Music Monday

Music Monday: The Conjurer by Insomnium.


Welcome once again to Music Monday where I offer you all a song that I really like. If anyone wants to join in then please feel free to have a go! 🙂

The Conjurer is the new release from Insomnium, it was released a few days ago on March 19th, 2021 and since then I have had it on repeat. Now firmly one of my favourite bands I only discovered Insomnium with their previous release Heart Like A Grave in 2019, but I was immediately hooked.

I’m not always the happiest of people, I walk with a darkness inside of me that, at times makes life hard. My favourite type of music regardless of genre is when I can find meaning in the lyrics, words that reach out, that reach in and that touch my blackened heart and damaged soul. This is what Insomnium does with their songs, with the music, the melody, the harmony, the harshness, the impassioned vocals, the guitar solos and with the lyrics that are written and sung that are so powerful, full of meaning and that evoke emotion in the listener allowing them to feel.

Insomnium creates art, stories within their songs that highlight the beauty, the hope and the life that can be found in the dark, the sadness and the sorrow. Insomnium is the band that when I’m feeling down and struggling with life I listen too. Everyone has their favourites, whether they are bands, individual songs, films, TV shows, video games and/or books that bring them back from the edge, that takes them to a better place, that makes them feel better and that, even if only for a little while help to take the pain away and Insomnium is mine. Granted, I also listen to them when I’m happy too because they are pure fucking awesome, but what some don’t realise is that music has the power to help heal and it can save lives.

I know that the band are never likely to see this, but, thank you for your songs and thank you for helping.

Insomnium: The Conjurer.

Do you remember?
How we watched the moon
Counted all the shimmering stars
Inhaled the night

Do you still remember?
Do you even care?
Words spoken in the darkness
And the promise made

Do you remember at all?
How we two made the winds rise
We could walk in each other’s dreams
Run the woods in wolf’s skin

But I remember
Still I remember
You made the vows to return to me
On this shore by the silent sea

How we lost it all?

Below the argent moon

And longing still it holds me
And yearning still it reigns
For all this life I’ve waited
On this blackened shore

And longing still it holds me tight
And yearning still prevails
For all this life I’ve waited you
Below the argent moon

And I know it in my heart
You will never come to me
By the side of someone else
You will watch the gleaming skies

I shall tear down all the stars
Steal the moon from heaven’s arms
They will never shine upon your path
As you roam the endless night

If I can’t share the moon with you
Then no one will

And longing still it holds me
And yearning still it reigns
For all this life I’ve waited
On this blackened shore

And longing still it holds me tight
And yearning still prevails
For still I wait to hear your voice
Below the empty skies

Nevermore shall we walk again
Below the argent moon

Composed by Markus Vanhala
Lyrics by Niilo Sevänen
Arranged by Insomnium

The single: The Conjurer (2021).

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7 thoughts on “Music Monday: The Conjurer by Insomnium.

  1. ‘She said, “Why do you play all them sad songs?
    Who went and hurt you so badly?”
    I just laughed and said, “Baby, them sad songs
    Is the only thing that make me happy”
    Yeah, sad songs they make me happy’
    – Starts With You by American Aquarium

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  2. Insomnium were one of the last bands I saw before the current situation kicked off. I’d been wanting to see them for a few years, was so happy I managed to. They did not disappoint.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. *shakes fist* Curse you, Ollie!

      Anyway, I’d somehow missed new Insomnium, so time to catch up. For me they peaked with Above the Weeping World, but they’ve yet to release a bad one.

      Liked by 3 people

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