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I thought that today I would share the favourite posts that I wrote during 2018. Some fun, some serious and a few tags too which, whilst not my own original content I had a fun time doing and the answers made me laugh.

Favourite Serious Posts.

As the title says, these are my favourite serious blog posts that I wrote as, well, ya know, I can be both serious at times and funny and offensive so it is best to keep the two post types separate. 🙂

Genre Burnout.

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A post snippet:

I think perhaps I’m burnt out and fatigued from reading so much fantasy and all it involves. Sometimes, the books are hefty tomes, daunting in length, take ages to read and it’s a very deep and complex genre anyway. If you aren’t in the right frame of mind, subsequently, you will find your mind wandering, you can’t engage with the book or focus on the story and/or characters (which is what is happening to me at the moment) and you can’t connect with the authors work.

I’m actually beginning to see why some people/bloggers/readers don’t stick to reading just one single genre and mix it up, reading a variety of books and keeping the reading experience fresh.

Reasons to start a book blog, the privileges and the reasons NOT to start a book blog.

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A post snippet:

Reading is a hobby, it’s something that you love and you decide that you want to evolve that love and what better way than by starting a book blog!😀

What blogging means to me.

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A post snippet:

Even though I’m very much on the outskirts of the community I’m still part of something and really that is what blogging is mainly about to me, being part of a collective of like-minded individuals who regardless of the country that they live in, whether they are male or female, their sexual orientation or even their age all have one thing in common, they all love books!

It’s OK to just share the book love.

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A post snippet:

Our blog is our own little slice of the internet, we post what we want in the way that we choose and we all have our own individual style. My blog definitely isn’t for everyone and that is fine, other people’s blogs aren’t all for me and we all have blogs and bloggers that we interact with more and prefer over others.

But, what we all are, at the core irrelevant of our differences is book lovers and book bloggers who blog in the way that suits them and whatever that way is, it is right as it is that blogger’s own blog! Honestly, no-one should be telling anyone what they can or cannot or should or should not be posting on their blog!

Reasons why a blogger declines your review request and doesn’t want you on their blog.

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A post snippet:

Some of the contacts that have come through on my blog have been rather dodgy and rather unprofessional in manner.

My own grammar sucks but no commas, capital letters or full stops, hell, even I manage a few of them. Spelling too, I understand that English won’t be the first language for all but spellchecker would be an idea as a block sentence with no punctuation and errors in spelling really does give off an unprofessional vibe and will make the blogger question and consider reading your book and having you on their blog as how do they know that your book or blog post won’t be riddled with errors when your contact was?

When contacting us manners and politeness cost nothing and if we agree to review your book or have you on our blog then we are doing you the favour NOT the other way around. Please don’t have an attitude and make it appear like you are doing us the favour by offering us a review copy and asking for the chance to appear on our blogs when you contact us, no, we get a book, you get a review, we get a blog post and you get exposure and that is a mutually beneficial relationship for us both, not just you.

TTBG’s Fifteen Blogging Tips.

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A post snippet:

No-one is a bad blogger, we are all just different and the same goes for how we blog too. What works for one blogger might not work for another and that’s cool. Just because a blogger does things in a different way to you that doesn’t make their blog or them wrong and anyway! If everyone was the same it would be boring as fuck!

Why are reviews unpopular as blog posts??

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A post snippet:

Now, I suck at commenting but I like reading reviews regardless of whether the book interests me or not and seeing people’s thoughts. I do think, however, that while we all have an opinion on bookish matters, the community and discussion posts in general that for book reviews and books we don’t always know what to comment, don’t have anything to say and honestly, for reviews, at times, they just aren’t as engaging as other types of posts.

Venting: Pirating books is wrong!

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A post snippet:

Yes, yes, I’m sure that those who do it will say it’s only one book but that one book could be the difference between the author being able to continue writing or not! If the books don’t sell, no contract. If they are books in a series and they don’t sell, the rest of series won’t get commissioned, published and finished!

It doesn’t matter if it is only one book or many, one more book! One more stabbing! One more terrorist attack! One more shooting! One more unhappy soul who slits their wrist because they don’t belong! One more adds up, soon becomes many and it only takes one to tip the balance! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong and one matters! – yes, I have a flair for the melodrama at times.

Some Musings On Paid For Book Reviews.

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A post snippet:

As I’ve just mentioned, we blog as a hobby. If we started charging for reviews would that then turn our hobby into a job? Surely that would lead to extra pressure to put out high standard and top quality reviews and posts and really, who wants that added pressure?!

Personally, I already think that my reviews suck and if I was paid (yes, I know that the book is the payment, I mean wonga, the dollar, the pound, moolah, dough, bones, readies, spondoolies) then I’d worry even more about the quality of them! Or, maybe, as you are getting paid anyway you’d just turn out any old shit and call it a review. But be warned folks no matter what label you stick on it or how much you shine it up and polish it a turd is still just a turd.

Sharing the Love: Book Blogger Appreciation.

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A post snippet:

Speaking (well, writing, it’s a blog after all) as one of those small bloggers this attack seemed unwarranted to me and totally unfair as our influence and reach shouldn’t really matter. Yes, a bigger reach and influence means that more people will be reached by the blogger, their blog and their blog posts and reviews but when we give up both our free and our spare time to have a book blog what does it matter if we are only small?!

Simply put, it doesn’t matter if we are big or small as we don’t see that in each other and our blogs. No, we just see fellow book lovers. We stand together as a community, united and we have each others back. Hate on one, hate on us all. The proof is in this post. Personally, I’m not really part of the blogging community. I’m on the outside, the outskirts, a wanderer and a lone wolf but I have taken it upon myself to come up with this post to show that bloggers are appreciated. That shows the spirit of the book blogger community.

Well, we have been serious and now it is time for the fun posts!

Favourite Fun Posts.

Let the sin begin! 😉

TTBG’s Book Blogging Confessions.

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A post snippet:

Me: “Forgive me Father for I have sinned!”

Father Wood: “Well my child, I am here to hear your confessions”.

Me: “That is good, thank you, I have been a bad blogger, some might say even a very bad blogger”.

Father Wood: “OK, you have been a bad boy did you say?

Me: “What? Blogger, blogger, not boy father, blogger”

Father Wood: “Aaaahhh you are a very naughty boy correcting me my child, very naughty! Are you a dirty boy too my child? Perhaps a very dirty boy? Do I need to wash you in my cleansing holy cream”

Me: “Erm……………….”

TTBG’s Are You a Bad Book Blogger Quiz.

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A post snippet:

Well, duh! Obviously! Yes! Though at times, I might refer to myself as a book f’n blogger.😂 For those unaware f’n is an abbreviation of fucking! Cos sometimes book blogger is such a mundane term it’s nice to spice it up a little and add a bit of sauce!

Other terms are available and you could also call yourselves a book blogging god or book blogging goddess. The King of book blogging or the Queen of book blogging. The mayor of blogging town or the mayoress of blogging town. Or, the champion of book blogging.

TTBG’s Bad Blogging Advice 101.

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A post snippet:

There’s so many blogs and bloggers out there and let’s face it. Most of them probably turn out higher quality posts than you do, solution, steal them!

Now, obviously, you wouldn’t steal post after post from the same blog as that would be stupid (you’re not stupid are you) and there’s a good chance that you’d end up getting caught. Ultimately, then, that blogger would start crying over it and no-one wants that shit, can you say hassle!

The answer! Spread it around! Sneak in and steal one post here, one post there, different genres, different types of posts, different blogs, mix it up, don’t get caught!

TTBG’s blogging goals for the second part of 2018.

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TTBG's_Blogging Goals for the second part of 2018.

A post snippet:

There are many blogs that I choose to read,
If I give them a like will they get on their knees?

There are many blogs that I choose to follow,
If I ply them grog I ask will they swallow?

There are many bloggers who like to have fun,
If you’re not down with that then I guess you should run.

Anyhow, here are my oh so serious blogging related goals.

TTBG’s New Venture.

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A post snippet:

I started my morning eating a crumpet.👌👍 You can’t beat a nice bit of crumpet. Tasty and sweet, some can be salty and crusty too but mostly, they are damn good, moist and easy to spread.😱😂😜

I’ve read that people also like to eat fish fingers and that you can’t beat getting ‘fishy fingers‘.🐠😱😂😜 I’m far more discerning and prefer a crumpet, baps are good too but crumpet is better and so you know, you just get sticky fingers with a crumpet.😱😂😜

After my morning crumpet, I went for a nice walk. Strolling across the fields, going up and going down before storm clouds rolled in and it started to rain. A light drizzle at first and then it came out gushing. I had been taking pictures, there was a group of people playing some sort of game, I’m not sure of the rules as they appeared to be celebrating scoring in any hole!?!?! I guess you could say that for them any hole was a goal!😱😂😜 But due to the weather, I was unable to take the money shot.

E-Readers vs Print Books.

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A post snippet:

Hhhmm……I wonder if for books like the 50 Shades series whether they used bushes instead of trees?! Ooohhh euphemism!😉

If you are getting on in years, at times struggle to read the print and don’t want to admit that you might need reading glasses then with an e-reader you can just enlarge the font and pretend like it’s all good.

TTBG: Venting.

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A post snippet:

I’ve found blogging hard myself and even after two years I still doubt the quality of my reviews. If you find blogging hard then I won’t tell you to quit, I’ve got your back.👌 And, to those that do tell others to quit try picking people up instead of putting them the fuck down!

One thing that really annoys me is when people (just like with SM) come on to and read a bloggers blog post and then take offence over certain words and how the post itself has been written.

Oh no! You’ve found a word insulting, rude, derogatory, disrespectful, hurtful, wounding, abusive, objectionable, displeasing, annoying, exasperating, irritating, vexing, galling, provocative, provoking, humiliating, impertinent, impudent, insolent, personal, discourteous, uncivil, impolite, unmannerly, unacceptable, shocking, scandalous and outrageous, who cares!

TTBG’s Let there be Tits.

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TTBG's Let there be Tits!

A post snippet:

So, tits, I was writing about tits. Sorry, I got sidetracked with boobies! Yeah, I’m a dude, it happens! 😉

Obviously, some of you might think that I, myself am a tit for doing this post!

TTBG’s Let there be cocks!

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TTBG's_Let ThereBe Cocks!

A post snippet:

Well, I bet you all want a shag now, you will go home, finish work, stop whatever you were doing, get on the Google and go and get yourself a good old shag! 🙂

Hhhhhmmm…..I sort of got sidetracked, sorry. Cocks, this post was supposed to be showing you some cocks and I bet many of you are eagerly waiting for the cocks filthy minded minx bloggers that you are! 😉

So, there you have it, all of my funny posts and now it is time for the tags.

Favourite Tags.

Not original content but I enjoy doing tags in my own unique way when I do them and I really enjoyed doing these tags this year. All are very funny in a clean and wholesome filthy sort of way. 🙂

Book Blogger Insider Tag.

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The Book Addiction Tag.

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Blogger Recognition Award May 2018.

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bloggerrecognitionaward (1)

The Sunshine Blogger Award v1.

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The Sunshine Blogger Award v2.

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sunshinebloggeraward (1)

The Naughty or Nice Tag.

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Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag

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