The Sun Won’t Rise for Me.


There is a darkness that has haunted my blackened soul,

A demon that whispered to me that I would never be whole,

Walking a road that is littered with my broken dreams,

Drifting on the wind are my anguished screams,

My hopes have floated away on the tides of despair,

No one will remember me, I was never really there,

This is the ending of a journey full of regret and sorrow,

When the dawn breaks the sun won’t rise for me tomorrow,

The river runs red, empty, I have nothing more to give,

I wait for my death because I don’t know how to live…

5 thoughts on “The Sun Won’t Rise for Me.

  1. Whoa, this is really dark, Drew! It’s powerful and raw. You capture the desperation & despair of depression in an amazing way and others need to hear your voice. Hang in there. No one is beyond hope.

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  2. Very powerful, gut-wrenching. I think if a person has the audacity to dream and be ambitious, the wherewithal to even wonder if he or she matters in life, and the capacity to regret, then that person has already succeeded.

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