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A Break.

I didn't read a book in December, that has bled over into the new year and I haven't read a book in January either (shocking for a book blogger, I will hand in my blogger card). It is safe to say that I'm in a reading slump. I have plenty of books (and ARCs) that… Continue reading A Break.

My Musings

2 years ago today, RIP.

Two years ago today, February 19th, 2016 I had to have Sully, my dog put down. 😦 Pets give us so much, they transcend just being an 'animal' and become something far more. They are a friend, they are family, they are there for both the good times and the bad, they don't leave us… Continue reading 2 years ago today, RIP.

That's a Wrap!!! · Various Things

That’s a Wrap – weekly round-up post for December 9th.

I don't often post daily on my blog, it's very rare that I manage a post each day of the week. Massive props to those that do, lots even manage more than one post daily! Alas, my procrastination levels often get in the way and my own posting is rather sporadic. 🙂  As I managed… Continue reading That’s a Wrap – weekly round-up post for December 9th.