A poem: Cross to bear. #poem #poetry #poet #writing #feelings #blogger #bloggers #blog

I wish that I could fly, I'm burdened by broken wings, I'm just a damaged soul, With time slipping through my hands, Please, Can you see me? I hide from this life of mine, I'm just a bitter man, Who no-one can understand, Please, Can you free me? From these chains that are made to… Continue reading A poem: Cross to bear. #poem #poetry #poet #writing #feelings #blogger #bloggers #blog

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TTBG’s: Authorgate

When I get a review request I usually just ignore it, or like Broken Matt Hardy I delete, delete, delete. Some of you I know do the same and some will think that it's rude and they will reply to each and every request from any author. That's all good, it's your own choice, neither… Continue reading TTBG’s: Authorgate

My Musings

An Open Letter To The Uninformed Masses and The Haters.

I was going to bring you a review today but due to recent events in the book blogging community I decided instead to bring you this and offer my opinion, a vitriolic diatribe of acid spitting or if you prefer, an open letter to the uninformed masses and the haters. Firstly, recently there has been… Continue reading An Open Letter To The Uninformed Masses and The Haters.