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It’s OK to Take a Break.

Recently I have taken a break from reading and I haven't picked up a book for over a week. No real reason other than I just don't want to. I love reading, I really I do and most of the time I'd be more than happy to spend all day, every day reading. But, at… Continue reading It’s OK to Take a Break.


Wherever I Roam.

The colours are muted, the sky turned to grey, storm approaching, rain falling, I get washed away, I never offered you the world, it wasn't mine to give, I offered you myself, the best I had, the best I was, it wasn't enough, Thoughts plague me, swirling inside my mind, taunting, I'm nothing, worthless, I've… Continue reading Wherever I Roam.


A Poem: The Other Side. #Poem #Poet #Poetry #Feelings #Blogger #Bloggers

I wanted to fly, my broken wings won't make it to the sky, When you took it from me, you left me dead for all the world to see, As I choose to die, I'll end my life on terms that I decide, It's not weak of me, it takes strength to know its how… Continue reading A Poem: The Other Side. #Poem #Poet #Poetry #Feelings #Blogger #Bloggers


A Poem: Cracks. #poem #poetry #poet #blogger #bloggers #feelings

I can't stitch together my wounds, I can't paper over the cracks, I've given up on living, And I ask, Hiding in the dark, Will the colour ever come back? This world so fragile, This life so cold, Caught in a moment, Time forever turns so slow, I find myself abandoned, And I ask, How… Continue reading A Poem: Cracks. #poem #poetry #poet #blogger #bloggers #feelings