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What blogging means to me. #bookbloggers #bookblogger #blogger #bloggers #blog #blogs

What blogging means to me.

I started The Tattooed Book Geek on March 5th, 2016. That’s over two years ago now! Am I shocked I’m still blogging? Honestly, I don’t know! Possibly, possibly, not but I will admit that up until a month previous to that having a blog hadn’t even crossed my mind.

As those of you who follow my blog will know I lost Sully, my dog three weeks before the inception of this blog, coincidence? No!

20140720_110743 (2)

I had briefly and I mean very briefly considered the idea of starting a book blog near the beginning of 2016 but I wasn’t really serious about it and it was one of those procrastination “I guess I could have a blog to share my thoughts on books but can I be bothered” type of thoughts and not a go getter “I want a book blog and I want to rule the blogging world” train of thought and it was quickly consigned to the trash pile of hobby ideas that would take away from my gaming and reading time.

Fast forward a few weeks and a cruel twist of fate happened. Sully got ill. Now, Sully was old, she’d reached 15 back in December but she wasn’t old in herself, still acted like a puppy, still loved her toys (damn, that dog could squeak her toys for hours) and she had never been ill since I adopted her back in 2003. To say she took ill was a shock, sure, an old dog and yes, you expect similar issues to those that are found in older aged humans, aching joints, lethargy, arthritis but she took ill so quickly and in a matter of a fortnight she had gone from being the same dog that she had always been to being dead.

She had cancer and there was no hope. Age didn’t factor into it, the type of cancer meant that regardless of her age she had a death sentence. I remember that the tests showed nothing even as she was getting progressively worse there was nothing wrong with her blood, etc and according to the results, it was just a case of slight arthritis and plain and simple old age.

On her final day she started hacking up black bits, she wouldn’t eat, drink or move from on the sofa but it was those black bits that made the alarm bells ring and that dreaded word ‘cancer’ started repeating in my brain “black = poison, rot and disease” and sadly, I was right. What a time to be fucking right! I badgered (politely of course) the vets to do scans, etc and find out the truth and as I just wrote, I was right, it was cancer. With all of her tests coming back normal the vets hadn’t considered cancer as in some form or another it should have shown up in at least one of the tests but alas, it didn’t.

It didn’t because it was a rare type in dogs and as I previously mentioned a death sentence for her. The cancer had spread and there were tumours in her bladder and her stomach too. Unless a vet specifically checks for that type of cancer there is no way of knowing that it is there, there was nothing that anyone could have done but knowing that even now over 2 years later part of me still feels like I failed her.

Sorry, I apologise as I went off on a tangent! It does, however, tie into why I started my blog. I started my blog simply for something to do in the time that I would have been spending with Sully and at the time blogging meant to me solely an escape from the thoughts that plagued me.

I have scars from being unhappy, when I have been numb I have cut myself for no other reason than to feel and I have bled to bring me back from the edge but over Sully’s death, I didn’t. I wanted to, believe me, it was my go-to for when I needed to take the pain away but it would have degraded all the times that she was there for me, tarnished her memory, what she meant to me and it would have been wrong.

Ooohhhh! Can you feel the emotion! Take that all those who think that I am only ever sarcastic!

Don’t judge! Hands up every blogger who has had or still has issues!


The Tattooed Book Geek wasn’t my first blog, I had an ill-fated attempt at an unnamed blog on Blogger a few days before I started this one, suffice to say that went tits up, I hated it, quit and as eloquently as I can word it thought “fuck this shit”.

Then, one afternoon I came up with the name, The Tattooed Book Geek and decided on WordPress as my blogging platform and here we now are! 🙂

Back when I started blogging it meant an escape and it was a way to waste some free time. Now, while it still means those two things it doesn’t mean them as much or in the same way. Having a blog no longer wastes my free time, it consumes it! No, I jest (it sure does take time though) back at the start it was a way to waste my time and now it is something that I actually want to do with my time. It’s not something that I’m doing just to be doing ‘something’.

Saying that however I found myself (much to my shock) really liking blogging and it soon changed from something to waste time into something that I enjoyed and while I have my ups and downs with my blog (like I’m sure most of us do) after 2 years I still enjoy it.

Now, I’m saying that I enjoy it, which I do but whether or not I’m any good at it is another question and fuck knows the answer to that!


Blogging is still an escape, I can’t deny that and I am sure it is for many of you too for various reasons but it’s now not an escape from dark thoughts and loss. It’s now an escape from being surrounded by people who have absolutely no interest in reading to being part of a community that is full of readers.

Blogging to me is a way to share my thoughts. Yeah, no shit Sherlock on that one after I just told you how my dog died and that in the past I have played with knives! I mean, does it get any more personal than that?!

As I’m not much of a ‘talker‘ in real-life and often let things fester and build up inside blogging is a way for me to vent and to express my thoughts and feelings through the written word be those thoughts and feeling included in blog posts or written in the form of poetry.


That’s another thing blogging means to me, my blog is a place to share my poetry! Eurgh, my bad boy image and manliness rating just went down with that!


Blogging means that I get my own little piece of the Internet where I can come up with awesome phrases like ‘book hooker‘ which yes, on occasion gets me hassle but that’s also another thing that blogging means to me. It means that I get haters and trolls! How cool is that! These people have been offended enough to hate, thank you, it’s nice to know that you care. 😉


You know you love me really, I gave you the term ‘book hooker’ to use! 🙂

Blogging means that I can preach my rhetoric and spiel to the masses and maybe one day I’ll be able to turn my blog into an online cult. The Church of Drew, all worship at the altar of awesomeness! 🙂

tenor (31)

Blogging is a way to share my thoughts on books, no-one I work with reads, that’s a lie actually as a couple of people read some rather unsavoury types of books that I have no interest in and they, no interest in what I read and trying to get a conversation with them about books of any sort is like getting blood from a stone!

When you don’t know many people, in general, and who actually read. Yes, I’m rather a loner though as I am currently suffering from the dreaded man flu whilst writing this I can tell you that I must have caught the germs from someone and ergo, people are disease carrying, often annoying idiots who quite frankly are over-rated!


If you don’t know many readers then you are left talking to the walls and yourself when trying to talk about books and that is where a book blog comes in. Wow, that is a groundbreaking revelation right there isn’t it! A book blog means a way to express and share your thoughts on books. Be they the books you read, favourite trilogies, series, authors, classics or upcoming releases.

Even though I’m very much on the outskirts of the community I’m still part of something and really that is what blogging is mainly about to me, being part of a collective of like-minded individuals who regardless of the country that they live in, whether they are male or female, their sexual orientation or even their age all have one thing in common, they all love books!

What does blogging mean to you???

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71 thoughts on “What blogging means to me. #bookbloggers #bookblogger #blogger #bloggers #blog #blogs

  1. Love this post! Love your way with words!
    I enjoy the book community immensely, both blogging and on Goodreads I am pretty new to this blogging and I have really been surprised by what a little community it is…
    I love sharing my thoughts on books and getting everyone else’s perspectives as well, and as you my real life friends pretty much are allergic to books…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you.😀 Yeah, it is a great community, on the whole, a few twats about but you have to expect that with people.

      Ah, Goodreads, a step to far for me. I just about remember to add my reviews and at some point during reading the book I remember to add it to my currently reading bit.😂

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  2. I just started my own blog not two weeks ago. I played with the idea a few years ago, but then I dismissed it, because I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I wrote in hungarian, but at the time I already read in english and there was no one who would have been interested in them. Fast forward a few years, a friend mentioned I should start a blog, read one of your posts, and decided why not? I already had some connections with upcoming indie authors who sent some ARCs in my way and felt like I should respect them this way. Also, I had no idea I’ll find such a great community with people with the same interests as me! I can talk about books I read with people who do the same! It’s awesome. I found friends I never had before. I’m enjoying the hell out of it currently. Also, I never thought I’ll be on twitter one day, and here I am, tweeting. I don’t think I ever let my real self out so much as I do now. It’s kind of liberating 🙂 And helps to improve my english as well :)) Sorry for the long rambling…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. No worries, rambling is always fine.😀 I ramble a lot! It’s impossible for me to write a short post! Review, tough, post, watch the words go.😂

      Yeah, it is a great community, some bad one’s like in every walk of life with people but overall it’s really supportive and cool.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Reviews are tricky, because you have to write down your thoughts and impressions without giving away spoilers. I usually not a talker, I hardly speak, but once I start writing, I can’t seem to stop… Maybe that’s one of the reasons I struggle to finish my short stories/novellas/whatnot, lol.

        Well, you can’t find a perfect community anywhere, there are ought to be some bad examples 🙂

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      2. Yeah, that’s true and why I only skim the story briefly as I don’t want to give any spoilers away and I also review in an informal way.

        Lol, yeah, agree with that too though I’ve been called a bad example for blogging before.😱😂🙄

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  3. I really enjoyed reading this, Drew. Blogging is surely an escape and one of the reasons I keep going as well. Book discussions of course, but I think meeting new people and having people to talk to are two if my most favorite things about blogging. Plus having friends in different parts of the world is amazing. 😁👍

    Book hooker had me on the floor 🤣😂 Great post and congrats on two years. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I enjoyed reading this. I thought about blogging for years, a way to get my thoughts out without bookish friends. I never thought I’d be good enough or fit in. Finally I said “screw it… I’m doing it.”
    Here I am…I may be small, but I am here none the less. Besides…I do it for me and because I enjoy it…not to compete. I’ve made amazing friends and met great authors. There is a wonderful community here and I’m happy to be a part of it.
    I always enjoy your posts.
    Congratulations on n two years!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you.

      Yeah, fitting in and being good enough are definitely things you consider, I didn’t. Which I think is one of the reasons why I still think my blog sucks and constantly go on about not fitting in and the stereotypes.😂 most of us are small, some get lucky regardless of size but there’s only a few (that I can think of) who are actually huge and they are more like websites than blogs and exactly, we do it for us.

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  5. Book hooker is just amazing. I’m the same with regards to friends/work colleagues don’t read. My partner reads quite a lot but our taste in books are the complete opposite. Its good on here as you can discuss books etc with people who actually want to talk to about it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s amazing how it offended people 😂 that’s why I’m enjoying blogging as I can talk about what I enjoy and sometimes interact with other bloggers. I’ve actually made a new blog which I talked about this. I’ve tagged you in it as the inspiration came from your blog.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awesome will check it out and yeah, it’s not amazing it offended people as it was actually a clean post, etc with nothing offensive. Now if they’d checked out one of my actual offensive posts then cool but haters gonna hate.😂


      1. Well, I love your rambles about Sully. ❤ And writing about pets or people you’ve lost helps a lot with the grieving process, so it’s a good thing to do.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Great post and thanks for sharing your views on blogging, sorry about Sully too, that was so moving to read. I agree, blogging is like our own piece of the Internet, and a blog can be whatever we want it to be. I got into blogging because a friend suggested to me it’d be like having a digital portfolio of my writing / reviews ect. It has indeed proven invaluable in that respect. But most of all it is the community of bloggers that I’ve gotten to know over time that I find to be the most rewarding experience from blogging 🙂

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  7. Couldn’t agree more with all this 🙂 In these past few weeks, blogging hasn’t been just an escape for me, but also a revelation, I couldn’t have imagined it’s the way it is, with all these great people and conversations. I don’t know anyone who reads irl, so I’ve been keeping inside all the fangirling and trashtalk about books for ages. So glad I started this, and I hope I’ll last at least as long as you. And I’m really sorry about Sully, she was a beauty.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. For me it is 🙂 I didn’t even think I’d last this much as I’m prone to quitting things but now I’m trying to change that 🙂

        Yes, that’s the best part, as until now not only I had no one to talk about books with, but I’ve been mocked for reading in the first place lol 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I feel that! Reading is boring, blah blah blah. I get mocked for gaming too! I mean seriously! The people see no issue with them watching TV for a couple of hours but me gaming for the same amount of time is wrong.🙄 Both involve looking at a screen and are very similar.😱😂

        Lol, I’m not sure I’m prone to quiting but I’m shocked I’ve blogged for this long. If I can do it you can too.👌📚

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Exactly! Except that TV is mostly brainwashing, not to mention our local programs which also induce stupidity. In games you can at least learn useful skills, it’s been proven scientifically 😀 I, as a 27yo girl am more used to hearing stuff like “you should get married and have kids instead of wasting time on books” (lol no I won’t), and “so you’re smart if you read that much” – in mocking tones, said by people who watch the aforementioned stupidity-inducing shows. Leave me and my books the hell alone people. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      4. That’s true about games, hand to eye coordination too. What I meant was more along the line of you sit on your ass for 2 hours and stare at a screen when you watch TV and gaming is the same, you sit, you look at a screen and I’ve had this debate with people at work who think there’s a difference and that gaming is wasting your time whilst watching TV is fine, crazy.😂

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  8. Great post! I know exactly how you feel with regards to losing Sully. My dog was 10 when I lost her. I was devastated. It’s been over 20 years since I lost her, and it still hurts like hell. With that being said, I started blogging just to keep up with the books I read, and yes, I have met some wonderful people along the way, and some great authors as well.

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  9. Damn, I can relate to so much of this post. Blogging for me started off as a way to get my creative juices flowing again, but it definitely evolved into more. It’s an escape when I need it. (It’s been better than actual therapy, in some ways.) It’s a way for me to connect with people with similar interests and people with similar problems. It helps me fill some of the social void in my life (which probably sounds pathetic). I never feel like I have enough people to talk to in “real life,” so having a place to share my thoughts and ideas with others has been super beneficial for my mental health.

    Thank you for the term “book hooker,” by the way. I will use it well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, I wouldn’t relate to this post. I’m a bad influence on blogging!😱😂

      No, it doesn’t sound pathetic at all or at least no more pathetic than any of the stuff I wrote in the post.😀 I’m not much of a talker and bottle things up, ergo, poetry but with the blog it also allowed me to write about other stuff to that I wouldn’t have talked about and it really does help.

      Lol, make sure you do! That term has already got me into trouble!😂


  10. I completely understand where you’re coming from on so many levels. I know very few people who read as much as I do (I’m also a gamer and know even less people who do that!). I don’t think many of the people I work with read but I have become a bit of a talking point at work because I always have a book on my break. This has lead to some discussions about blogging which others knew nothing about but now do, something that I suspect can only be good.

    Also, very sorry to hear about Sully. I’m more of a cat person but I know how hard it is to lose a pet, particularly that quickly too. It’s not easy and something I don’t think non-pet owners ever fully appreciate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, that’s very true. Non pet owners definitely don’t get it which is fair enough and I can’t fault them for it but if they ever did get a pet they’d realise how big of a role they play in your life.

      Ah, cool, I’m OK on that front as some people I work with game so I can talk about that but reading no chance, they think it’s boring.😱😂

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      1. My work is a strange place. 😂 I don’t judge people who don’t read but at the same time I don’t understand them either. Reading is never boring, unless you choose a boring book.

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  11. Thanks for sharing! Some people don’t like “book bloggers” to also be a life style or an “about me” blog. I personally like it. I like to get to know the people as people – it’s also how I run my own blog.

    I also started blogging with a completely different blog than I now have. It’s something that morphs and changes as we do personally. I’m glad you stuck it out and found something you actually love doing!

    I’m also so sorry about Sully. I’ve only recently found and started following you. Pets are tricky. They become such a part of our souls even though it’s also such a fleeting time we get to have them with us. I lost my first cat when he was 7. I didn’t have him nearly enough time and it was so incredibly hard to let him go. He was ill for over a year and we didn’t have answers until it was too late to help him.

    Keep doing what you love and we’ll keep sharing it with you!


  12. It’s so great that you can open up like that, and I really enjoy following you for both your honesty and your sense of humor! I don’t have ANY friends that read either! It was so difficult to sit there and try to tell them about a book that made me laugh my ass off or boo hoo like a baby when they obviously thought I was crazy and didn’t care. I started my blog for the same reasons as you, and I am definitely a slow grower, which is fine by me really. it’s just been lovely to meet people with similar interests, and I’ve actually made quite a few great book friends so it’s well worth it! Great post, Drew! (Like that? I will forever address you by your name after that last post you wrote… even though I am not asking you for a review – haha!)! =D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol.😂😂😂 It still remains to be seen if that post had the desired effect on authors around using names.😱😂

      I know! They just don’t get it that a book and characters in a book can make you emotional but when they are talking about the TV shows they watch and how they laughed and cried its all good but mention a book, some people.😱😂🙄

      Thanks, I’ll take the sense of humour but the honesty gets me in trouble.😂

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  13. Every time you share about Sully, I tear up ❤ This is a fantastic post that I know many can truly relate to. We all just want to share that passion for reading and be a part of it yeah? Not sure you are on the outskirts as much as you feel 😉 You certainly seem to catch wind of more going on and drama than I do, so I say that points at a good sign of being pretty involved in the community. Glad our blogging paths crossed my friend! Keep at it 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, yeah, I get emotional too and I end up writing far more than I intended then think sod it, I wrote it, I’m not deleting it.😂


      Ha, possibly true but I’m not a popular blogger so definitely on the outskirts for that and yeah, but I catch wind of certain things only because they are aimed at me ergo, the venting post.😱😂🙄


      1. I don’t believe in popularity.😂 I swore it off when I left highschool and my life is better for it. The only people I need to impress live under my roof or pay my bills 😜 And always feel free to ramble about what matters to you. These are the things that define us?

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      2. Very true and I’m a believer eurgh, good job I didn’t have a type error there and type belieber!😱😂 in that more personal oriented posts have a place on blogs as they show you who the blogger is.

        Yeah, I’m not down with popularity either. I’m happy just doing me.

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  14. You put into words so much of how I feel. For me, it was either a blog or talking to the wall. I’m sorry about Sully. I know at times of loss, words are so inadequate, for both parties. Anyway, I hope Sully’s in dog heaven doing everything she loves to do. 🙂

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  15. Wonderful post! I’m so sorry to hear about your dog – that must have been horrible, and not knowing he had cancer until near the end. I’m glad that you’ve been blogging for 2 years though and that you’ve found a fun community to be part of. That really is one of the main reasons I still love blogging after all this time.


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  16. Great post Drew- you got it all covered!
    Sully was a lovely looking dog 🙂 As you know we lost out doberman, also cancer and a week later we lost our second dog, a smallish sheepdog.God, March was a b#tch of a month, I tell ya! 😦 but all in all, like with Sully I try to think of all the good times the poochies had running around, being fed and rubbed! 🙂 It’s just such a shame the man’s best friend has such a short life span, totally unfair!

    I had been blogging for years before I moved over to blogging just about books. And why I did it? I simply had nothing better to do with my time.. it sure has come a full circle now that the pressure is on with TBRs and reviews and blog schedules 😀 hahaha… but, it’s totally fun and a great hobby to have!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I get TBR’s and reviews but schedules? Nah, I don’t bother with that, only on very rare occasions.😱😂

      Yeah, I knew about your doberman, so sad to lose a pet but I didn’t know about your other dog, that really sucks to have lost another so quick, I’m truly sorry to read that.


  17. I love how you ended this blog. Yes we all share a love of books! If only that’s all it took to make the world a better place. This was a great post and, just a side note, you didn’t fail Sully. You gave her a loving home for her whole life. Just had to say that. Thanks for being so open and honest. It feels good to read something so real.

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