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My Reading Year in Book Covers for 2020.

A nice and easy simple post for you all today showing all of the covers for the books that I read in 2020. I read 43 books and so, there are 43 covers in total. I know that’s not many compared to those of you who read 150 – 200+ books. But, factor in that I took a break from both blogging and reading for all of February and half of March too. Then there was COVID-19 and Coronavirus situation (still ongoing, though the approved vaccines give us some light in the dark and a future to look towards) and that, as a supermarket worker and low-paid and unskilled scumbag I suddenly became a keyworker and had to carry on working throughout the pandemic which made focusing on reading really hard for me. And, then, a brief stay in the hospital during April (and feeling like crap before that) sort of killed my reading for a part of that month too. Also, I didn’t read a book in December either, work was very busy, life was stressful and honestly, the year had killed both blogging and reading for me so I hid away in video games rather than read a book or focus on my blog for the last month of the year. I do feel that with all the shit that happened this year that I still had an OK if not a great reading year in terms of total books read and while my overall amount of books read is low, I still managed to read some absolutely amazing books.

So, I present to you all, hopefully in the order that I read them unless the WordPress gremlins have been f#cking about:

My Reading Year in Book Covers for 2020.


20 thoughts on “My Reading Year in Book Covers for 2020.

  1. Some amazing covers! I love the epic fantasy feel of Raven Caller, the elaborate scrollwork of The Bone Shard Daughter and the simplicity of The Wise Friend. Map’s Edge is definitely eye-catching as well.

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    1. Thank you, I’m hoping that it is too, it’s definitely a struggle to be better with how things are, but vaccines are a light in the dark, just hard to see.

      It is, I shouldn’t beat myself up over 43, it just seems small and with so many reading more during the pandemic, I read less, it’s still a good number though, I just need to realise it.

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