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If you are a publicist, publisher or I am already on your mailing lists then PLEASE get in touch about review books, author and book features and/or blog tours!

I read Fantasy, Post-apocalyptic, Zombie, SFF, Horror, Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Graphic novels and anything else that catches my eye or interests me but I don’t read Y-A, Erotica or Romance!

For quotes any authors and/or publishers who wish to use part of one of my reviews for a quote (be it on a website, press release, in the book, a graphic image for promotion, etc) are free to quote from my reviews but please include my blog name (Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek or just The Tattooed Book Geek) and also, please inform me that I have been quoted and my review used so that I know, thank you. 

Indie authors please note that I am closed to review requests from you but I am, however, prepared to host you and your work (book excerpt, guest post, etc) on my blog.

I write honest reviews in an informal way on how much I enjoyed the book and stay away from spoilers. Reviewing instead with the aim of showing whether or not I think the book is, in fact, worth your time and effort as a reader and saying what I liked and disliked without spoiling the actual story.

I read for the love of it and as a hobby. I will review the books I’ve read after I’ve read them (obviously I can’t review them while I’m still reading). I try to read each day but sometimes life and other things get in the way and I can’t. I much prefer proper books than e-books.

I will consider all requests but I reserve the right to decline any request.

Please note, I am a UK based blogger.

If I agree to have you on my blog for a book excerpt, guest post, etc then, please along with the specified content make sure that you send the required information for the post too. Contrary to what some of you believe it isn’t my job to gather the information (you are the author, promote yourself and your work) for you and while I’m happy to get the odd bit (after all, we all forget things at times) I won’t get it all if you make no effort to include any! 

Information required for posts is:

  • Book cover.
  • Book blurb.
  • Purchase links.
  • Author biography.
  • Author picture.
  • Author social media links.

Feedback, advice about the blog, general book chat, recommendations, guest post, book spotlight, book excerpt and cover reveals by both publishers and authors are all welcome. As well as blog tours for books.

I’m also more than happy to consider hosting guest posts from any other bloggers out there. 🙂

You can contact me using the contact form below: