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My 5 Favourite Blog Posts from 2017.


After posting my 5 most popular book reviews and 5 most popular blog post posts over the last two days I though that today I would post my 5 favourite blog posts of the year from on my blog. 🙂

If you missed the previous two posts then the links are:

In no particular order:

TTBG’s Price Guide to Charging on my Blog.


This post is a parody post about charging for services on my blog and it is fucking hilarious 🙂 

You can find the full post:

A post snippet:

I’m also sarcastic and well, I can’t give that away for free now, can I??!?!? No, of course not, that would be like the Donald Trump saying ‘free healthcare for all’ or a prostitute spreading her legs and saying ‘take a ride, no charge’ it just doesn’t happen!!! Sorry to say, so, for each sarcastic comment that I make during the review I will have to charge you an additional £5, it’s not much, just a little extra for me including my personality into the review instead of being just boring and bland.

I’m going Troll hunting!!!


This post came about after my review for Red Sister by Mark Lawrence was trolled on Amazon. Honestly, it was quite an innocuous comment but a troll is a troll and being the mature man child that I am I retaliated with a blog post where I trolled the troll. I know you’re not supposed to feed them but writing the post made me feel better, it’s funny and technically I didn’t feed the troll, I burnt that sum bitch!😂

You can find the full post:

A post snippet:

Now Mr Troll don’t get grumpy, grouchy, moody, sad, miserable or pull out and play the damn PC card on me and above all ‘don’t you dare be sour’. You see, you started this, you trolled me, I’m merely repaying the favour and doing it back to you and your comment. The only difference between me and you is this and I’ll put it as simple as I possibly can so that even a troll like you can understand it “ug oggg oohh agg gggrrr nnnggg ggaaa” see, I can also speak troll, look at me Mum, I speak two languages, three if you count my fluent sarcasm aren’t you proud of your son! Now in English, I’m better at it than you! I would end this paragraph with my favourite DX saying ‘and if you’re not down with that I got 2 words for ya…….suck it!‘ But I wouldn’t want you to take it literally as trust me, I don’t want your dirty troll hands or your dirty troll mouth anywhere near me!

Reasons to love Fantasy.


I’m a fantasy fan and these are my reasons to love fantasy, nuff said. 🙂

You can find the full post:

A post snippet:

But living vicariously through the character is perhaps at its most prevalent within fantasy as you get to do things and be people who you simply can’t in real-life.

You get to be Kings, Queens, Warriors, Mages, Assassins, Clerics, Knights, Mercenaries, Monster Hunters, Tyrants, Villains, Heroes and even the fifty shades of grey type Anti-hero.

Male or female, young or old who hasn’t at least once wanted to be the hero, heroine, bad guy, bad girl or anti-hero in a book??

TTBG’s guide to author etiquette when dealing with bloggers.


I ramble in an offensive but oh so funny manner, make some valid points and rock out a new version of the nursery rhyme ‘Old MacDonald‘ so it’s all good. 🙂

You can find the full  post:

A post snippet:

I understand that the book is your precious baby and you’ve put a lot of time and effort into it. As readers, we respect what authors do. But as a blogger we have to review honestly, it’s what we do and you need to respect that.

When you offer us your book and we accept it’s for an honest review, there’s a chance that review will turn out to be negative as we can’t like all the books, it’s just not possible.

I get it’s disappointing if you do receive a negative review but don’t be a cunt over it! Don’t badger the blogger, don’t ask them to change the rating and don’t tell us we obviously didn’t get the book and others loved it.

Other people love Justin Bieber, I can’t stand the annoying fuckwit twerp, see, not everyone likes the same, just because someone else loved it that doesn’t mean someone else will and as I said, we can’t like all the books.

Let’s talk about Depression.


Perhaps a weird choice compared to the other 4 posts as it is a personal post that I wrote to coincide with mental health awareness week in the UK back in June. I laid bare my issues and showed a different side to the sarcastic and foul-mouthed blogger that most of you are acquainted with.

It’s one of my favourite posts due to the interaction. It was like a lodestone with many of you commenting and writing about your own issues and due to that, I feel that it was an important post and therefore, a favourite of mine.

You can find the full post:

A post snippet:

Nowadays, for the most part, me and my demons live in harmony with each other, two sides of the same coin. Can I say I’m happy, at times, yes I certainly can and honestly, I am. At others, sadly no, I can be a real miserable fucker and I have dark days, but who really can say that they are happy 100% of the time? Hands up? No-one, thought so, show me someone who states that they have never felt sad or unhappy and I will show you a charlatan, a liar! But I am content with things and for me and many others that is good enough. Yes, you can always strive for more but there’s nothing wrong with getting by and being content with what you have.

Remember, you’re not alone and it’s not how many times you fall down, it’s how many times you get back up, survive, fight and make it through, even if it’s a day at a time. Our scars don’t define us, they are a part of who we are and we are alive.

So there you have it my 5 favourite blog posts of 2017. I also need to mention my first Fun and Inappropriate Book Covers and Names to make you smile post! I would have included it in the above top 5 but it felt like cheating as it’s not anything I wrote and is simply a collection of fun book covers.

Though, yes, I have to say that while it is immature it is a favourite post of mine as it is hilarious and was the start of a great series of fun book covers posts that always made me and many of you smile. 🙂

Fun and Inappropriate Book Covers and Names to make you smile.


You can find the full post:

A post snippet:


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