  26. Great post! I tag the author, if I remember to post on Twitter in the first place, for middle to great reviews. Like you, I don’t tend to read books that I won’t like at all. I think I tagged an author for only a couple reviews where I didn’t like the book, but I figured that it’s potential readers that should see it more than the author. The author is going to love their own work regardless.

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  27. I sometimes tag the author. But not for negative post. I haven’t been reading any books that I haven’t liked yet. Right now I’m reading A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. It’s a hard read. I’m having to take notes as I read.

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  28. Every once in a great while I might, if it’s a book I especially loved and I’m also friendly with the author online. But I generally don’t like tagging people that I don’t talk to, it seems kind of rude whether it’s a good or bad review–what if they don’t like reading reviews?

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  29. Great post!! I wish this would put an end to this debate… To me, it’s really just common sense. Tag authors when you’re raving about their book out of excitement and joy. But if you don’t have anything nice to say? Don’t tag them. If only people were more empathetic…

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  30. Because even my positive reviews tend to have critical things in them, I’ve stopped tagging authors in reviews altogether. I am starting to just do standalone tweets with tags screaming about books instead to let them know I loved their book, but leaving the review tags for publishers instead.

    People who tag negative reviews deserve to have a lego shoved up their bum.

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  31. I totally agree! I never tag authors in anything less than a glowing 5-star review – they are human beings and even one slight niggling criticism could be enough to really hurt someone. And I never tag them with the expectation that they will acknowledge me in any way, it’s just to say “hey, I loved this, good job!” If they choose to respond or share it at all, it’s just a special little boost for me 😊

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  32. Excellent discussion post Drew!

    I agree that the whole Angie Thomas thing was a poor choice of wording. I think she truly cares & appreciates her fans, but probably has a hard time reading negative reviews after she’s been tagged in them. I don’t blame her!

    “Now, I will say to authors please don’t interact with a negative review!” Yes to this too! An author has no right to interact with a negative review. Reviews are NOT for the author, but for fellow readers.

    I personally do not tag authors in any of my reviews, positive or negative. Like I mentioned, reviews are for fellow readers, so I’ve never felt the need to tag an author, even if the book was a new favorite.

    I would say that if you have a 4 or 5 star review, and wanted to tag the author, that is a-ok! I honestly do not understand why anyone would tag an author in a negative review? I guess maybe the only situation I could see was if the book was problematic in some way and the reviewer wanted to call the author out on it?

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    1. Thanks.

      Yeah, that’s very true and understandable about having a hard time reading negative reviews. It was just poor wording, we all do it but if you or I do it then no-one cares, when an author does it then it’s out there and viral in seconds with no chance to retract it. It is what it is, wrong wording and the hate over it was extreme.

      I guess, but, the book would only be problematic to that reader, it’d be there issue with the book so I’d still disagree with it and if they really had an issue then contacting the author through their website or the publisher might be a better option than tagging them in a tweet.

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  33. Aah, what a touchy subject. I agree with you on some points. On others,… well, I see it differently than you do. Which is fine. I definitely see and understand your POV. Personally, I believe no matter what you do, you´ll always be judged. If you tag an author in a negative review post you´ll be judged for being an online prick and will probably be avoided. If you don´t tag you´re safe but will be judged by those who do a tag. It seems like you can´t win. The harsh truth is- An author will see a negative review with or without a tag. Authors and publishers hang out everywhere so there´s a good chance a negative opinion will be seen without the help of a blogger shouting for attention. * shoulder shrug *
    Speaking of attention: DUDE! Once upon a time ( when I used to have the energy ) I tagged authors in negative and positive review posts. Yes, I did it for the attention. I wanted my blog ( my first blog ) to be seen/read/heard. That actually worked in our favor. To this day I can´t see a problem with that should someone want to post a negative review with a tag. Yes, it´s not necessarily nice for the author. But maybe the blogger wants to get somewhere with that they´re doing, you know? That can be done with class, though. You and I know that a 2 star review isn´t always super negative. It looks worse than it sometimes is. This is truly a sensitive topic. Get more of these posts up! I love reading your thoughts.

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    1. Agreeing and disagreeing with me is all good. I have no issue with that.😀

      Posts like this you expect some will agree with points and some others won’t. That’s what a discussion post is for…discussing which some don’t seem to get. You know as well as me though about some people commenting on posts when they disagree or, they found the post and opinion offensive and well, their complete lack of respect for the blogger and the fact that the post is on their blog.

      Very true, we are judged regardless of what we do…sometimes even by people who have no right to judge but they love their high horse and that stick up their ass.😂🐴🤣

      Yeah, I agree, a two star review isn’t always as negative as it sounds and the reverse is often true too, a four star review isn’t perhaps as positive as it sounds.👍 I think it’s just different people ya know, some won’t tag in a four or four and a half star review as it is not glowing positive and then others are like, two star, fuck it, let’s share.😂

      I think that it goes back to the whole negative review thing and that you can be negative and critical without being a twat over it. Many write negative reviews, explain what they didn’t like, why the book didn’t work for them and what, if anything they did like. Whereas others, ones I’ve seen tagging from a certain vitriolic genre say shit like, this book is shit, I hate it, don’t read it as the author is the devil and should die and if you tag someone in something like that then, to me, that’s uncool.

      Eurgh.🤢 I have to have the energy (quoting you.😂) to do these sorts of posts.

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      1. Agreed. It´s uncalled for to shit on a book and present that to the public. But as long as you stay respectful then I don´t see a reason not to pimp your opinion. It´s totally not about not giving a shit about someone´s feelings but rather has something to do with wanting to offer a wider pallet of ideas. I certainly can´t speak for others so I don´t know what their deal is with this but for me- I need a balance in all areas and therefore will welcome all posts, as long as they´re decent. I think if you want the attention for a 5 star review you´ve written then why not want the same attention for a 2 star review, you know? If you want to show off your 5 star review to an author then why not give them the other side of the coin as well?
        Oh, I know. I KNOW. Those people on their high horses…. They all come from Idiotville. * sigh *
        I´m sure many truly believe it´s a no-go for someone to share negative reviews ( or even write one ) and that´s fine. Whatever helps them sleep better at night. But what about others? Are there book bloggers wanting to post and tag authors? There probably are but they´re too afraid of the backlash from the community. And that backlash can hurt like a bitch. Thou shalt not… and shit like that. Worst case scenario: Public shaming. Just for a tag.
        Oh yes, I do know about the agree or go to hell and burn for all eternity issue. Lol. i´m glad you don´t belong to the shunning parade.
        I think I´ll do a response post to this, honey bun.
        HAHAHAHA. You definitely have it in you to write more of these. Take a few days off to recharge and then things will happen automatically.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah, that’s the thing though, respectful! Sadly, some people lack that respect.

        Yeah, I get that about the attention. I think that people tag the author and the publisher expecting a retweet if it’s a positive review and well, if it’s negative they sure aren’t going to do that anyway. Unless they share it on their FB and have a laugh about it.😂 Which I have seen some do.

        But, yeah, some could do with being shown the otherside of the coin. Especially those with delusions of grandeur and inflated self-importance who hate on everything as some negative reviews offer constructive criticism and the issues that the reviewer has found are valid and deserve attention being brought to them.

        There’s public shaming for everything! Even tagging authors in positive reviews gets you shame, everything is a free for all, always someone to piss and moan. At times, valid, at others no and it’s just the blogger trying to draw attention to themselves and their blog.

        Ha, I think I hold no sway on that score as the shunning parade would shun me not me be part of them and I wouldn’t be anyway! Don’t get me wrong there’s bloggers I can’t stand and who I think are twats but that’s because they are twats and has nothing to do with their blog.😂

        Honey bun?! Fuck that chica!😜 Sure thing, I look forward to the response post and the reception it receives.😂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Omg, I haven´tl laughed this hard in ages! HAHAHA. Did the honey bun bit shock you that much?
        Reception? Pfft. Like it would get any. Seems like I can´t open my mouth without someone telling me I´m wrong. I´ll do it anyway. HAHAHA.

        What what what? You can´t stand some bloggers? Drew! I´m shooketh ( No, not really. Lol ) Same here. There are some fine characters out there, huh?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. That’s cool chica, I will make sure to tell you that you are wrong.😂😜 Hey! Technically, someone telling you that you are wrong is a reception!

        Yup! Shocker, huh!😂🙄 Oh, definitely, some fine characters. Some real cunts and twats.😂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Wanting to read and laugh while drinking coke = doesn´t work. Nearly choked after I rea chica. HAHAHAHA. Tell me I´m wrong. I´ve been wearing a few layers of big girl panties since 2009. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Seepage? SEEPAGE? * DYING * HAHAHA. Omg. I can already see all the Always pantiliner commercials playing all at once in my head. HAHAHAHA.
        Oh that´s right. I remember who that name belongs to. HAHAHA.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. * nod * Do you want me to confirm how bad it can get when aging? Dude, you´re speaking to a * avoiding eye contact * to a 23 year old here. I´m not leaking out yet. 🙂 Ask me again when I turn 37. HAHAHAHA.

        Liked by 1 person

  34. Brilliantly put, I agree 💯% with you there. I also review if I’m not a lover of a book, but I wouldn’t dream of tagging the author. (But I do love writing a snarky review, I just wouldn’t want to upset the author, it’s very unkind.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. I do the same – although I sometimes hesitate on the middle-of-the-road reviews. But usually when I rate 3-ish stars, I still try to focus mostly on what I did like (while briefly discussing what I didn’t love and why).
    I know writing is really hard, and that it can make you feel really vulnerable. I’m out here to build the reader/writer community up, not tear it down, you know?

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  36. This is a great topic! I agree with your stance. If I like a book- I post everywhere. If a book is a 1 star, yeah I probably DNF’d if it was that bad, so I don’t have 1 stars. For a 2-3 star I only post on Goodreads, because you like you said, they have to go looking for it. I am not going to blast it on Twitter for everyone to share. I don’t even waste my time and effort putting it on my blog. I feel like I am honest if I put on Goodreads, fellow readers and bloggers can go there. Authors can chose to not look that up.

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