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Knight of the Silver Circle (The Dragonslayer #2) by Duncan M. Hamilton Book Review.


  • Knight of the Silver Circle (The Dragonslayer #2).
  • Duncan M. Hamilton.
  • 304 pages.
  • Epic Fantasy.
  • My Rating: Hellyeah Book Review.


Book Blurb.

Dragons have returned after a thousand years, but greater dangers lurk in the shadows…

As the lines between enemy and ally blur, Guillot dal Villerauvais is drawn farther into the life and service he had left far behind. Solène attempts to come to terms with the great magical talent she fears is as much a curse as a blessing, while the Prince Bishop’s quest for power twists and turns, and takes on a life of its own.

With dragons to slay, and an enemy whose grip on the kingdom grows ever tighter, Gill and his comrades must fight to remain true to themselves, while standing at the precipice of a kingdom in peril.

Book Review.

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I had a few issues with the first book in the Dragonslayer trilogy, Dragonslayer. It was a solid if somewhat unspectacular offering in the fantasy genre. But, it was still a fun read with promise and there was enough in it that made me want to continue on with the trilogy. After finishing Knight of the Silver Circle, which is a vast improvement, I can honestly say that I am pleased that I did. With Knight of the Silver Circle, I feel that Hamilton has delivered on the potential that Dragonslayer showed and given us what a sequel should be. Building upon the foundations, broadening the scope, expanding upon and further developing both the characters and the story. There are also more dragons this time around too and, well, simply, dragons are cool!

Knight of the Silver Circle follows on directly after the conclusion of Dragonslayer. With dragons now returned to the land of Maribaya Gill finds himself taking on the original role of the Chevaliers of the Silver Circle from long ago and steps into the role of dragonslayer. Gill’s sense of duty, honour and the remnants of his pride won’t allow him to stand idly by and watch as innocent people are killed and villages are razed to the ground. When he is asked by a mayor of a nearby village for aid, he accepts, recruiting a squire and a couple of bannerets to his cause and to aid him in fighting the newly returned dragons. 

Once again the story unfolds through multiple perspectives. Solene with her natural affinity to magic, to the Fount is powerful and she continues to learn more about magic in her efforts to control her usage of it. Amaury, the Prince Bishop will do anything to consolidate his power in Mirabay. His ambition continues to grow and he is more cunning and devious with his scheming than in Dragonslayer. I felt that in Knight of the Silver Circle that he really comes into his role as the villain of the trilogy as we see what lengths he will go to in order to achieve his goals and that he will bring his plans to fruition by any means necessary. Gill has regained his focus, seeing and thinking clearly and not through the blurry haze of drink. He is closer to the man that he used to be in his younger days before age, disgrace, grief, loss, pain and an over-reliance on drink turned him into a shadow of his former self, a husk of the once-great swordsman and a brittle and broken man. Instead of wallowing in the depths of his own despair he is living, he is redeeming himself and he is trying to be and do better. His skill with a sword is returning, he is helping people and he has a purpose. However, his battle with the bottle, the spectre of the drunk that he has pulled himself away from being is still ever-present in him and it is a war that will see him stumble, fall and rise again along the way.

Along with the returning characters we are also treated to some new characters (Ysabeau dal Fleurat was a personal favourite of mine) who add extra and are all well incorporated into the story too. Just like in Dragonslayer we are also given the perspective of a dragon, this time around, Pharadon. Through Pharadon we learn much more about dragonkind and that they are complex creatures with their own culture. Some are base, animalistic, savage and act on their instincts to eat, kill and destroy. While many others are enlightened, intelligent and possess thought and wisdom.

There is action, betrayal, lost histories and forgotten knowledge, magical artefacts, political scheming and twists all found within the story. Knight of the Silver Circle is easy to read, fast-paced, the writing flows well and the pages flew by as I devoured the story. Being ‘easy to read‘  isn’t meant as a slight, it’s sometimes what you need. A book that isn’t too deep or hard to follow and that after a tough day you can pick up and relax with for some exciting escapist fun.

Dragons, knights, magic and a medieval-inspired setting are all the core ingredients of classic fantasy and that’s what Knight of the Silver Circle is a hugely entertaining classic fantasy adventure.

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