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I’m not an idiot, contrary to what some may think, a bastard, sure, though as Slipknot sang ‘I’m just a bastard but at least I admit it‘ and a bad blogging influence (I don’t know why you’d have to ask the Jackanory jackass who called me it) and, as such, I fully realise and understand that writing about pirating books will have no effect on it at all and it won’t change a thing but……it’s my blog and sometimes it is best to write out your feelings on a subject and express yourself and this is what this is. It won’t change a damn thing and it won’t make a difference, all it is is my writing, ranting and venting.

Those of you on Twitter might well be aware of the recent furore over a site called Oceans of PDF (you can find their website !!HERE!! and their twitter !!HERE!!) an illegal site that offers downloads of ebooks that came about over this past weekend (the 30th June & 1st July 2018).

As I’m writing this post (July 2nd, 2018) the site is still up and running though I know many authors have complained and demanded their books be removed from the site and that the host on which the site is hosted as well as the Society of Authors have also been notified so hopefully it will soon be erased from existence and the owner/owners hung!

A quick Google of ‘pirate books download sites‘ and sadly but not surprisingly there is a long list of questions asking about them and sites (other than Oceans of PDF) that you can download books from.

I as well as many others I checked out the Oceans of PDF site and tagged authors whose books were on there. Representing the legal side.πŸ‘ Black Sails pirates are cool, book pirates are not! I didn’t check out any of the sites after my Google search, honestly, what’s the point? They are there, that says it all. For the Oceans site, damn, they had so many books! All genres and all popular authors as well as indie and less well-known works too! It was shocking and those who run it have the audacity try to make out that they are doing a good thing and offering a service! There are some deluded fuckers about!

The worst thing though well, obviously, the fact that the site exists is the worst thing but the second worst thing is that there were countless testimonials from people praising the site! Thanking them for giving them the opportunity to read the books, etc! What. The. Actual. Fuck!

If it’s not bad enough that you get pirate sites but then you get supposed book lovers thanking them for the chance to read books without buying them! You obviously love books so much that you won’t pay for them, sigh!

This is the problem! Yes, sites like Oceans of PDF and other pirate sites shouldn’t exist just like people shouldn’t sell their yet to be released ARC’s on eBay but other people then choose to visit the site, check out the ARC and then make an informed choice to either illegally download the ebook or purchase the ARC! If there wasn’t the market then the pirate sites and eBay ARC sellers wouldn’t have a use. I don’t get it, are you that brain-addled that you seriously don’t get that pirating books (as with movies and song’s) and selling ARC’s is wrong!

I’d love to smoke some of what you have been on that you can justify the behaviour and the choice that you make!

Testimonials on a pirate site, the eBay sellers with 99% positive feedback, it’s no wonder they do it because you enable them! If people didn’t use the sites or buy the ARC’s then there would be no point in the sites or sellers existing but the fact that they get praised shows that there is a market for it! Why?! They are books, people, BOOKS!

You aren’t Robin Hood robbing the rich and giving to the poor! And you have absolutely no moral high ground here at all, NONE, you have no morals, period! There is no argument nor a single damn reason that you can give that is valid as to why you should download an illegal ebook from a pirate site!

Stealing is illegal, stealing is wrong, if you are starving and dying of thirst then OK, I can understand stealing food or drink to survive. Yes, it’s still wrong but if stealing a bottle of water and a packet of fish fingers (c’mon, I bet some of you like fishy fingers) means that you don’t die then OK but these are books! BOOKS! Reading isn’t a necessity, it’s not food, drink, air or blood and it is not something we need to live! It is a hobby and you are stealing books to take part in your hobby! Wrong!

I’m sure those that choose to illegally download books will cry victim and offer what they think are valid reasons, I offer you to two words, well, four, a double two, two then two, suck it! Then, fuck off! Though, please, don’t suck it, I don’t want your dirty filthy thieving personage anywhere near me as god knows what I’d catch after you have been on those sites!

Truly, please try to play the victim card, I beg you, I implore and I beseech you, tell me that you are a victim and that you have done nothing wrong! It. Is. Illegal!

The only victims here aren’t you, you filthy pirate scum (I was going to use cunt but people don’t like that word. Fuck it, it’s my blog, you filthy pirate cunts) they are the authors whose work is appearing illegally on these sites! The authors, not you!

Buy the book! It’s simple really! If you can’t afford the new release, wait for the paperback version or an ebook offer, again, it’s simple and then purchase it! If you have the hard copy and for some reason decided that you want the ebook too it is not OK to illegally download it just because you have bought one version! You should have bought the ebook version in the first place! If you are downloading ebook versions then you obviously have either an e-reader or phone to read the book on, if you can afford one of them then you can afford to buy a book! Sure, some books aren’t available in some countries but that simple fact doesn’t make it right to download an illegal copy to read! Borrow the book from a friend! Borrow the book from a library! Browse charity and secondhand bookshops! These are legal solutions people, legal!

Authors put their time and dedication into their work and they give us readers, sadly, those who illegally download books are readers too though it pains me to refer to them as such and they sure as shit aren’t book lovers, many hours of pleasure lost in their work, in the stories they craft and the characters and worlds that they create. Without sales, there won’t be books! Most authors don’t make much (from what I’m aware) from the sale of each book, then again, even if the author has ‘made it‘ and is rich and famous that still doesn’t give you a right to pirate and download their book. Add in indie authors and it’s their livelihood where every sale counts and you are taking that away from them!

Yes, yes, I’m sure that those who do it will say it’s only one book but that one book could be the difference between the author being able to continue writing or not! If the books don’t sell, no contract. If they are books in a series and they don’t sell, the rest of series won’t get commissioned, published and finished!

It doesn’t matter if it is only one book or many, one more book! One more stabbing! One more terrorist attack! One more shooting! One more unhappy soul who slits their wrist because they don’t belong! One more adds up, soon becomes many and it only takes one to tip the balance! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong and one matters! – yes, I have a flair for the melodrama at times.

And, don’t you dare give me that bullshit that it isn’t hurting anyone and that it is harmless! Liar! It is hurting the authors! It is hurting the publishing industry! And it is hurting people like me because I genuinely love reading and yet I have to breathe the same air and live on the same planet as you filthy pirate fuckers!

Now, some of you don’t like how I post, my blog or foul language and some just don’t like me but one thing I’m pretty sure about and that we can all agree on whether we are bloggers, readers and/or authors is this. PIRATING. BOOKS. IS. FUCKING. WRONG!

And for those who don’t like swearing. PIRATING. BOOKS. IS. WRONG!

So, if anyone who has ever illegally downloaded a book reads this and wants to offer me a valid reason why it is OK for them to have done it then please, contact me through my blog, I’d love to hear from you and while you are giving me your ‘oh so true‘ and ‘oh so valid‘ reason please also leave your address and credit card details and that way I can steal from your house or use your credit card to buy something or even send your details to the author and they can then get the money back you owe them for the books you stole and that would all be fine, it wouldn’t be stealing or illegal on my part!

You see, you have already set the precedent for saying that stealing isn’t illegal by pirating books and then saying that that is OK so, ergo, it would have to be OK for me to steal from you, where is your moral high ground now, eroded away and replaced with sorry about your damn luck, fuck you!

To the pirate book mafia, you’re welcome, a real book lover!

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73 thoughts on “Venting: Pirating books is wrong! #bookbloggers #bookblogger #bloggers #blogger #books #blog #blogpost

  1. Well, that was quite the vent! I agree with you. I know some authors who have been hit with this and they are just devastated, especially since they are indie authors (not to say that well established authors deserve it, they all need the monies!), they are not raking in the money and some of them are barely getting by trying to get their names out there. So, to then see their book up free and without their permission?? That’s just horrible. πŸ˜”

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    1. Yep, sucks big time and that particular site is so brazen about it and tries to sell it as they are doing the world a service as everyone should be able to read the books and then, you get people praising the site, sigh, beggars belief.πŸ™„

      Ha, yep, I can rant.πŸ‘

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  2. On the website’s “Our Mission” page:
    “We would like to encourage book readers to support authors whenever where-ever they can. Making money as an independent author isn’t easy, Please follow below two steps after downloading a book from here.
    1. If you like a book, please take the time to leave a nice book review on amazon / online book store or goodreads etc. This will support the author indirectly. Someone might buy the book after reading your review. This is the least you can do and you must do this after reading a free copy.
    2. Secondly word of mouth is important for every book, so if you can recommend book to friends & communities who have more cash to spare or who can buy online, that would be awesome too!”

    Ah yes, the chance of someone buying a book after reading a hypothetical online review is the newest form of currency, and empty promises/demands justify theft. Haven’t you heard? πŸ™„πŸ™„

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  3. I think the site owners are delusional and think they are doing basically the same thing as libraries. What they don’t understand is that libraries buy the right to borrow out their books. At least I’m willing to believe that maybe they aren’t that callous towards authors and they think that they are helping sales by doing “Try before you buy”? Maybe I’m just being deluded by my own optimism on that though.

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  4. There are so many sites you can download movies, shows, books just about any material for free. While the powers that be try very hard to close down these sites, they just move on to a different country and continue to allow you to download copies of books and movies. And there really is no excuse for it. Libraries are free. Go there!

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  5. What a mouthful πŸ˜‰ But warranted, as pirating of any form disgusts me. I saw a bit of it on Twitter, but really did not read the thread (you know me). But your rant is important so please do not discredit it. Any and all awareness matters when it comes to addressing issues! And I have never known anyone to think you an idiot.

    I cannot even understand how in this day and age people are okay with the negative impact stealing material has on the creators and suppliers. Nor can I understand why they are okay with stealing digital items but not physical, as is the case most often πŸ˜‘ but today I am honestly not well enough to give my full two cents, so I just want to say well said and I appreciate this post Drew!

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    1. Pretty sure that a few people think I’m an idiot.πŸ˜‚ Yeah, I know you and can’t fault you for keeping out of things, possibly best at times. I only got involved so I could tag in some fantasy authors and let them know what was going on.

      No worries, I hope you feel better soon.πŸ‘

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  6. YES and YES and YES. Those book pirates are SCUM both those who offer downloads and those who download the stolen books. Stealing the blood, sweat and tears from authors across the world and not giving a shit

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    1. This is true and part of me thinks those that download them are worse as without them the pirates would have nothing but as long as there are people who are prepared to illegally download things there will be people who set up sites for it.


      1. You can’t say that those who download books from such websites are worse, because maybe they didn’t have a clue (like me) but when I came to know it was all piracy, it got me angry too! Those authors work hard to get their books out there but these piracy websites steal them.


  7. I really don’t understand the audacity that some people have to partake in such practices. There are plenty of LEGAL free ways to obtain eBooks and even audiobooks.

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  8. Here, you take my soapbox and place it on top of yours so that you can be that much taller over the crowd while I give a hearty “hear, hear” to your well made points.

    You are so right on all accounts! I didn’t get on twitter much over the weekend, so I missed all of this, but I am so disgusted by this news. Writers work hard and they don’t get a lot in return. So many of them don’t “make it” and shit like this is undoubtedly a contributing factor.
    I especially loved the point about owning a phone or ereader to read these illegally obtained books on. Keep on Keepin’ on, book lover friend!

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    1. I’ll gladly take your soapbox and you can shout hear hear all you want.πŸ‘ You’d be doing me a favour as you are female and that way when the fact I’m male gets bought up and that due to that I’m wrong to call out pirates (like the fact I’m male was bought up when I complained about ARC sellers.πŸ™„) you can back me up.πŸ˜‚

      Ha, that is a very valid point, phones and E-readers cost money, if they can afford them then surely they can afford books, it’s a crazy concept.

      Yeah, it was all over twitter and the site is so brazen about it, testimonials from people praising the service, adamant they are doing no wrong, sigh, beggars belief.πŸ™„


      1. Seriously? What the eff does gender have to do with the right or wrong of this?! Piracy is wrong no matter what gender you are. I’ll gladly back you up.

        It’s just sad and sick for there to be a defense at all. I mean, I was a college kid once and I’ll own up to some acts of piracy from that time, but I would have never justified my actions. It was wrong. I knew that then same as I do now. To have the gall to defend such behavior is absurd when you know it’s illegal no matter who or what you are.

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      2. Well, the fact I’m male and they were female was jist of it and as I was male my view was wrong and there was no point in shouting about ARC’s being sold, blah, blah blah. BS, as far as I am concerned if one yet to be released ARC gets removed then no matter how small it’s a win and the author deserves to know about it.

        Honestly, I post stuff that is out there, stuff that can be offensive too and possibly even in this post there are sentences that might cause offence, I’m fine with that, people want to take offence then cool but having my sex bought into something when it is irrelevant, hell no.πŸ™„πŸ˜ 

        Yeah, when you know it’s wrong, you know it’s wrong and you’d keep it quiet unlike this site that was shouting it from the rooftops and validating it by saying that they are telling people to leave a review on amazon because, obviously, if you pirate a book you will then go and write a review on amazon.πŸ™„


  9. Why? The mind boggles (mine usually does to be fair… about many things… but I digress). You can ‘buy’ free classics from many places and I often buy ebooks off Amazon for less than 1GBP. Why then, for Duck’s sake, would you feel the need to rob an author, who has worked their socks off to get their book published? It’s just not on!!!

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  10. I couldn’t agree more. I have only sold 3 copies of my book and found it on It’s beyond frustrating. I understand posting ebooks like this when they are perma free, but most of these are not.

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  11. Wow, I had no idea that pirating books was a thing! I don’t quite know why anyone would – I’d find it far too frustrating reading a PDF over reading a hard copy book or a book on my kindle, and I don’t think my boss would be cool with me printing out 300+ pages of erotica on the work printer either.

    The only ‘excuse’ I can think of for pirating is if you can’t legally obtain the book in your country. Eg if it is only available on kindle and is out on Amazon US but no AU, and Amazon US won’t let me buy it. But such cases are extremely rare, and as a first step I’d try contacting the author or publisher.

    It must be so frustrating for authors to see something they’ve put so much into being distributed via pirate sites.

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    1. The site is called Oceans of PDF but also has epub files of all the books too and there’s lots of conversion sites and software available to change the epub file to a mobi/kindle one, got all the bases covered.πŸ™„

      Yeah, it has to be frustrating for them especially with sites like this that are so brazen about it.


  12. Totally agree. Stealing ebooks (which I’ve chosen to go with instead of “pirating” in all interactions with pirates, just so they can’t escape the “stealing” label) is horrible, and they wouldn’t do it if it were a physical product. They’re doing it because they think they won’t get caught. I kind of hope a publisher actually sues them instead of just *threatening* to do it with a cease and desist letter. Maybe they’ll get the message then.

    Of course, telling people to not steal ebooks just brings out the “I can’t afford to buy them!/I don’t have a library!/Shipping is expensive!/I want to read Harry Potter not free classics!” arguments. I get it. Not everyone has a library. But that doesn’t mean you have a right to steal. ALSO, a large percentage of people stealing ebooks are basically in their 30s with college educations and good salaries. Studies have shown this. The idea that every person stealing ebooks is some teen in a third world country who just wants to get a good education (by reading a pirated copy of Twilight?) is absurd. Many people who steal ebooks can afford to buy them.

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    1. If only ‘I can’t afford to buy them’ was a valid reason for anything alas, we are adults, should know better and it isn’t. It does make me smile though as I picture a screaming child in the supermarket but instead of crying ‘but I want it’ they are screaming ‘I can’t afford to buy them’.πŸ˜‚

      Yeah, I agree, if they did actually sue it would be better than just a threat and would perhaps mean that they get the message but they won’t, they will probably just close the site and it’ll reappear in a few weeks with a slightly different name.πŸ™„


      1. Yes, the “I can’t afford it” explanation drives me nuts. You wouldn’t say that about anything that isn’t a digital item because you would not walk into Barnes and Noble, take a book off the shelf, and tell them it’s fine because “you can’t afford it but you need to read.” Ugh.

        Apparently the Twitter account is suspended, but perhaps the site is still around. Also, the owner was pleased that they were getting publicity from people complaining. Also saw authors complain that they tweeted about the illegal site and some of their followers immediately followed the pirates. So frustrating.

        Someone suing them would definitely send a message, to them and other would-be pirates who might then be more afraid of getting caught. Right now it’s a no-risk situation because the worst thing that happens to you is that people send you annoyed messages.

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      2. One of the reasons these don’t get sued is because it immediately enters into the realm of international law because of where the servers are physically. That gets so expensive that most authors hit by sites like this simply can’t afford to deal with it.
        heck, even the US and Brit governments have trouble dealing with sites like Pirate Bay.

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  13. I wholeheartedly agree. They are thieves and those who download books from such sites also are thieves. It takes a lot of time and effort to write a book – especially if you are indie, you cannot command much of a price and yes… you end up with permafree and giveaways. But this ISN’T the same thing.

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    1. It was all over twitter. Just so bad. The twitter account has been suspended but the website was still running. Just so brazen and bold how they proclaim they are doing a service and that everyone should have a right to read the books, sigh.πŸ™„ So many testimonials from people who agree with the site too and praise it. πŸ™„

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  14. Great post! I have to admit, I did skim a bit, so if any of my comments or thoughts in this comment were addressed, sorry πŸ™‚

    The why? That is easy. The people who download, they want free stuff. We now have a worldwide culture of entitlement and that now extends to entertainment, not just the necessities of life. The people who host such things, it’s all about the money. Ads. If a site gets a million hits a day, and only 1% of them click on an advertisement, that is still 10,000 clicks on the ads. If even only 1% of those buy something from that add, that is still 100 sales. It is all about money plain and simple.

    From my time experiencing the darknet, I have found that the people fall into 2 broad categories. The people who do the actual uploading and downloading, not the sites and owners that host the files. First you have those who simply don’t care. Whether it is legal, whether it is ethical, etc. They want what they want. The second group tends to fall into the fringe of “information must be free” kind of people. Now, there are so many varying arguments of WHY it must be free (and lots of arguments that are opposed to each other as well, ha) that you simply can’t argue with them.

    It comes down to each person deciding if they are willing to receive something that they have not paid for.

    My explanations here are paragraph length. If you really want to get into it, you need to go join a torrent site and become part of the community and read what they write. You are not going to change their mind, but you can re-affirm the WHY of your own ethics, which I think is invaluable in situations like these.

    Carry on good sir!

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    1. Thanks.πŸ‘

      And no worries, I do have a tendency to babble on so skimming is fine.πŸ˜‚

      Yeah, it really is that simple isn’t it when you look at it, they just want free stuff and money too. Many can’t even say that they can’t afford the book, etc as sure, some people won’t have jobs, have bills, emergencies and perhaps can’t afford to buy a book, movie, CD, etc but many others just refuse to and as you say, it’s entitlement. Why buy something when you can get it for free? Even though it is wrong, illegal and shows the person’s lack of morals.

      Yeah, I’m not surprised that you wrote you can’t argue with them, that is often the case with many people and their views, even some bloggers too.

      I think I’ll pass on joining a torrent site, I can only imagine what it’d be like and the opinions they have. Honestly, the testimonials I read on the Oceans of PDF site were bad enough. You’d think that they were royalty how they were going on about they should be able to get the books for free. It’s really quite sad, you’d think or at least I’d think that if you were going to pirate a book, etc then you’d do it quietly not shout about it and how it’s ‘your right’ to read for free.πŸ™„

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  15. I am guilty of doing this a few times. I usually get books through Overdrive which through my local library and Open LIbrary which is really is legit. Once I couldn’t find a book I wanted to read and I didn’t want to buy it so I downloaded the book. But some of those sites are scammers too.

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  16. I am bummed this site is taken down. But I have bought every book I have read.
    I buy and read about a book a week but I won’t pay for a book twice. When OceansOfPDF was up and running I would buy a book, then download the eBook to my phone. With it on my phone, I could also read it on the train to and from work when I am squashed in like a sardine. Which is how I commute. That gave me an extra couple of hours a day to read. When I was doing that I was getting through them faster, and buying more books. About 6-7 a month. Now it’s gone, I can no longer read on the train because I love hard copy books – the smell, the feel, that paper, the art – and refuse to buy a book twice. I think publishers should include a download code when you buy a hard copy to be able to download the e-version for free. I won’t stop buying hard copies, but e-versions come in really handy sometimes when the big hard cover version is completely impractical.
    With OoPDF up and running, I spend about 50% more on books than I do without it, because I read about 50% more books. The problem is, using it like I do is an extremely rare case, and most people who use the site do so they don’t have to spend money.

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  17. IΒ΄ve worked with authors whoΒ΄s books have landed on pirate sites and itΒ΄s truly gruesome to witness what this does to authors. WhatΒ΄s mind boggling is: Every reader knows reading is an expensive hobby. There are ways to get your hands on cheaper books ( thrift shops, vintage bookstores, yard / garage sales / fleamarkets… There are more than enough blogs giving away new books ( even signed editions ) or cleaning out their bookshelves. There. Are. Ways. As there are ways to not support a piracy site. ItΒ΄s sad. But youΒ΄re absolutely right. You or anyone else wonΒ΄t be able to make massive changes regarding this issue. Great post.

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