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Book Blogger Insider Tag. #bookbloggers #bookblogger #bookblog

I was tagged by Sophie over at Blame Chocolate. Of course, please go and check out her blog and yes, you read that right her blog is called Blame Chocolate and no, I'm not sure what chocolate did to deserve the blame maybe Sophie will tell us?! But, everyone loves chocolate even Spongebob so it… Continue reading Book Blogger Insider Tag. #bookbloggers #bookblogger #bookblog

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New Year Book Tag!

I was tagged for this by Nicki over at the Secret Library Book Blog. As always if you don't already follow her then hop on over and check out her blog. 😉 How many books are you planning to read in 2018? Well! The low amount of 40 on my Goodreads challenge. Shameful, huh?! Alas,… Continue reading New Year Book Tag!