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Zombie Apocalypse Tag

I was tagged by Brizzle Shizzle or as she also more mundanely known Claire over at Brizzlelass Books. Standard boiler plate time, if you don't already though I'd be very surprised then head on over to her blog and give her a Yo Brizzle Shizzle! 🙂 The Rules, yeah, rules suck!  Choose 5 books! Randomly… Continue reading Zombie Apocalypse Tag

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The Fall Book Tag

I was tagged many moons ago by both Mischenko over at Read Rant Rock & Roll and Hey Brizzle Shizzle (Claire) over at Brizzlelass Books. Thank you, ladies, and as always, if you don't already follow them then hop on over and check out both blogs, they are fantastic. 🙂 This tag was created by Shanah from Bionic… Continue reading The Fall Book Tag