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Some cool Mothers. #bookbloggers #blogger #blogger #blogpost #blogposts #blog #blogs

It's Mother's Day in the UK and firstly, I'd like to take the opportunity to wish my own mother, Mother Tattooed Book Geek or, as she's also known, Elaine a very Happy Mother's Day. Happy Mothers Day Mum!🎊🎇🎈🎆You did your best, I'm sorry I turned out how I did, thanks for putting up with me!😂… Continue reading Some cool Mothers. #bookbloggers #blogger #blogger #blogpost #blogposts #blog #blogs

Music Monday

Music Monday: The Touch by Stan Bush

Welcome once again to Music Monday where I offer you all a song that I really like. If anyone wants to join in then please feel free to have a go! 🙂 Stan Bush: The Touch. You got the touch, You got the power, After all is said and done, You've never walked, you've never run, You're… Continue reading Music Monday: The Touch by Stan Bush

Graphic Novel Reviews

Batman The Killing Joke.

Batman The Killing Joke. Alan Moore - Author. Brian Bollard - Artist. 5 stars out of 5. Graphic Novel Blurb: Alan Moore cemented his reputation for unparalleled storytelling with wildly acclaimed books such as WATCHMEN and V FOR VENDETTA. Here he takes on some of DC's most classic characters, offering his unforgettable version of the… Continue reading Batman The Killing Joke.