Music Monday


Here you will find an alphabetical index of all my Music Monday posts from A through to Z.

-12 Stones: Broken and The Way I Feel.


-AC/DC: Back In Black.

-Aerosmith: Livin’ On The Edge.

-Alice In Chains: Would?

-Alter Bridge: Open Your Eyes. 

-All That Remains ft. Danny Worsnop: Just Tell Me Something.

-All That Remains: This Calling.

-All That Remains: What If I Was Nothing.

-Amaranthe: 82nd All the way (Sabaton cover).

-Amaranthe: Burn With Me. 

-Angelus Apatrida: Farewell.

-Anthrax: Only.

-Anthrax: Safe Home.

-Any Given Day: Diamonds (Rihanna cover).

– Any Given Day: Home Is Where The Heart Is.

-Any Given Day: Lonewolf.

-As I Lay Dying: Parallels.

-As I Lay Dying: Shaped by Fire.

-Avenged Sevenfold: So Far Away.


-Bad Wolves featuring DIAMANTE: Hear Me Now.

-Bad Wolves: Zombie.

-Black Label Society: In This River.

-Bon Jovi: Livin’ On A Prayer.

-Bon Jovi: Wild Is The Wind.

-Brainstorm: When Pain Becomes Real.

-Bridge To Grace: Everything.

-Bullet For My Valentine: Tears Don’t Fall.

-Bury Tomorrow: Black Flame.


-Candlebox: Cover Me.

-Candlebox: Far Behind.

-Cinderella: Don’t Know What You Got (Til It’s Gone).

-Cold: Bleed.

– Cold: Cure My Tragedy (A Letter To God).

-Cold: Don’t Belong.

-Cold: Gone Away.

-Cold: Quiet Now.

-Cold: Wasted Years.

-Cooper, Alice: Poison.

-Creed: Inside Us All.

-Creed: Is This The End.

-Creed: My Sacrifice.

-Creed: One Last Breath.

-Creed: What’s This Life For.

-Crossfade: Cold.


-Def Leppard: Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad?

-Def Leppard: Hysteria.

-Def Leppard: Let’s Get Rocked.

-Def Leppard: Long Long Way to Go.

-Demon Hunter: 1,000 Apologies.

-Demon Hunter: I Play Dead.

-Disciple: Scars Remain.

-Disturbed: Down With The Sickness.

-Disturbed: Prayer.

-Disturbed: Remember.

-Disturbed: The Light.

-Disturbed: The Sound of Silence.

-Dream on Dreamer: Don’t Lose Your Heart.

-Drowning Pool: Bodies.


-Epic rap Battle: J. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. Martin.

-Evanescence: Bring Me To Life.

-Evergrey: Wrong.


-Fear Factory: Linchpin.

-Five Finger Death Punch: I Apologize.

-Five Finger Death Punch: Remember Everything and Coming Down.

-Five Finger Death Punch: The Bleeding.

-Five Finger Death Punch: Trouble and Gone Away.

-Five Finger Death Punch: Wash It All Away.

-Fit For A King: When Everything Means Nothing.

-Flaw: Fatal Fall.

-Foo Fighters: Best Of You.

-Fozzy: Judas.

-Fuel: Hemorrhage (In My Hands).


-Godsmack: Cryin’ Like A Bitch!!

-Godsmack: Greed and Awake.

-Godsmack: Keep Away.

-Godsmack: I Stand Alone.

-Godsmack: Under Your Scars.

-Guns N’ Roses: Don’t Cry.

-Guns N’ Roses: Estranged.

-Guns N’ Roses: November Rain.

-Guns N’ Roses: Sweet Child O’ Mine.


-Hammerfall feat. Noora Louhimo: Second to One.

-Heart: Alone.

-HELLYEAH: Human and Leap of Faith.


-Ice Nine Kills: Merry Axe-Mas.

-In Flames: Come Clarity.

-In Flames: Stay With Me.

-Insomnium: Heart Like A Grave.

-Insomnium: Last Statement.

-Insomnium: The Conjurer.

-Insomnium: The Offering.

-Insomnium: Through the Shadows.

-Iron Maiden: Can I Play With Madness.

-Iron Maiden: The Wicker Man.


-Johnny Cash: Hurt.


-Killswitch Engage: End of Heartache.

-Killswitch Engage: I Am Broken Too.

-Killswitch Engage: My Curse.

-Killswitch Engage: My Last Serenade.

-Killswitch Engage: Strength Of The Mind.

-Killswitch Engage Ft. Howard Jones: The Signal Fire.

-Kiss: Reason To Live.

-Korn: Freak On a Leash.


-Lacuna Coil: Naughty Christmas.

-Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper: Shallow.

-Light The Torch: Die Alone.

-Light The Torch: The Safety of Disbelief.

-Limp Bizket: Rollin’ (Air raid Vehicle).

-Linkin Park: Crawling.

-Linkin Park: Numb.

-Lordi: Snows In Hell.

-Luke Combs: She Got the Best of Me.


-Machine Head: Darkness Within.

-Meat Loaf: Blind As A Bat.

-Meat Loaf: I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That).

-Megadeath: A Tout Le Monde.

-Metallica: Enter Sandman.

-Metallica: Nothing Else Matters.

-Metallica: The Unforgiven II.

-Mudvayne: Happy?

-Mudvayne: World So Cold.


-Nightwish: Nemo.

-Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit.

-No Resolve Ft. Ashley Garza: Dancing with Your Ghost.


-Orbit Culture: See Through Me.

-Ozzy Osbourne: Shot in the Dark.


-Pantera: Cemetary Gates.

-Pantera: Cowboys From Hell.

-Pantera: I’m Broken.

-Pantera: Suicide Note pt.1.

-Papa Roach: Last Resort.

-Parkway Drive ft. Jenna McDougall: A Deathless Song.

-Parkway Drive: The Void.

– Parkway Drive: Vice Grip.

-Pearl Jam: Alive.

-Pop Evil: Monster You Made.

-Puddle of Mudd: Blurry.


-Rammstein: Sonne.

-Red: Let Go.

-Red Dead Redemption II: OST: That’s The Way It Is.

-Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Scar Tissue.

-Rev Theory: Broken Bones.

-Rob Flynn: Die Young.

-Run DMC ft. Aerosmith: Walk This Way.


-Saliva: Always.

-Seether: Broken.

-Seether: Got it Made.

-Sevendust: Ugly.

-Shinedown: Second Chance.

-Skunk Anansie: Weak.

-Slipknot: Duality.

-Slipknot: My Plague.

-Soil: Halo and Unreal.

-Stan Bush: The Touch.

-Staind: Outside (acoustic).

-Stemm: Dead Inside.

-Stone Sour: Bother.

-Stone Sour: Through Glass.


-Taylor, Corey: X-M@$.

-Tenacious D: Low Hangin’ Fruit.

-Tenacious D: Tribute.

-Through Fire: Breathe.

-Through Fire: Listen To Your Heart (Roxette cover).

-Times of Grace: The Forgotten One.

-Tremonti: Dust.

-Tremonti: Giving Up.

-Trivium: Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr.

-Trivium: Until The World Goes Cold.

-Trust Company: Downfall.


-U2: One.

-U2: With or Without You.


-War of Ages: Collapse.

-Whitechapel: Hickory Creek.

-Whitesnake: Here I Go Again ’87.

-Whitesnake: Still of the Night.

-Wolfheart: The Flood.