A Thousand Different Scars.

A Thousand Different Scars.

I’m a nameless face, a nobody in the crowd,

Dying right before your eyes,

Screaming silently without a sound,

I don’t know how to let you in, to love,

Too scared that what I can offer you,

That the best of me won’t be enough,

I can fix, heal my broken bones,

Only to break them again and again,

I’ll always be empty, lost and alone,

I’m stitched together by a thousand different scars,

The story of someone who never belonged,

A canvas of pain carved on my arms,

I have a demon buried inside of me,

Poisoning my veins, telling me I’m worthless,

My mind is in constant turmoil, a turbulent sea,

I keep hidden in the shadows of this so-called life,

Watching days pass me by in the darkness,

Afraid of the truth that shines in the light,

I’m the person no-one remembers, I was never really there,

If I disappear, fade away forever,

Would you miss me, would you care…

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