A Poem: Blood-red Sea.

Blood-red Sea

When my screams remain unheard,

All that I have left are these words,

I write to purge my broken soul,

To fill the gaps but I’ll never be whole,

There is a darkness that lives inside of me,

A blackness that nobody else can see,

There is a poison in my veins,

I’m held down by rusted chains,

There is no release, there is no key,

I’m guilty, you will hear no plea,

The sun is setting on my life,

The door is closing on my time,

I cannot live, I want to die,

With broken wings, I cannot fly,

There is only one way for me to be free,

Drifting away on the tides of a blood-red sea,

All of these thoughts, I’m so far gone,

I can’t believe I’m the only one,

If you are the person to read this letter,

I’m sorry that I couldn’t be better…

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