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The Malice Book Review

The Malice. Peter Newman. 4.5 stars out of 5. The book blurb: In the south, the Breach stirs. Gamma’s sword, the Malice, wakes, calling to be taken to battle once more. But the Vagrant has found a home now, made a life and so he turns his back, ignoring its call. The sword cries out,… Continue reading The Malice Book Review

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An Interview with Peter Newman

Reblogged this from thathornguy’s blog as I found it to be a really good interview with a quality author, I really enjoyed reading The Vagrant last year and have been lucky enough to have received a copy of The Malice to review, which I hope to start reading soon. 🙂

that thorn guy

PeterNewmanPhotoYour debut novel, The Vagrant, came out last year and received much praise within the SFF community. Mark also loved it and said it was the best thing he’d read in quite a while. So while preparing for this interview I was astonished to find out that despite starting to write in your early twenties you stopped for almost ten years following criticism you received from friends. As someone who also writes and critiques I have some understanding of both the importance of giving/receiving feedback and of the havoc it can have on someone’s self-confidence. Even gentle criticism can come as a big blow sometimes, but to think that whatever you’d been told led to you putting it aside for such a long time is terrible.  How did you eventually find your way back into writing? (And may I say we are all glad that you did!)


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