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Mock Poetry: Fifty Shades of Fluffy

With her permission, I have reblogged this from No Thrills Jill, Smutterfly, The Fresh Prince of Jill - Air, Smutty Jilly or Jillian at RantandRaveaboutBooks so you all can read it, it's her attempt at writing mock poetry and it's rather good! Though you should be warned it contains snark, smut and foul language as… Continue reading Mock Poetry: Fifty Shades of Fluffy

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An Interview with John Gwynne

Reblogged on my own humble blog, a great interview and I absolutely love this series!!! 🙂

that thorn guy

I read that you were born in Singapore and your family travelled around a lot. Would you tell us which countries you lived in and what impact they had on you?

I was born in Singapore. My dad was in the RAF and stationed there at the time so I did travel regularly as he would be given a new posting roughly every three or four years. I was only 18 months old when we moved back to the UK, so I don’t remember any of it, and after that we stayed within the UK – still moving every three or so years – thus unfortunately I didn’t manage to see the world and it wasn’t quite as glamorous as it sounds. I do have memories of some especially beautiful places in the UK, though, such as the Malvern Hills on the border of England and Wales. I spent a…

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