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TTBG’s ways to get ARC’s. #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Blogger #Bloggers #BookBlog #Books

I have plundered the depths of my worldly wisdom and vast blogging knowledge and I thought that I'd share with you some foolproof and sure-fire ways in which you can all get ARC's. Kidnap the author. Keep them locked up, chained to a radiator and hidden away in a remote location until the publicist agrees… Continue reading TTBG’s ways to get ARC’s. #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Blogger #Bloggers #BookBlog #Books

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Selling ARC’s is Wrong!!!

You pull up in your car, it's the dark of night, illuminated only by the moon and a street light giving off a tepid yellow glow. In the distance you see a lone nondescript figure, nonchalantly leaning against the wall, trench coat buttoned up and hoody obscuring their face. You quietly step out of your… Continue reading Selling ARC’s is Wrong!!!

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Book Haul: Red Sister (Book of the Ancestor #1) ARC by Mark Lawrence

Book Post is always a joy when it arrives, be it surprise post or books you know that are coming. This book Red Sister post falls into the 'knew it was coming' category but imagine my surprise when I found out that the author Mark Lawrence had signed and stamped the book!!! While this might… Continue reading Book Haul: Red Sister (Book of the Ancestor #1) ARC by Mark Lawrence