My Journey’s End.

The darkness never scared me, I welcomed its embrace and it felt like home,

A place to hide in the shadows, somewhere I could belong and I wasn’t so alone,

My stitches have come undone, my wounds are frayed at the seams,

Washed away, I’m drowning, lost in a sea of my shattered dreams,

I was once alive, but damaged inside I never knew how to live,

My soul was broken, born tainted, yet I had so much to give,

I hear my name whispered softly, a gentle caress upon the breeze,

Like leaves rustling in the wind, untethered, it sets me free,

A calling for me to answer, a beacon, a light to guide my way,

Reflecting, I close my eyes, I’ve reached my final day,

Stepping forward, I am the condemned,

I have reached my journey’s end…

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