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If you are a publicist, publisher or I am already on your mailing lists then PLEASE get in touch about review books, features and/or blog tours!

I read Fantasy, Post-apocalyptic, Zombie, SFF, Horror, Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Graphic novels and anything else that catches my eye or interests me but I don’t read Y-A, Erotica or Romance!

I write honest reviews on how much I enjoyed the book and stay away from spoilers. Reviewing instead with the aim of showing whether or not I think the book is, in fact, worth your time and effort as a reader and saying what I liked and disliked without spoiling the actual story.

I write reviews how I like them to be written, the length of the review will vary from book to book, I’m not a fan of the endless long length essay style review and prefer informal shorter to the point paragraphs emphasising what I both did and did not like about the book. I’m not a professional, I’m just a book lover and as such,  my grammar and punctuation aren’t the best, it’s not who or what I’m about, I’m here to give my honest opinion on the books I read. You will find the occasional/often use both sarcasm and foul language in my reviews. I swear in real life so I might as well swear in my reviews (only in some). I’m not a cardboard cutout or a ‘vanilla‘ type of blogger, I put my personality into my posts and reviews, if anyone has a problem with that, it’s your choice.

All my old reviews are rated with a standard 5 star system (1 star through to 5 stars) with 1 being the lowest (the book was unreadable/I didn’t finish it), 3 middling (the book was just an OK read) and 5 the highest rating (a cracking good read/highly recommended).

As of May 2017, my new reviews will be rated under a new system. I changed how I rate from the standard 5-star rating to a simplified version. I felt that too many people pay attention to the rating rather than the actual review content and the reasons for the rating. My new system will feature a choice of three reviews as detailed below:

  • Hell No Book Review (1 star to 2 star review).
  • It’s OK Book Review (3 – 3.5 star review).
  • Hell Yeah Book Review (4 star to 5 star review).

I read for the love of it and as a hobby. I will review the books I’ve read after I’ve read them (obviously I can’t review them while I’m still reading). I try to read each day but sometimes life and other things get in the way and I can’t. 

I much prefer proper books than e-books and I don’t review to a set deadline (you can ask but unless it’s a book I’m dying to read or you give me enough time to read the book then I’ll probably say no) as I wrote earlier for me, reading is a hobby (like it is with all bloggers) and something I enjoy in my free time (as is blogging) and I don’t want to spoil that enjoyment by having to read and review to a set deadline.

I’m currently closed to review requests from indie authors.

Self-published authors, I’m more than happy to accept book spotlights, book excerpts, guest posts and cover reveals from you instead of reviewing your book but due to my TBR list, books being released in the coming months that I’m looking forward to and being lucky enough to be on publisher mailing lists I WON’T accept actual review requests from you so please DON’T ask! 

I will consider all requests but I reserve the right to decline any request.

Please note, I am a UK based blogger.

To indie authors, it seems that I need to reiterate this point. I’m sorry but I am closed to review requests so please respect this. Whilst I am currently closed to actually “reviewing” your work,  I am, however, more than happy to help you promote your book with book excerpts, guest posts and cover reveals. Please do NOT ask for a review but for anything else please feel free to contact me.😀

If I agree to have you on my blog for a book excerpt, guest post, etc then, please along with the specified content make sure that you send the required information for the post too. Contrary to what some of you believe it isn’t my job to gather the information (you are the author, promote yourself and your work) for you and while I’m happy to get the odd bit (after all, we all forget things at times) I won’t get it all if you make no effort to include any! 

Information required for posts is:

  • Book cover.
  • Book blurb.
  • Purchase links.
  • Author biography.
  • Author picture.
  • Author social media links.

Feedback, advice about the blog, general book chat, recommendations, guest post, book spotlight, book excerpt and cover reveals by both publishers and authors are all welcome. As well as blog tours for books.

I’m also more than happy to consider hosting guest posts from any other bloggers out there. 🙂

You can contact me using the contact form below: