Into the Void.

I tried to live, to find the light when the storm clouds gathered and I wanted to die,

Beaten and broken, like a fallen angel my clipped wings meant that I couldn’t fly,

I fell so far, tethered to my pain, drowning, embraced by a sea of red as I slip into the void,

Losing sight, I couldn’t see and lost my way when my wishes for better days were destroyed,

Crashing against the waves, unable to break through, pulled under, I watched my dreams die,

The young grow old, colours fade, what’s new becomes worn and I know that I’ve wasted my time,

I reached out, hoping, but there was nothing solid for me to grasp and no-one there to hold,

In the depths where I dwell, I’ve been living through this hell, lost in life so cold,

I won’t ask you to remember my name, light a candle or pretend that you ever cared,

I’m a nobody, someone easily forgotten, a faceless man who was never really there,

Nothing lasts forever, buildings crumble, bones turn to dust, everyone and everything comes to an end,

In a diary with water-soaked pages there lies a message, goodbye to the darkness my companion, my friend…

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