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Blogger Statistics: a quick look.

Just a quick post with none of my usual rambling and for once I am being far more succinct, in other words, like my blogging over this year I’m half-assing the post. 😉

I often think that I’m old (39) to be a blogger and, that as a male that I’m in the minority too. So, I put out a trio of polls on Twitter to sate my curiosity, to look into my thoughts and to see if my presumptions were proven correct or if I was wrong. Now, of course, there are many variables that need to be taken into account, there will be discrepancies, variables at play, the polls are only rudimentary, the results aren’t infallible and they only show a small snapshot of blogging as a whole, but I was intrigued to see the results and due to that, I have created this post to share them with you too.

I’ll look at the blogger age first. To start with the original poll that I ran received 367 votes with the age ranges of under 18 yr, 18 – 35 yr old, 35 – 50 yr old and 50+ as the categories.

Below you can see the chart with the full poll results:

The two categories with the most votes were the 18 – 35 yr old and 35 – 50 yr old age ranges that received a combined percentage of 90% of the total number of votes. 90% is a huge number, absolutely huge, a massive majority and honestly, I was quite surprised by this as I had thought that there were a lot of bloggers under 18, but they polled only 1% of the total votes. Taking the two highest age ranges and putting them together creates an 18 – 50 yr old range which is a very wide margin and a large age gap and so, I decided to delve deeper with a second poll looking specifically at that age range. For that poll, I chose the age ranges of 18 – 24 yr old, 25 – 34 yr old, 35 – 44 yr old and 45 – 50 yr old.

Below you can see the chart with the full poll results:

This time 421 people (the largest amount of participants) took part in the poll and the category with the most votes was the 25 – 34 yr old age range with 47% of the total vote followed in second place by the 35 – 44 yr old category with 23% (which is the age range that I find myself in). While I’m not in the category with the highest percentage, I am in the second-highest category percentage-wise and well, I guess that I’m not that old to be a blogger after all! 🙂

The last poll, well, it was the first that I created on Twitter, but I decided to leave it to the end of this post as the result was far more obvious is looking at the gender of bloggers. I guess that if we think about it then we all know that blogging is female-dominated and the question regarding male and female bloggers is simply how big is the female majority? Scrolling through the blogs that I follow it is often a female blogger followed by another female blogger by another female blogger and so on with a few male bloggers interspersed in-between all of the female bloggers. Likewise, my Twitter feed (it is the same for the few blogger groups that I am a member of on FB too) is often mostly full of female bloggers with a few male bloggers popping up here and there on my timeline.

While there are male bloggers it has to be said that compared to female bloggers there are fewer males, far fewer males and the result of the poll that I ran really bring this home.

The poll that I ran on blogger gender received 296 votes (the smallest number of participants) and the categories were Male, Female, Non-binary/Transgender and Prefer not to say.

Side note: I just want to clarify that I am aware that there is a difference between Non-binary and Transgender, but Twitter only allows four options in a poll and I wanted to include an option that allowed people to decline to not to say what gender they are. So, no offence was meant by putting Non-binary and Transgender together, we good? Good.👍📚

Below you can see the chart with the full poll results:

The results show that 70% of those who voted are female and that is a massive majority. It’s not surprising that the poll showed a female majority, it was to be expected, but I didn’t expect it to be quite so high. Male bloggers made up 25% of the total votes in the poll and Non-binary and Transgender had an even lower percentage of only 3% of the total votes. I’m a straight white male, the privileged devil to many of you and as such, I don’t feel comfortable commenting on the Non-binary and Transgender percentage in the poll only to acknowledge how low it is. However, I will write that blogging is a very diversified, welcoming, all-encompassing and inclusive community and I’d like to think that if another blogger (who comes from/identifies with that part of the community) were to run a similar poll, to mine then the percentage on their own poll would undoubtedly be far higher than it was on my poll (at least, I would hope that it would be).

For me, as a male and the reason that I ran the poll in the first place, my own curiosity. Well, 25% out of 296 people who voted are male and 70% are female, that is a huge gap and a chasm between the amount of male and female bloggers! For whatever reason, male bloggers are a minority and we need more of them.


40 thoughts on “Blogger Statistics: a quick look.

  1. I definitely fall in the majority categories for both polls, but I agree, it would be nice to have a greater range of bloggers (age and gender). I definitely follow more female than male bloggers, but that’s just because there’s more out there! Interesting post, so thanks for sharing! 😊

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  2. It is a bit of a phenomenon alright, but it is also to be noted that there is a lack of male readers in the book community as a whole. I am a member of a few different “reading” groups and book clubs on facebook and they are vastly more female members. The Rick O Shea book club for example currently has over 30,000 members. A year or so ago (numbers were less then) the owner of the club ran a poll on gender and only 10% of respondents identified as male.

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  3. I’ve noticed bloggers tend to be female, as well, and my best guesses are 1) I think more women are avid readers than men in general and 2) two of the most popular categories are YA and romance, which tend to be read by women. I have noticed a few male SFF bloggers. A couple with YA blogs.

    There’s also a big push towards recognizing and appreciating actual teen bloggers in the YA blogging world, so I’ve come across lists of them and I know they exist, but I do think they are rarer. I’m not sure if this is because teens might be on other platforms (BookTok??) or something else.

    If I were a teen, I also think it might be a bit intimidating to start blogging when there are so many experienced bloggers around. Like, I would be wondering if my writing could hold up to people 15 years old than me or people who have been blogging 10 years. But maybe that’s just me and today’s teens are just going for it and being awesome. 😀

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    1. I’ve encouraged many of my students (I’m a high school teacher) to take up blogging… Many of them haven’t taken the full plunge, but they have told me that they do share their books and thoughts on their Instagram. Which is cool because that’s how their demographic communicates and it gets the reading bug out there.

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    2. Yeah, the general consensus is that there are far more female readers than male and I’d definitely agree with that. Likewise, you are right about YA and romance and male bloggers being SFF, I follow a few like me who read a variety of genres, but most who focus solely on one genre are SFF bloggers.

      BookTok?? That’s the book community on TikTok? You’ll have to excuse my ignorance I’m not into that whole scene and don’t know anything about it.

      Ah, if the teens started blogging and doubted their reviews and posts then they would fit right in with the majority of the rest of us.😂


  4. That male/female pie chart is ridiculous 😂 I do wonder whether men read less than women and that might the reason for the lack of male bloggers. IRL I don’t know many people who like to read, but of those I know, there’s only one man.

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    1. Ridiculous indeed, I knew that there were more female bloggers, but I didn’t think that the gap was that big.😂 That could well be true, in the few FB groups I’m in they are mostly female dominated too even the book club one only has rare male posts, a shame for guys as they are missing out by not reading.

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    1. Thank you, not too sure about the time and effort though, I thought that I half-assed the post and it could have been a lot better. I guess I did bother to create charts instead of just screenshotting the twitter results though.😂

      Possibly, though the general view seems to be that there are far fewer male readers, for whatever reason.


  5. I had my suspicions that it would be of such results. The female blogger crowd is huge…that makes for a perfect niche for some awsome male bloggers to swoop in. It’s hard to be a little fish in a huge pond with so many others. However, the book community has been mainly amazing no matter the gender, race or background.

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    1. Yeah, it is mostly amazing, totally agree with you on that. There are always ‘some’ who aren’t though, there are in any walk of life and community, to be expected, we are humans and not all of us are decent, luckily the vast majority are great.👍📚


  6. You know why I think there are less male bloggers? Because we clash like heck with each other a great deal more than the women do. I’ve experienced this and seen it in action in others. Male dominance is a thing.

    It was quite interesting to see the results of your polls 🙂

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      1. Ahhh, the mob justice crowd. I’ve chosen to stay away from that side of book blogging altogether. I don’t interact with people who are into that scene.

        The drama, the Drama, THE DRAMA! sigh….

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  7. I found this really interesting. Also the last graph was just the age image again, I assumed it was supposed to be a graphic on the genders.

    I think you are correct that if someone else who was non-binary or transgendered did a poll the results probably would be different. But you may find that some transgendered people voted in the male or female categories as well.

    Great post overall!

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    1. Ah, dammit, I didn’t realise about the last chart, thanks for bringing it to my attention.👍 I had some issues with WordPress and formatting, namely that there was a massive gap between the text and the chart so I had to edit it and must have added the wrong chart, sigh.😂😂😂

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  8. Publishing as a whole seems to be an industry where there are a lot of women in editorial and marketing positions. I also agree with those suggesting younger bloggers dominate because of the popularity of the YA genre. Fascinating poll results.

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  9. Perhaps the only surprise for me was that the 18-24 age range wasn’t higher than 25-35. I’m an old blogger, but then I knew that already! Lol! 49 and female. You’re right about needing more male blogger, especially in the book community.

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    1. Yeah, that surprised me too, quite a lot. I have to admit that I’m not part of the YA community and perhaps, if one of them did a poll then the results would be different with far more younger bloggers.

      Ah, 49 isn’t that old, I’m nearly 39 (feel about 80) and many of us aren’t spring chickens any more.😂

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  10. Interesting findings. I am not surprised about the gender results but I found the age results surprising as I was also under the impression that there are many bloggers under 18.

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    1. Yeah, that was definitely surprising. I think if a younger blogger did a poll, someone in the YA community (which I’m not) then the results would possibly be different with a higher number of younger bloggers, but for the poll I did, yeah, I was shocked.

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