Music Monday

Music Monday: The Flood by Wolfheart. #Music #MusicMonday #Wolfheart


Welcome once again to Music Monday where I offer you all a song that I really like. If anyone wants to join in then please feel free to have a go! 🙂

Wolfheart: The Flood.

How to stand one’s ground
When the flood drowns everything around
Conceals and buries under

How to rebuild and re-design
How to forge as whole and re-divide
Broken and torn asunder

How to speak without a sound
Without a voice utter the words profound
Into the silence

How to comprehend and to abide
How to re-arrange and re-define
The emptiness inside

Cold winds of the north
Black waters and the frozen shores
Are waiting for the storm

No trails leading forth
No pathway to the woods
Forsaken and forlorn

Songwriters: Tuomas Saukkonen

Taken from the album: Tyhjyys (2017).


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