Wherever I Roam.


The colours are muted, the sky turned to grey, storm approaching, rain falling, I get washed away,

I never offered you the world, it wasn’t mine to give, I offered you myself, the best I had, the best I was, it wasn’t enough,

Thoughts plague me, swirling inside my mind, taunting, I’m nothing, worthless, I’ve left my best years far behind,

I gift you a portal, a window, a way to look into my soul, I hope you understand, something is missing, damaged in me, I’m not whole,

Some scars you see, some I hide, they are the burden that I carry, the troubles that I’ve faced, the story of my life,

I lay myself bare, I reveal my lies, the darkness I hold in my hands, I’m bitter, broken, a forgotten and lonely old man,

Demons follow me wherever I roam, please, turn off the light, I’m gone, I will never make it home…

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